Racial Mongrelisation, the Destruction of Everything We Love

All good traits in man come only from one race and one origin.


The Nordic Race, the Primal Race of Europe

Until this race or ‘strain’ wakes up and demands independence for itself, we will continue to live on a sick planet, with sick people no one really likes. There is a better more reliable humanity.

Australians living among bastards, being invaded by Asians en gross. Scum of oriental-asian retards, unidealistic non creative stagnates, just what jews prescribed.

Germany soccer team bear Argentine, but only 1:0?

Media covering World Cup from Brazilian perspective of humiliation and defeat, not German victory. Brazil’s adversity and ‘persistence’ despite corruption and a failure to complete works on time. How more apparent can the effects of racial mongrelisation be? Germany needs no help, Brazil has spent millions ‘overcoming poverty’. Poverty caused by mixing away the white blood to Indian and Negro.

Income inequality for women, because they have children and don’t work. Jew from ‘oxfam’ says Australia needs to take a leading role. Statistics are taken not taking into account the years women have off for childbearing and rearing and the consequent casual work. How to achieve ‘equality’, stop them from being mothers. Social engineering, democracy. Oxfam a jewish ‘refuge rights’ organisation, committed to overfeeding Niggers and spreading them around the world.

Why is it Oxfam can make its policies government policies?


Israel Cohen

Israel Cohen

It is obvious that you should not have two races living side by side and two races shouldn’t mix. Michelle Obama is a good example of this. In this video she blames whites for everything.

Niggers will continue to blame whites for everything until there are no whites left, simple as. This is why the races shouldn’t be together. When we all die out they will probably blame whoever is a lighter shade when they are. The amount of animosity they have to whites never ceases to astound, when one announces ‘niggers blame whites for everything’ the niggers and their jew defenders cite it as more ‘white racism’. Whites that try not to be racist are not liked anymore, the niggers find this naturally pathetic, and the jews mission is to mongrelise whites out of existence.


Stating she is not a ‘racist’ will not get Wendy anywhere with these jews and these niggers. It doesn’t matter how she curses her offspring or how racially disgusting her husband is.

The nigger however his hatred has no trouble with defiling our race by raping our women and producing unholy mongrel offspring. Separation is the only way.

If it looks like a monkey, it probably is a monkey. Something is wrong when people can listen to this prehistoric ape try and say that they have ‘been oppressed’ and still don’t have any confidence because they are so oppressed. Niggers oppress themselves, as long as they live next to us, they will resent us.


Michelle Obama shows us how lowly and unintelligent they all are again by still thinking it is a good idea for her husband to be president of a half white country, even though it’s evident they hate and resent whites. She and niggers en masse, can also never work out that they are parasites in a country they did not create.

We can’t help but not like niggers, to tolerate them we have to drop to their level, but we can never hate them as much as they hate us.


Youtube is full up with jews and their manipulations and thought control. Some are even paid to do so. After dozens of niggers and jews whining about non existant discrimination against niggers, somebody tells the truth here. You can’t argue with jews.

– Aidhan

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19 Responses to Racial Mongrelisation, the Destruction of Everything We Love

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  2. Warlord says:

    Great article and so true…Was reading THE WEAPON THE GLOBALIST MOST FEAR THE GENESIS BOMBSHELL BY JONATHAN GRAY…its MAKING BABIES….thats why they are using WIFI GMOs freqs Vaccines and Nuke Walk thru Fryers at Airports and so and on to sterilize us..We are being Targeted for sterilization by ZOG….Germanicslav is correct about DIEVERSITY and Mystery Meat,,,,We need to make more babies…..

    • Germanicslav says:


      What is scary is how much the LGBT community has proliferated in recent decades. LGBT is just bad news. Now if a woman exists and does not do tranny makeup, does not do hoe blow and anal, and does not do bolt-ons to look like a Drag Queen Fuckbot she is targeted for death.

      LGBT people hate “breeders”, you know, families and women who have children. Many “feminists” pretend to be pro woman when really they are Pro Plantation and want Nordic women to stop creating and to get their butts “back to work for massa” so instead of having kids, The Nordic woman is working to pay taxes to the LGBT Queer Plantation. There is more domestic abuse between lesbians than “straight” or “het” couples. And now these bitches have co opted identity-lacking “white” men to view the Nordic woman as some useless bitch is she chooses to have kids over working for Mystery LGBT Queer Massa Government Plantation.

      LGBT is behind the pathologization of youth. It has made the Little Hoe Look appealing to girls and the metrosexual rent boy look good to young men. It has taken healthy, normal sexuality and healthy looking people and made them marks for extinction.

      LGBT has turned into a hate group against “breeders” simple because we exist.

  3. Warlord says:

    YES THE LGBT is super bad..Look at how even the Pres Elect embraces LGBT…in fact almost every politician now embraces them…They love the Sodomites….Read the QUEER NATION MANISFESTO and keep in mind they have their own Mafia….Also the Kikes push it to the hilt like they did with Feminism…Betty Friedan and that other kike Lesbo butch dyke bull dagger….This is one of the ways that the kikes destroy goys …Maybe these politicians did homo stuff when they were young in someway and thats why they embrace it….Look at all these fag lesbo singers and all these creep movie stars who are homos….SODOM FAG ZOGUSA sucks…The Homos love being teachers so they can sodomize kids….The first Bush when running for Pres in 70 said it was ok for teachers to be homos..what a sicko..maybe he is a pedo freak also maybe even in Pizza Gate..

