The Jewish World Plague

– The Jewish World Plague –

By associate Trent W.

 thejewishworldplague trentw (2)

The Jewish race, hides itself behind the false flag of a religious community, but on closer inspection, one, whoever that may be, will find that this so called religion is nothing more than a racial conspiracy against all those who do not belong to the Jewish race or ethnicity. The Jews are a race of middle-eastern-desert tribes with a sick and twisted instinctive mentality that produces aggression and hatred towards all those who do not belong to their Palestinian ethnic group origin.

The Jews are by all measures, a sick and deprived race of people, they appear to have a mind composed primarily of disease, destruction, and the urge to pollute, destroy, and corrupt anything and everything in their path. This racial disease, as one could accurately call them, is an immense and profound danger to all those who hold the human creed. Despite the fact that Jews themselves are human-beings, they are a race of human beings that has been the victim of nature in more than one single way, they are a diseased and corrupt race of homo sapiens that pollute the nature of mankind and like a destructive viral force, corrupt and destroy all humanity.

Outwardly, they appear like many different races, but on close inspection, one can find the obvious and profound racial differences to their original people. The Jews as a race, are by no means pure, the original Jewish race of Palestine, has, throughout the course of thousands of years, millennia, interbred with almost every other race on earth, especially Europeans. The result is, that although the average Jew has obvious European racial features, he still retains very obvious and striking non-European racial features. Outwardly, he will try and act just like those non-jews around him, he will take great pride in calling himself a member, and often patriotic member, of whatever nation he may dwell in, and usually often more than not, those genuine countrymen and countrywomen will take what he says as truth, and regard this dangerous and foreign pathogen as being a genuine component of their nation and national identity.

The immense danger, of course, is that the jew himself, despite all appearances, and despite how he himself and those around him regard him as, is a jew, and will always remain a jew, and therefore will continue to exhibit the eternally destructive and poisonous instinctive Jewish behaviour, that will never leave him, as it is ingrained in him biologically from birth, just as it is biologically ingrained in a non-Jewish Nordic to be loving, peaceful, and industrious. The Jewish faith teaches that usury, destruction, corruption, and pollution of anything morally good or just, is a pleasant and acceptable, and indeed, mandatory, privilege of all ethnic Jews. The Jewish religion, or the Jewish ethnic creed, rests on the assumption that all non-jews are vile, worthless forms of trash that need not do anything else in this life but serve jews in there evil and immoral attempts at world cultural destruction and cultural decay.

The Jewish religion is particularly corrosive to cultural norms, it proclaims through religious instruction an attempt to destroy and promote decay of healthy cultural values. Jewish religious thought is not about the promotion of a healthy and harmonious existence of mankind, but the complete opposite, encompassing values of negativity, destruction, decay, and pollution of all things good and just. Jewish religious wisdom is an attempt to divide and conquer humanity through racial decay.

The Jewish people, and the religion that ties them together, is a threat to mankind and it’s healthy existence for eternity.

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