Discrimination is the Individuals Role in Evolution

I am a racist so what? I like some people more than other people. I know that some people are better than other people. I live under no illusion. What is wrong with that? This has always been in every species the mechanism that evolution works by. Discrimination is how standards are maintained and a key component in speciation. A reproductive community that shares common characteristics prefers its characteristics, selects for its characteristics and improves its characteristics, leading to upwards lift. There is a eugenic soul inside of all of us healthy individuals.

The unhealthy and the vermin like racially defiled have a dysgenic soul as they seek to undermine, and they abhor discrimination. They were born of devolution and so they are a curse and a blight to the creatures of natural creation, between beauty and beauty. Race mixing is a curse, a curse with a visible warning, ugliness. The Jew is the original example.


Racial Mixing Is Racial Defilement. The Jew, a walking Genetic Disorder

Jews are an insidious disease in all of the peoples of the world. His instincts are anti those of every people in the world. What a race holds to be of value the Jew condemns. He is the Parasite among the nations, and the counter force of evolution. Natures Antagonist.


The Nordic is the highest evolved species in Planet Earth’s History. It is so easy for one to love their race, when one realises the uniqueness, and stops believing the Jewish Marxist lie that everyone is equal (even though they don’t ever act equal). Look for the differences and you will see them, appreciate them, and you will know what it means to be a higher creation.

The Jew thinks if he can degenerate our culture and make the environments that we live in a ‘mosaic of individuals’ (The Kelergi plan for Europe, the model for the European Union) and we will not notice and defend our race and what we are.

The Jew thinks he can make music and art the same for everyone worldwide. A degeneration to the worst art and the worst music.

The Jew thinks he can utilise the resentment and the hatred by the inferior and destroy all excellence with ‘equality’, which is scientifically only desired by the inferior. He thinks he can enforce it over the entire world, destroying everything that anyone has ever revered, destroying anything anyone has ever fought for. He thinks he can reverse evolution and destroy life.


Whenever one of these bastards calls us a racist, he is calling for our extinction

The Jew thinks he can bastardise us and he thinks we will feel sympathy and pity for him the whole way. We will not! We know that our survival has got nothing to do with the other races, our survival is none of their business, and we will do it whether they like it or not.

  – Aidhan

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