The Jews and Internet Subversion

The internet and its content can often be rather depraved as we know. This got me thinking – What do most people hiding behind keyboards actually look like? We all know that someone has to be doing the typing, the endless commenting, and political spinning. So who are they and what do they look like? Here’s a few of my thoughts on the matter…

Everyone’s a 'sheep', everyone’s 'ignorant'. Everything is relative and the same. Typical people you would hate in real life. Everything said here is rubbish. Probably shouldn’t read these comments, can't even watch a nice video.

Everyone’s a ‘sheep’, everyone’s ‘ignorant’. Everything is relative and the same. Typical people you would hate in real life. Everything said here is rubbish. Probably shouldn’t read these comments, can’t even watch a nice video.

I wanted to write about this because I went on YouTube the other day to listen to a song and ALL the comments were full of arguing swine calling each other ignorant and racists and I got thinking; What do these people look like in real life? I saw some fat women with flat faces in the fish and chip shop, and some useless overweight men in their middle ages wearing tracksuits and I thought, wouldn’t surprise me if they go home and do that. They probably have spent their lives in the post war world trying to legitimise their weaknesses, because they are never going to be as good as anyone who has lived before. They would hate what they would think of as ‘Nazi’s’ with a passion, because they are physically and mentally decrepit. They would read the Jewish papers religiously, and nod their heads as they correlate with everything they think they have fought for in their contemptible lives. Anything so they can be right.

The age of the internet has allowed Jews and the unintelligent to have their opinions in more ways than ever before. They can spread their most destructive fantasies. If you were ever to see what these people looked like you would not want to know them, the keyboard Marxists, who flood every forum, comment board and YouTube. They attempt to control the opinions of those more intelligent than themselves through their sheer numbers. Any public discussion on the internet inevitably turns into racially debased Marxists enforcing their laws on anyone with an opinion.

This is the revenge of the inferior.

The Jew is the origin of this. Jews say that everything is controversial, there is no right and wrong. Goyim are not allowed to have beliefs. No faith allowed, no judgements allowed, only an unnerved and unthinking goyim. Enslaved as cattle under equality.


Many people, who in public you would class as undesirables, the internet provides an outlet for their sordid opinions. Being able to write and comment, the internet provides a collection pool for the degenerate. These people, who enjoy their position under the jews, say man is naturally bad and condemn man as being shit and naturally flawed, because they are themselves, but they are the first people to say ‘we are all equal’. They resist any form of discrimination or statement on traits in any group. They say you can’t generalise, and you can’t say anything bad about a group. This is because they know that there is not much good about them to be remarked on. They are objectionable, and say you cannot object. The Nordic Race is not plagued by these problems. What can you say to disparage him? Nothing, what is damaging and what is hurtful? Nothing that is true. It is a constant battle against the inferior, trying to bring us down to their level. They will hate you for daring to be independent. Why can’t the Nordic Race be independent, they can’t tell you.

This is Marxism. Could have come right out of the book of Marx when comments make accusation of ‘oppression’. The destruction of excellence. Inferior races don’t like ‘racism’ or ‘discrimination’, discrimination would be not saying they are ‘exactly the same.’ Describing them how they are, if it is offensive then they are inferior. Jews are offended by ‘anti-Semitism’; they find it ‘shocking’ and ‘horrific’ and many other opinion formulating words. It is because they deserve it.

Marxism is the lowest expression of inferiority. It truly is antagonism to evolution and a complete turn away from it. The Jew is an inferior race, that’s why he feels he has to mix them all. The Jews will not accept that there are different humanities that are completely different and should not intermix. They are exterminating whole races and getting away with it, while more or less the whole world has continued sympathy for them.

They condemn racism everywhere, so how can you preserve a race? They are forcibly making the world all the same, and penalising anyone who does not abide. Forcing conformation to the Jew desired goyim ‘breed standard’. Some of us are not mindless yet. The Nordic mind and characteristics have not yet been bred out of a minority of the people. To always resist foreignisation, the most fanatical racists with the most to preserve.


The Nordic Germanic Race, is still alive, but swamped by mongrels living around us. The Jew thinks if he can destroy our culture, he can get us to breed with whatever is around us. He thinks he can get us to not recognise our race, or the thought of our race.


– Aidhan

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  1. Mauro says:

    I love your web site. My congratulations! NORDIC GERMANIC PRIDE and peace for the Whole all planet.

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