Towards a Healthier Folk

The advancements in technologies in the recent decades have created a huge deterioration of the family life, home life, creative life, thought processes and the practical skills and ability of the higher races. This will inevitably lead to the deterioration of the genetics.

Computers and Mobile Phones have made people accept a lot less in real life. Real life has been stolen from them and the people retreat to a virtual world. Everything in real life is unobtainable as we are in complete subjugation to the Jew. This happening has coincided with a changeover of generations with one generation dying leaving an inferior generation behind. Many members of this generation passed on not liking much about those who succeeded them. For them that are left now today, people can be pacified through use of technology, mindlessly stimulated as we all get older and the genes die out. This is more inescapable in the urbanised areas. The question must be asked; what healthy families are there left?


What will we do when we all get older?

Young men don’t need a woman anymore because they have porn, made by the Jew, to subdue them. Breeding is not an imperative. Women do not need men, they can work. They would not be interested in a masturbating porn addict anyway, and the alienation of the two sexes contribute to the joint alienation. This has become normalised as orgasms are free and pornography is one of the only things that the Jews will not charge you for.

With free money from the government and food available premade from shops the people do not even have to contribute to their own lifestyle. People can vegetate on the tit of society, obsolescent human beings, being dysgenically selected for in the Jewish cattle yard of the world.

It must be remembered that these conditions are unnatural, temporary and only last as long as the individual, as these activities certainly do not replenish the folk.

Wolgang Willrich - Familienbildnis

Replenish the folk. Wolgang Willrich – Familienbildnis

Things like crafts, making things at home, gardening, carpentry, essential skills like welding, knitting, and sowing, cooking and baking have been replaced by simple fixes on a computer or a phone, that waste time and stupefy the Nordic individual, and lead the community to a death it will not even realise.

In contrast, I spend only a few hours a week doing internet work, I work outdoors full time, and I run a small farm at home, and work on maintaining things and producing food. I enjoy rural skills and the agricultural sciences and it brings me joy.

Somehow the Nordic elite have to survive this. Intelligent couples have to get together. The internet and technological entertainment have got to be seen for what it is, a distraction, and a retreat from real life, as the Jew is allowed to dominate the environment that we live in. We need to spread the info, and live organically, and appreciate the real world, with its natural beauty and natural laws. We need to raise our strong families, and think about what matters most.

What matters most

What matters most

– Aidhan

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15 Responses to Towards a Healthier Folk

  1. antisemitenordicist says:

    Lovely article about the Aryan family unit and preferential method
    of existence. Might i add, i agree with a lot of what your saying as al
    ways, but of course i would argue that technology has only dis-benefited
    nordic man because the jews have poisoned it’s usage(e.g internet pornog
    raphy). Other than that, most technology has a Nordic origin and is productive.

    • With regard to the internet; ‘social media’ ‘apps’ ‘games’ pornography, thats probably 90% of its usage on all devices is completely stupefying.

      Being able to order parts is one obvious example of how the technology of the internet, although not in its most used medium, can be a useful thing.

      To be able to buy things (old books and antiquarians etc), print things and obtain information for research in an era of jewish owned bookshops is a good thing. But even that functions as a retreat from reality.

      Nordicists can meet each other, thats one good thing, although often they don’t.

      The internet is just one example. I find the idea of a ‘tablet’ to be a completely useless technology thats only function is time wasting and stupification. Same with other ‘technologies’ such as game consoles. They all go to further Jewish supremacism as our youth lose everything.

      At least people can read this site, i hope they read every word but I hope they do not spend too much time on it.

  2. antisemitenordicist says:

    I Think that technology is of great importance to the nordic race, without technology
    we are still living in the stone age, nordics are of better value than that! Technology is
    a nordic blessing.

    • I didn’t suggest living in the Stone Age. Maybe you don’t understand.

      • antisemitenordicist says:

        Yes perhaps i over-exaggerated, i apologize for that, it’s just that for me, and from my perspective, technology is invented by Nordics for the better of Nordics, so what you are saying is why you ( i hope ) agree with that bit, that Jews have turned technology against us.

        By the way, you will probably notice a big increase in traffic to your site today, it’s because i’ve linked to you in my latest post. 🙂

  3. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    A great blog! I have read your last two articles and plan to read more. Will reblog….I am definitely on point with you regarding porn via Jew Tube. What scares me is how many young white men do not see how porn is contributing to their self and their race’s destruction.

    I intuit often how the Hebes have this inmate need or desire to subjugate the Nords. They are so threatened by the Nords, which is why they go out of their way to try to destroy us.

  4. R C says:

    I loved the article. I agree 100%. However, in the comments while the “Jew ” is correctly identified as our enemy (which most Whites fail too see), they are not Semites or hebes (Hebrews) as some have referred to them. Identity matters. Israelites, Semites and Hebrew are terms for identifying our origins. Sonly believe the Jewish lies that they are the Israelites. They acknowledge in the Jewish encyclopedia, the encyclopedia judaica, the Jewish almanac and many other Jewish authority sources that their origin is in Edom. The traditional enemies of the true Israelites who became the Anglo Saxon, Celtic, Germanic and Scandinavian peoples. Don’t believe Jewish lies and myths. Don’t let them steal your identity and birthright.

    • BDL1983 says:

      You are correct R C! Jews pretending to be the covenant people of Yahweh is the biggest deception in history, even bigger than the Holohoax!!! They are without a doubt the Synagogue of Satan..

  5. Brilliant article.

    You couldn’t be any more right, and as I keep stressing – mass non-European immigration and anti-family propaganda (which encompasses, among other things, birth control, abortion, interbreeding, demonizing large families and steady relationships etc.) are the two greatest issues we now face.

    • Anybody who does not want a large family is not right in the head. If something in nature is not being vigorous enough it will die out, simple as. Where are the instincts? Sick people!

      • You’re perfectly right – but notice that most women / girls that say they don’t like or want to have kids are actually on the pill. So they are SICK indeed – taking a drug which twists their instincts effectively enough… And hardly anyone tells them about that.

      • R C says:

        I would love a large white family.
        1. I don’t find white women wanting large families. Increasingly I’m running into adult white women who choose not to have kids at all
        2. How to afford such these days? Everything is stacked against us. White women don’t want to sign up for that.

      • Yes, jews often gloat how they have removed the ‘social stigma’ from everything.
        When women find that attitude is unacceptable and met with disapproval that will all change, only thing now is we have alien jews setting the standards for our race and we are in what i call a Jewish media death grip.

        Women used to need men and love men and everything was for the household and the family. Now its all about media consumption and listening to the Jews.

        Yes, nobody can afford anything these days. The jews set the wages based on consumable items and they are the lowest people accept and will get lower as the racial calibre degrades. We should be independent and self sufficient and I don’t know why so many people have lost the will and the drive to do that. Dysgenics and inferior influence i suppose, this is why i talk about a split off of an elite in the radio shows.

  6. R C says:

    Forget about consumables, what kind of insanity is it that makes a simple human need like a home cost 30 servitude to acquire? Jew financial servitude. This is why they’ve Bern kicked out of every European country numerous times, out of Europe en mass 12 times, and our of individual countries over 100 times. They corrupt Christian society (especially with usuary), always have. Now the vast majority of Churches even call themselves “Judeo Christian” rather than “Christian”. They have been our avowed enemy for 2000 years, now they influence the pulpits so much that the theology is often closer to the Talmud than the Bible. Sick. People are so brainwashed they don’t even see the enemy right in front of their face. The ostracisms to Weimar Germany is scary!

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