The Generations

The generations of people today, despite what great ancestry they have behind them, and what potential is inborn in their genetic code, are forced to live in unnatural servitude under an international Jewish force of globalism.

Ancestry is revealed in the face

Ancestry is revealed in the face

Those inferior and more naturally subjugated people and strains that are more slavish are content, while the creative idealistic are subdued and forced by their numerical minority to tolerate. Eventually apathy and complacency infect, as all memory of better times fades. The inspiration for higher culture and higher peoples is lost to time.

Higher Times

Higher Times

Today, the great majority of people on the street, in the pubs and in the coffeehouses know no better than the consumerist level that they occupy. They consume media, and they consume products. They know no better than what the very people that are responsible for their useless position are telling them. They will attack anybody who knows better, out of their own self-interest. The people are not smart enough to realise the source of their misfortune.

The men of today just want to have fun, with whatever entertainment is provided for them and the women of today do not want to breed. They want to make money for this life, which is Ofcoarse distributed by the Jew, to buy earthly materialistic consumables which are Ofcoarse temporary. What will remain when we are gone?


The masses of the people are raised by the Jew, no longer by their ancient families, with the values that lead to the continuum of the family surviving; to consume the system media that is designed to cause mongrelisation. Every girl and boy is communally educated by an alien group with superstitions and false teachings systematically with life destroying ideas about homosexuals being normal and oppressed and races being equal and some being privileged and Jews suffering throughout history.

Continuing our Ancient Families

Continuing our Ancient Families

More people are going to university than ever, but they cannot even work out that the conditions that they are living in cannot sustain intelligent life. Universities are churning out people, of every origin and type, and gifting them a degree, but the people themselves are not changing. The fact remains that they can do less than any generation before. Is it any wonder that they can be rendered uncertain to the true nature of reality, which is of slave morality, tolerance for the unholy and humanitarianism destroying all beauty not just in humanity, but in the natural world through species loss throughout the animal kingdom, and possibly the end of nature itself? The people are getting more and more uneducated, as can be easily proven when more people will watch the X Factor than read this site.

The magnitude of our situation can be realised by considering; the masses of people today, do not even believe in hereditary characteristics or expressions, even when these are right in front of their faces. If somebody is different, they are just a racist, or discriminatory. Without regard to obvious observations, science and certainly disregarding every split in attitude and value of every individual person of the world, the Jew will repeat over and over again, as long as he survives, we are all equal. This is to the detriment of every non-Jewish person. This is meaning that everything that has evolved favourably for tens of thousands of years will disappear through mixture and a cultural climate where the Nordic Race is levelled to Nigger Bastard level, as each have no trouble buying their food at Woolworths and turning a light switch on.

Standards are not being met, so standards are being lowered. Discrimination is abhorred by those whom are easily discriminated against, so any chance of maintaining any standards or a resurrection of long held traditions is stifled and any attempt to do so hated by the inferior. Globalism means that there can be no split, before these discernibly different peoples are mixed and only the one that did all the complaining is left.



Racial discrimination is not established on colour alone, but on cultural and scientific advancement and all other intelligent achievements. The darker southern races remain stagnated. When they face whiter and especially Nordic populations, an inequality inevitably arises. The lesser advanced is hit with an inferiority feeling and complex and will accuse the capable race of being a ‘racist’, to get even with him. Truth would be intimidating to him. Problems and suffering arise from inferiority. There are innate race-differences from parallel primal origins, and evolved race-differences among types. The Jew wants to destroy every race, he is offended by racial discrimination, as he dreams of a day when these differences are abolished. He wants to rule over the ashes of a defiled and cultureless humanity, of consumers.

Race differences

Race differences

The Jews are programming us to destroy ourselves. We reject the false teachings of the Jew, and our insistence on the truth will inevitably lead to our disposal of the Jew.


Where the truth will lead us

– Aidhan

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3 Responses to The Generations

  1. antisemitenordicist says:

    Wow man what a great article, you have me teary and emotional
    seeing those images of beautiful Aryan children and there families.

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