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Metapedia is a truly marvelous online encyclopedia that more people should be using as Wikipedia is full of emotional manipulation and they omit jewish involvement in everything. Metapedia see the world through a rigid and unbiased lens. While Wikipedia sometimes (however less and less frequently) includes ‘jewish family’ or ‘jewish parents’, or  jewish in the categories at the bottom they often don’t name individuals as jews. They certainly never admit a jewish agenda to any mass movement or program. They would have you thinking that jews might just be some kind of a ‘devout religious group’, a lot like looking at a Christian but only with regards to the hours in the week he is at Church.  Wikipedia is run by jews. Metapedia however puts a nice yellow Star of David next to their name so you know.

A Comparison

Dealing with the ‘Doctors Plot’

The Doctor’s plot (also known as the Doctor’s affair) was an alleged plan by some doctors in the Soviet Union during the early 1950s to assassinate various Soviet leaders, including Joseph Stalin. The doctors were mostly based in Moscow and many of those unmasked, were held to have rootless cosmopolitan and Zionist sympathies. After Lavrentiy Beria secretly had Stalin poisoned, the Soviet Union officially claimed that the case was “fabricated” after his death in March 1953.(

Wikipedia – The prevailing opinion of many scholars outside the Soviet Union is that Stalin intended to use the resulting doctors’ trial to launch a massive party purge.[276] The plot is also viewed by many historians as an antisemitic provocation

Metapedia – In a vast propaganda campaign to conceal their crimes of genocide against the Russian people under Bolshevism and to portray themselves as victims, the Jews presented this in the West as a campaign of “anti-semitism” and Stalin as “finishing Hitler’s work”.

It was a jewish plot and in the end Stalin was killed. The jews however consign to the history books that it was all ‘propaganda’ and ‘antisemitism’ and that jews were innocent but scapegoated again! Just like every other time.
Jews Commit Crimes – People Blame Jews – People blaming jews cursed by jews. You can never win with jews.

Some Metapedia portals:


Marxism with a nice Star of David. You can’t seriously pretend that it’s not!


Wherever the jews exist there is inevitably a jewish question!

Here are some examples of the sheer wealth of unbiased and truthful information found on Metapedia.


Main article: Sodomites

The concept of homosexualism was invented in the 19th century and became popular in decadent bourgeois liberal capitalist centres dominated by the “cultural” mores of freemasons and Jews. Before the advent of modern homosexualism, acts of “sodomy”, usually situational, did exist, but was not presented as an exclusive sexual identity. The most infamous example of a regime encouraging this is the Weimar Republic and leading Jewish agitator, such as Magnus Hirschfeld of the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, pushed for it’s legalisation since 1897. Male homosexuality is regarded as a mark of humiliation and is promoted by hostile minorities to demoralise the reputation of a nation and make the males seem inadequate to females (in this sense it crosses over with feminism). The agenda became popular after the Second World War and homosexuality was arbitrarily removed from the list of psychopathologies by the American Psychiatric Association in 1973. While Jews push homosexuality to distort gentile culture and to create artificial social fragmentation, more silently, in the background, the post-Protestant elites; your Rockefellers and your British Empire crowd; allow it to be promoted by them in the hopes that it reduces the human population, based on Malthusian precepts.


Main article: Miscegenation

Miscegenation is promoted with the primary purpose of diluting the ethnic homogeneity and group identity of any given people. Once a racial definition of nationality has been broken down for a more cosmopolitan one, it makes it easier for Jews or other enemies to infiltrate, go unnoticed and begin the process of taking over a society. The practice also brings into existence a population of psychologically damaged “mixed” people who are often confused as to which of their parents to identify with and are not entirely accepted by either ethnic group. A European person, an African person or an East Asian person, has their own sense of being, values and history, a mixed person is robbed of this security and are rendered without roots. The practice is also sometimes pushed as a means to humiliate, demoralise or degrade a rival, with the hopes of undermining their demography; Jewish-ran medias and “education” in the West often promote mixed race Black male/White female couples to this end.

Jewish Council for Racial Equality

The Jewish Council for Racial Equality (also known as JCORE) is a Jews-only, Europhobic hate group in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1976, its primary political purpose is to promote multiculturalism, immigration and political correctness (also known as Cultural Marxism), in contrast to the material, social and cultural interests of the indigenous European majority. Racially exclusive itself (critical theory commissars have dictated that natives can’t organise along such lines), JCORE attempts to divert attention away from the crimes of international Zionism by collaborating with a sub-section of other extraeuropean neo-colonial groups and Trotskyist extremists such as the SWP‘s UAF.

