Jewish murder and bloodlust in Palestine, remind people about Jews now

It is a good opportunity with all of this Palestinian stuff going on to remind people that the Jews are a demon. They have never ever been persecuted but instead use this as cover while they commit the most heinous and disgusting crimes. Just like they would never leave Germany alone, agitating, instigating and funding two world wars, destroying them through their ‘allied powers’ and fabricated a holocaust to justify the genocide of the European peoples, today they ‘defend themselves’ against a largely unarmed, and largely kept in Palestinian populace. It could be obvious to anyone what Israel has been doing.

The Jews are out in the open lying, and killing. People can see this, and the Jews don’t look like such perfect little persecuted victims anymore. Constant reports of Israeli forces bombing and killing, meanwhile Israel, Netanyahu and international Jewry say the same ‘we are defending ourselves’. It does not add up when it happens over and over again.

Every day on the controlled media, are reports and footage of Israeli strikes and Palestinian destruction. Bombing this and bombing that, Israel has been shelling UN Refugee Camps and Schools. Every time they bomb or shell a place they say the same ‘this is where Hamas was launching the rockets’. It is all they can say. There is never any evidence of these rockets. They blow up Schools and Hospitals, and they have to say ‘that was actually a missile launching site’ They count the death toll, its cited on the news and the media air’s a press conference with Netanyahu in which he says ‘it’s a travesty of fairness’ and ‘a travesty of justice’ that the UN is going to look into this.


Grotesque and Inhuman


Benjamin Netanyahu. These pictures show a broad amount of expressions to make visible his resemblance to many other individuals of his race.

You are hearing all about Palestinians getting killed, and then the next thing that you hear, strait afterwards as the next part of the news segment is a Netanyahu conference saying ‘a travesty of fairness’ and ‘a travesty of justice’ that the UN is launching an enquiry into Israel’s conduct. Netanyahu says that Palestinians using human shields is ‘grotesque and inhuman’. That is supposed to be their excuse for why they are shooting massive amounts of civilians. We are supposed to believe this unsubstantiated, made up claim. The Jewish murderers are in there killing people and then they project the evil onto the Palestinians and blame them, for what cannot be verified… There is an old adage, ‘the jew cries out in pain as he strikes you’.

I had a little chuckle when they mentioned that the UN is saying that they might have committed crimes against humanity. I laughed because obviously the UN Human Rights Commissioner must not have been told that the UN exists for the Jews. It is a Jewish Creation. The non-Jews in it seem to be a bit of a problem for the Jews at the moment. However the overriding ‘jewyness’ of the UN is made apparent when their response to ‘war crimes’ is to ‘investigate them’ and stating that Israel has rights as an ‘Occupying Power’. A correct response to deal with certain Jewish problems of them claiming a homeland and geocoding the owners ought to be to condemn the Jews properly maybe classify them a biological criminal people, then take steps to eliminate their dealings with other peoples.

A Palestinian was interviewed; called Israel occupiers, it’s not just like a neighbour you have trouble with, they occupy every inch of our soil. Says that Australia sides with Israel and that they would plead that Australia takes a middle of the road approach, even if they don’t want to support us. Envoy in Israel confirms that Australia would stand with Israel. This reflects badly on Israel and it reflects badly on the rest of the world too. It is making Israel look like the criminals they are, and Australia for ‘standing with them’. All the so called ‘western democracies’, ‘western powers’, these same powers that laid waste to an independent Germany 70 years ago are being shown to not be the lovers of peace and the ‘civilised’ nations that they pretend to be.

Stunted little Jew Netanyahu and the Nigger apes they have got over a formerly Nordic Country.

Stunted little Jew Netanyahu and the Nigger apes they have got over a formerly Nordic Country.

Benjamin Netanyahu. Look at those ears

Benjamin Netanyahu. Look at those ears

The people it should be obvious to the most are actually the Jews. They must listen to the news reports and get scared because at the moment they are not looking so perfect and they rely on everybody feeling sorry for them. The lie that everything they bomb or shell is a ‘missile launching site’ is not a particularly good lie, and it is an overused lie. Netanyahu is trying to call everyone names but it’s all getting out, the people that they are killing. A lot of people should be seeing jews lying out in the open at this time. It is not just the anti-Semites this time that can see the Jews lying. This time many people should be able to. It is these conditions of open Jewish crimes that in the past, have led to pogroms and expulsions against the Jews. Unfortunately what always happens next is the jews complain about being persecuted, they pretend to be poor, they pretend to be a needy and starving ‘religious group’ and the whole cycle repeats itself for someone else under the human maggot. If a true scientific understanding can be reached, in which it is concluded that the Jew is just a parasite, that is negative towards the rest of the world, essentially a world decomposer, or mongreliser, the Jewish Question may be answered forever. For now it is a good time to remind people about the jews, while their mask is not fitting as nicely.

– Aidhan

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