Nordic Anti Semite Radio 28/8/2014

vignetta leggi norimberga 1935

Mark and I’s new second program of Nordic Anti Semite Radio. We talk about the Jewish Parasite attempting to protect its occupation over us through accusations of anti-Semitism. We talk about how the Jews dominate our thoughts through linguistics and injections of words into the vocabulary and the effects of Jewish domination on genetic selection and devolution. We talk about how the Jew and the other races have all stolen from us and profited off us. We talk about how Jews can destroy everything natural through accusations of discrimination. We talk about the consequences of hosting Jews while they follow their Talmudic protocols to the letter and how this affects us terminally.


It can be listened to and downloaded from here

– Aidhan

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3 Responses to Nordic Anti Semite Radio 28/8/2014

  1. antisemitenordicist says:

    The Jews have made every white persons life a misery.

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