Devolution and going against nature and GODS laws

Devolution from higher types. Drawing by Wolfgang Willrich

Devolution through mixing from higher types.
Drawing by Wolfgang Willrich

Evolution occurs in nature as the result of competition in the struggle for existence. Minute variations which proved to be advantageous in the struggle were transmitted through descendants through inheritance; sexual selection is an important factor. There are stages of consciousness between the lowest individuals and the highest. Race and hereditary determines what goes on in the consciousness of the individual. There is also plant soul and animal soul. The human soul is immortal, not in its substance but in its working; it is carried over generation to generation. The creative entity is the soul of the universe, which is his body.

The movement of evolution is due to a vital impulse which carries things forward. This impulse is creative and fresh at every moment. The universe is not just unrolling the scroll. There is no beginning and no ending. The vital impulse creates its path as it goes. The present is the point of selection and determines what becomes the future. The creative impulse shoots forward like a rocket from dying embers. This creative impulse is life. The dead past is matter against the inertia, of which life is always struggling.

All the universe is alive, it’s the creative entity. We gain the feeling of life by immediate consciousness, by which insects and humans, through instincts solve their problems. Evolution brings those two capacities together – discipline of knowledge has the power of intelligence.

The movement of evolution, an urge to move to a more complex form of reality. The basic values of life – truth, goodness and beauty, are always in the making, which are against Jewish reality.

Murdoch and Abbot are promoting direct flights into South Australia. There will be more Chinese staying for good in Australia. The White Race is being outbred and Stagnation has taken place. There is no progress, but only retail, business and Jewish money making flourishing.

Third World Conditions are taking place, amongst the uncreative. Although you might not see it, this time there are shops and free money. Creative Evolution and White man’s Futuristic ingenuity is becoming amiss. Creative Evolution has died out, as mixed people bring admixtures and backwardness into the bloodstream. Devolution has befallen humanity, eventually retarding into jungle life, whence they came from. Thanks to Jewish ‘humanitarianism’. With devolution occurring, intelligent life on this planet will cease to exist.

There are unimaginable possibilities throughout the universe for life – forms to repeat again, trying for a better humanity. The universe may try somewhere again (See you around next time, trying for a more intelligent start). So much potential the Nordic Race had.

Ian Thorpe, portrayed as a hero by the media. ‘I am gay’, I am a sick Jew. It will save lives, Murdoch says. No matter what a Jew does wrong, he will be praised by Jewish media and branded a hero. Gayness accepted by perverted levels of mentals, at best poo jabbers. Gayness is caused by Women’s Lib selfishness. Weak males will associate with their own likeness to get unnatural satisfaction. People who bastardise themselves, or let themselves be bastardised, sin against the will of eternal providence. If people no longer want to respect the nature given qualities, it has no further right to complain over the loss of its earthly existence.

All the nonstop drivel about the male child abuser, is mainly created by the western declining morals, in treating all humans as equals, forgetting the universal laws – as having different obligations for the continuation of life on this world. Woman’s body is designed for bearing and caring of offspring’s. Whereas the males, a strong provider and protector of his female and child. If he or she assume Semitic created shallow minded indecency of equality of genre, that species or that type will die out as it can’t fulfil life’s function and doesn’t even insist on doing so. Failure to acknowledge natures stern and rigid laws is non-existence to man or a group. Women, not men should stay home and mind the children. Those Jewish owned newspapers, are defiling and stupefying the goy.

There are three levels of knowledge. Common sense, which is unorganised, the Science which is partially organised and Philosophy which is completely organised into a comprehensive system. Time is matter of motion. The course of the universe is an evolution towards perfection. The pendulum of evolution and devolution swings back and forth through eternity. Its survival of the fittest. Mind is substance which persists through all the flux of psychological states. It is directed towards the production of ideal persons, in an ideal society. Perfect life is marked by a maximum variety of interests and the longest possible duration.

– Jerry

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5 Responses to Devolution and going against nature and GODS laws

  1. antisemitenordicist says:

    Wow, Jerry is on fire! What a philosopher! At first i thought you wrote it, then i saw him name, excellent post, pat on the back for Jerry, i think that he is a little bit pessimistic than usual in this new article of his, his last article was way more optimistic and uplifting, this has a depressive feel.

    By the way, the young wilrich nordic you posted a picture of, he is not mixed! He is REALLY pure!

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