Since 1991, every six-weeks it has participated in the ethnocentric Black-Jewish-Asian Forum. JCORE is active in what claims is countering “popular misconceptions” (ie – the viewpoint of most indigenous people) about mass immigration and supposed asylum seekers. For instance, Friedman has used the conflict in Darfur to suggest that they should be allowed to travel through numerous safe havens and settle in over-crowded Britain. Friedman has yet to suggest that her proposal be put before the indigenous in an open referendum.

Cultural Marxism

(Redirected from Cultural marxism)

Cultural Marxism or Cultural Bolshevism (degenerate culture) seeks to destroy everything good about a society, what holds it together, what helps it to advance, what promotes intelligence and beauty. It seeks to degenerate society and take it to a lower form where people are less intelligent and more animal. It’s based on the Marxist lie that everything good about society is all a form of oppression. Every time anyone promotes cultural marxism, they use the same line claiming it is about freeing people from oppression. These common cultural marxist themes all are promoted by the same lie that they are done in the name of freedom: liberalism, sexual perversion, degenerate art, degenerate music, mass immigration, anti-intelligence and promotion of people acting like animals, corrupted versions of feminism, multiculturalism, marijuana, oppressing people of european ancestry, and destroying nationalism, and destroying non-jewishreligion.


Did you know?

I once heard a contentious and lying jewish cow from the Wikipedia Foundation on the radio, talking about the progress of Wikipedia and the idea of a digital online encyclopedia. When asked if she could explain to the listeners what a ‘portal’ is, and how it could be used to find information on a subject, to cite an example, she used; ‘The History of Feminism’. She played down claims Wikipedia had a ‘left wing bias’.

It is very easy to find unsubstantiated made up information on Wikipedia, jews are always innocent and very often the level of jewish drivel can just become a joke.

Feuchtwanger was one of the very first to recognize and warn against the dangers of Hitler and the Nazi Party. As early as 1920 published in the satirical text Conversations with the Wandering Jew, a vision of what would later become the reality of anti-Semitic racist mania:   (

What an absolute joke.

Because Feuchtwanger had addressed and predicted many of their crimes even before they came to power, Hitler considered him a personal enemy and the Nazis designated Feuchtwanger as the “Enemy of the state number one”, as mentioned in The Devil in France (Der Teufel in Frankreich). In his writings, Feuchtwanger exposed Nazi racist policies years before the official London and Paris governments abandoned their policy of appeasement towards Hitler. He remembered that American politicians also had suggested that “Hitler be given a chance.”

It’s always ‘crimes’, and ‘racism’ among non-jews is always bad because we all need to breed together because we are just goyim herd animal according to Talmudic Law. To see the jewyness of Wikipedia just look at how ‘invaluable’ the Jew Feuchtwanger’s poisonous manuscripts were.

In 1933, while Feuchtwanger was on tour, his house was ransacked by government agents who stole or destroyed many items from his extensive library, including invaluable manuscripts of some of his projected works

We can tell who’s side Wikipedia is on. Fabricating history to fit the jews own ends.

With both excellent articles in English and in Deutsch, many of them written independently this is such a necessary project especially as all books by mainstream publishers are now jewish. Metapedia should be the number 1 online educational research tool when it comes to the things that have affected the sick and degenerate and seemingly unaccountable world of jewish consequence we have to live in today.

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6 Responses to Metapedia, an Alternative to Wikipedia✡

  1. snuki146 says:

    Since 2015 January there is an alternate wiki available to Metapedia- Rightpedia. We guarantee, that under no circumstances will be data lost due to regular backups. National a social thinking editors are welcome at any time.

    • Thankyou for the information on this new site. Rightpedia has now been added to the links at the side. It is created out of a full back up of Metapedia plus additions it seems. One thing that I really liked and thought of quite high value about Metapedia was that it used to read at the side of the main page ‘Did you know? Anti-Semitism and Conspiracy Theory are both words made up by Jews for thought control?’

  2. Sigwart says:

    Nordic Anti Semite:
    I was looking for Metapedia but the page doesn’t open for several days already. In my search I happened upon your site and this article on Metapedia. Do you have information on this mystery? Thank you in advance.

  3. Metapedia, and Rightpedia seem to be under attack because many of their web pages wont pull up especially the pages on homosexuality, sexual Bolshevism. Do you have any way to communicate with the web masters of these sites to find out what they can do to get their valuable information back on the web?

  4. Metapedia is consistently accurate, as is shown when one tests its facts by exploring other sources. What has happened to it? Has it been censored? Does anyone have news?

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