    • VrilWillComeBackForever says:


    • Germanicslav says:


      What is interesting to me in the Kwa is how EVERYONE hates on the Germanic-looking or Nordic looking woman who is straight, family-oriented, nice looking, and accomplished. It is the last allowed yet MOST VEHEMENT hate. I do not follow Megyn Kelly much, but I do not get the hate spewed at her. Apparently EVERYONE hates her.

      Nordic women are supposed to inject their lips and butts n boobs with Fix A Flat to denigrate themselves and negrofy their visage, not do things like go to school, put their kids first, and be more low key in their appearance.

      Damned if you do, damned if you do not.

  4. Warlord says:

    Maybe this is a way to get more Nordic Babies and defeat DIEVERSITY…check out on google search…BANNED MORMON CARTOON………The Raven Returns with the odor of Cedar……

  5. Warlord says:

    The LGBT is a worldwide infection….At least the Africans and a few other countries reject it…like all the Raghead Nations….Most and I mean most of the politicians embrace LGBT,,,Every civilization or empire that embraces it …. is doomed,,,history proves it….The Judeo Nimrod Masons ramrod and enforce it for PTB Kike Controllers,,,They use it a a weapon of control to gain their agenda of a New World Order,,,Its an agenda just like Gun Control of the United Nations. The LGBT crap use to be in the closet…now its in the open and shoved down our throats like the nigs and darkies have been….Hopefully Aids will get most of them and anyway… most homos only have a life span of around 40 or 45….Most die young,,very few get older…And most are drug heads and pot heads and Rave idiots….It is amazing how most people say..oh it dont bother me..as long as they dont mess wuth mer I dont care…let them live their lifestyles…Guess what…All the ones in SODOM who had this same mind set got burned up with the homos….It is a serious problem and is getting worse….The PTB has many things to change the hormones in food air and water…plus freqs that change DNA…In a Nordic World this has to be stamped out…..

    • Germanicslav says:

      You are right about the Africans and really many Kwan blacks reject it as well; however, many Black Kwans who wish to ascend socioeconomically are almost co-opted to embrace LGBT.

      In my experience, I have seen gaggles of African American women gang up on out and out gay males. I do not believe in bullying, but I do believe that WOMEN must start bumrushing the homos out because they seek to replace/displace us and cause true disruption with families, procreation, etc. So many women have been co-opted into thinking that the “fun” gay male is on their side, when in fact, the POS is stabbing her in the back.

  6. Warlord says:

    So true about Blacks…most do not go for the gay homo crap….but some do to get ahead….ZOGUSA is SODOM now…look at John Kerrys statements today about Gay Diplomats being discriminated against for being GAY..who knows maybe KERRY is Gay like BO….LGBT crap is pushed by the PTB and is ram rodded and enforced by the Nimrod Crypto Masons…n a Nordic State this QUEER crap will not be allowed..Its against family and making babies….

  7. VrilWillComeBackForever says:

    Todays german folk is full of nerd no-nordic people thinking over language and passport only. Todays german folk disappoint me a lot. They can’t name themselves like germanic/nordic. They can just embrace their future: the end.

  8. Germanicslav says:

    There have been several posts about Rh negative blood on this blog.

    Apparently there is Rh negative and Rh positive blood, but really there are many Rh positives who have the ALLELES for Rh negative blood, which in essence makes them HYBRIDS.

    40% of Europe is Rh neg, with large concentrations in Northern Europe and in Basque areas and another 40% has the alleles for rh negative blood.

    My kids, though Rh positives, have Rh negative alleles or alternative forms of the Rh negative gene that arise by mutation and are found at the same place on a chromosome. So they are HYBRIDS and if they marry an Rh negative, they will be more likely to have Rh neg kids.

    My point in bringing this up? It is about our blood. No one has a sense of identity anywhere anymore because science has been manipulated, which is really the manipulation of truth.

    I talked to a phlebotomist the other day who mentioned that blood tests were required in order to get married and that people were told if they were negative and positive they would have a very high chance of having kids with birth defects, etc.

    I think that the answer to all of this identity stuff can be found in the blood.

    • VrilWillComeBackForever says:

      RH negative has NOTHING TO DO WITH NORDIC RACE. Real jewish people have RH negative. Handicapped down children have RH negative blood too.

  9. Warlord says:

    The PTB stopped the marriage blood tests…I wonder what their reason is? The PTB wants everything mixed up….has to be the reason plus destroying RH Neg Nordics….Julie Mitchell has written about Rh Negative Factor and has been heavily censored and blocked on net. Julie Mtchell says Nordic Race is Aristocratic race of earth. As far as marriage The Original Mormons with their Celestial Marriage in Temples and having wifes and producing many children….great plan for making many Nordics….

  10. VrilWillComeBackForever says:


    RH Negative = jews, indios and handicapped down children.

  11. Blue Eyed Blonde says:

    Aidhan can you tell me the racial history of India

  12. Jötunn says:

    > Niggers will continue to blame whites for everything until there are no whites left, simple as. This is why the races shouldn’t be together. When we all die out they will probably blame whoever is a lighter shade when they are.

    Completly agreed. But, the problem is, that it started when Critopher Columbus came to America. Whites were kill-on-sight in south America back then. But whites had too advanced technology, were ready to fight, while the natives most likely had peace for centuries and all they had was hunting weapons.

    And far to the north, in Canada and Greenland, Icelanders were cooperating with Native Americans – there were no problems.

    In other words – that subhumans should have never been allowed to explore.

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