Jerry’s Writing on Palestine 10/8/2014

Dire things are to happen in the future of Israel

If Israel succeeds in knocking out Hamas in the Gaza Strip, the whole world of the Muslims will rise against the Jews. Jews throughout the world will be terrorised, about half the world’s population is Muslim. There are millions of Muslims now living in every country. It will be a catastrophic world to live in if Netanyahu doesn’t stop persecuting Palestinians.

The biggest holocaust is yet to happen. All those who despise Jews, will get rewarded.

How can Jews claim that Israelis are in their own country, when Palestinians lived there before them, two thousand years ago?

Why did the Jews leave their ‘promised land’ in the first place? Because they defiled it! They also went into other parts of the world, to gain riches and destroy the old nations and empires.

While Palestine was under a British Mandate, until the last war, the British have always had a traditional ‘sympathy’ for the Jews, a sympathy that has cursed them and cursed the rest of Europe, bringing war and destruction, leading it to ruin. in 1948 the Jews then moved into Palestine, under the ‘Balfour Treaty’. The Jews evicted then, 7 Million Palestinians by forcing them into Syria, Lebanon and other Arab countries.

Why did the Jews have to come back into Palestine? Because in some parts of the world, they were again hated for their corruptiveness and abominations they created everywhere.

Jewish leaders act surprised by outbursts of anti-Semitism. What are they expecting? For four weeks they unhumanly killed and burned Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Every minute we are reminded how cruel it has been to bear the Jew for thousands of years. Now they are committing the same horrific cruelty to someone else. There is definitely something wrong with their minds. Love a Jew? It’s impossible, their behaviour is unpredictably arrogant. We should not be tolerating such kind amongst us.

 – Jerry


Jews are doing this.

Unfortunately I think the Jewish ‘Policy Groups’ and ‘interreligious agencies’ and intercultural ‘forums’ have the Muslims sorted. I doubt very much they can recognise the Jew as a race for any period of time long enough to do anything about them, unless they were following the lead of the Nordic Race of Europe. Many Jews turn into Muslims and it was Jews who invented the fable of the ‘moderate Muslim’. What chance have they got?

For more on Palestine see

 – Aidhan

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