Important happenings in Australia

There are a few big changes going on in Australia as Jews suffocate us completely and as Anglo Saxon & Germanic founders constitute a very small shrinking percentage of the population and are swamped in all areas.

People have gotten used to the Jewish character, of continual lies. That is to be expected in a democracy, a who is the biggest liar competition. Australia has turned into a racial underclass of refugees and asylum seekers and their descendants ‘protected’ by caring Jews. These Jews have been behind the end of the White Australia Policy citing ‘the Holocaust’ as the reason Scientific Racism has lost its legitimacy and the reason why we have to let in the ‘persecuted’ (inferior).

Denis Napthine, Jew, Victorian Premier calls for prominent party members to step down. Liberal Party members are losing their jobs for ‘racist’, ‘sexist’ and ‘homophobic’ remarks, some from a few years ago. Losing positions for daring to say things that take for granted the obvious that races are different and sexes are different. We are supposed to tolerate an outrageous lie that everything and everyone is the same as each other and now people can lose their positions from Jewish pressure, for being at all truthful. Jews have to defend their lie and we see a Jewish hand in Napthine although he does not appear to be active in the Jewish community. He is a descendant of the first Pole in Australia and that makes him an underdog.

Denis Napthine

Denis Napthine

In another recent example of the Jewish hand being exposed visibly is Vic Alhadeff, a South African Jew from the ‘Community Relations Council NSW’. He is also a Jewish ‘community leader’. This has been seen as a conflict of interest, although it should be no surprise, Jews pushing racial mixing and forcing everyone together. He wrote in his resignation letter;

‘Throughout my tenure at the CRC and for decades prior, I have committed myself to building bridges and to intercultural harmony, and I intend to continue this work as a representative of the Jewish community.

I thank the Government, Premier and Minister Victor Dominello for their unwavering support throughout my role as chair. It is a position I valued highly and I also thank the leaders of the many communities with whom I have engaged, as well as the commissioners, CEO and staff.

We share a common interest in working towards an enriched and tolerant society and I commend them for their commitment to this goal.’

Because our culture isn’t worth anything and is only enriched by primitive stagnates that we have to be tolerant towards.

Hell bent on it!

Hell bent on it!

State Premier Mike Baird says that he has his support, he is a good man and ‘we all make mistakes.’ An example of how the goy aid and defend the Jews, sometimes unknowingly against their own people. Baird’s sympathy with the Jews lies with his Christianity Insanity. Baird wants ‘progress to a harmonious multicultural society’. The Jews work would have been impossibly if nobody had ever helped them. Multiculturalism does not allow any culture and destroys all diversity. Cultures are destroyed on contact. Multiculturalism, or multikulti, because all it is is a cult, destroys all cultures. This organisation states they they are promoting cohesion and a harmonious soceity, what we had before they came along. Cohesion among the braindead. Multiculturalism is death to us, it is genocide. Nobody with any culture should accept multiculturalism. No culture from the people can possibly survive it.

They wont be smiling when their culture is destroyed and they are not allowed to associate as a group

They wont be smiling when their culture is destroyed and they are not allowed to associate as a group

The Australian Government is to store internet and phone data and records for two years, to stop ‘jihadists’, although this does target everyone, by Attorney General George Brandis, a Jew. Now, Islam was founded by Mohammed, a Jew. Now we have a Jewish consequence of a Jewish consequence. It is not really about ‘jihadists’, they are no threat to the Jew. It is really about ‘white supremacists’, but they won’t say it, because they don’t want to encourage anyone to be a white supremacist.

Now they want to monitor all our internet, and it’s really about White sites, but they won’t talk about that as it will encourage the people. They are getting worried we might rise up against them again and claim our birthright.

George Brandis. He compares himself to Voltaire

George Brandis. He compares himself to Voltaire

George Brandis says he will fight changes to the racial vilification act to protect vulnerable people. As these ‘vulnerable people’ came mainly as ‘asylum seekers’, that are privileged to invade any well-off country and often live of the state for extended periods of times being paid our tax money to reproduce and perpetuate themselves they are not actually ‘vulnerable’. It is George Brandis and his alien people who let them all in, and the jihadists they let them in too!

A final nail in the coffin for the possibility of staying where we are law wise on thought crimes and hate crimes. ‘Senior Experts’ are saying that the threat posed by ‘jihadists’ will rise in the next five years, and it is this threat that means that the government has to forfeit its proposed changes to the Racial Vilification Act. Who are these experts and why should we listen to them? They are from the Jewish policy institutes that set policy for governments and engineer the necessary opinions for their current and future planned reforms following unknowingly the Protocols of Zion, the written admittance of inner Jewish drives and their effects on the host nations, for international Jewish tyranny in a New World Order conspiracy.

Jews rule by subjugation, enslave a people. Anybody who does not need the Jew is gotten rid of. Any free thinking person the Jews don’t tolerate, you need to love the Jew. Although he leads through lies and does no good.

For more on the Racial Vilification Act Changes and the law that makes Jews legally protected from public criticism in Australia see

And for an example of one instance of the Jews using it see

– Aidhan

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  1. Abbey says:

    Good article mate, you should write for the Daily Stormer I reckon! Good to see more articles here none the less 🙂

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