Negro Pest in the German Club, the Writing is on the Wall

On Friday night I went to the German Club. It was a relatively quiet night for a Friday at the club; and we were just having a few on a table near the bar.

I was a bit shocked when a Nigger came in off the street, on his own. He didn’t know anybody and nobody invited him. The first person near him on his way in was the first person for him to talk to. Nobody wanted to talk to him. He came in down the stairs to the main bar, talking to everyone and following people around. He went table to table with his big Negro smile, sat down near people and talked and talked and talked.

He went to the bar to annoy the bar lady. He didn’t even buy anything the whole time he was in there. What this Nigger was doing was he was waiting for somebody to say or do something ‘racist’ so he could accuse them. He wanted somebody to do something racist, so he could make an accusation. It is even possible he was paid to do it by a Jew or something.

We cannot have anything to ourselves. You’re not allowed to have a sign on the door that reads ‘No Niggers’ or ‘No Non-Whites’ or ‘People with a Connection to Germany Only’ or ‘Germans and their Descendants Only.’ Signs like that are however becoming more necessary and essential than ever now as Niggers are everywhere and they don’t respect anyone else.

There is nothing of interest for a Nigger in there, there is nothing for him and nothing he would be interested in. That is all you can do really these days and still that is not enough. He can’t participate in German Culture, he will not like the music, he will not be able to dance, he will not understand the customs, all he can really achieve through being there is ruining everyone’s night as we all see the writing on the wall and he makes us become acutely aware that soon we are not going to be able to have anywhere that we can go. We can’t actively protect ourself or were ‘racist’. There are laws to protect the inferior, and Jews will jump on you.

Now, I, a Nordic man, would not go into a club of a nationality I had nothing to do with. Not unless I was invited or they were holding some kind of an event that was suitable and meant for people like me to go to. I would feel bad and also embarrassed and I would also feel like I was ruining it for them. For me it would be rude to invade another’s club. Niggers do not feel this and for them this is perfectly okay to invade another peoples club and to them it would actually be rude for them to be asked to leave. This is a racial difference. As a Germanic man I have respect for other cultures and I demand to have my own, as a Nigger they have no respect and they must insinuate themselves on everyone.

Also if I were to go to some kind of a Black club I am sure that they would be very hostile and look at me like I was a piece of shit. I would not care about this as I would not go to one. They can have their clubs, but why can’t I have mine. If anyone were to say anything to this Nigger, he would have blown up, it could or would have been a huge media story, and it only has to happen once. The Club would be in hot water, and Jews would be interviewed all over the TV defending ‘human rights’ and talking about ‘racism’. The brainwashed and stupid people would think it shocking, without thinking for a minute why a Nigger was even interested in being in the German Club, and not think for a minute that the Germans might deserve their own club, where they can enjoy their own company. Nobody would want to defend that, they would all defend the Nigger, who could have been anywhere that night.

For these emotionally manipulated brain-dead, it is more important for the feelings of an out of line and obnoxious Negro to not be hurt (even if it’s pretending to be hurt) than the integrity of a whole club being preserved. These people tend to be very vocal about these things. I can picture that club in 10 years, with a whole front bar packed full of Sudanese, with different music playing and it taken on a distinctly ‘Nigger feel.’ Everything can go down to Nigger level, everything else can be destroyed.

If anyone else has any comments or has witnessed similar things, please share them.

– Aidhan

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7 Responses to Negro Pest in the German Club, the Writing is on the Wall

  1. asmoday20 says:

    I think we’ve all witnessed this. They cannot seem to differentiate between people not wanting them there yet remaining polite and people genuinely enjoying their company.
    No one’s been allowed to tell them they aren’t welcome in fifty years. I don’t think they ever think they’re intruding.

  2. Yeh I agree with you!

    Also a nigger wouldnt be polite, he would be upfront if he didnt like you and on one hand he would expect us to aswell or he is going to persist but now because of their jew given rights as soon as you do tell them to go away they get to win again through victimhood.

    Thats the only place I can go to get away from them. Its very nice down there, i feel at home there and they want to ruin it for me. Not that he knows what he is doing but those defending him do! He would be defended instantly by those parasites that want to destroy my people and destroy my race!

    They don’t feel bad, they don’t feel guilty or nothing. As soon as someone tells them they can’t do something the fake hurt gets turned on and they are suddenly a victim, even though they have been very good at taking from everyone and turning everyones life into misery.

    We used to know how to deal with negroes. You don’t tollerate anything from them and thats only to preserve ourselves, otherwise they take everything and thats nature.

    I would have evicted him myself but I know it wouldnt do the club any good.

    Other people want to be suicidal and im so glad you talk some sense!

  3. antisemitenordicist says:

    You can thank the nigger jew Martin Luther King, who was paid for and prepared for by the jews and the jewish communist party USA. You can also thank the jewish civil rights act 1964 for making it illegal to put ‘ no nigger ‘ signs on your bar. It’s time to rally all whites to destroy the civil rights act and make it legal again for people to legally choose what colors they want and what they dont want in there shops and premises.

  4. Tina says:

    Could you guys make it a private club? We have laws in the States (for now) that if it’s private, you can discriminate at the door.

    In the meantime, I hope every one of you IGNORE the little black assbite that walked in. He won’t want to stay very long that way. DONT offer him a drink, etc.

    He feels brave, you see. He knows the commies have his back. Just like the Black Undertow in this country knows that Obama is on their side, and they can riot at will.

    Fix the problem now, before it is too late.

  5. (((The Jews))) says:

    This article was pretty lol, aidhan. You should ask the nigger onto your radio show to explain his actions.

  6. Cody Goring says:

    all this would have been avoided had churchill not started ww2 against Germany and if fools did research about the holohoax lies

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