How Local Newspaper Wants to Replace all the Locals

1 bills boomerang 9.7.2014


The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights by Eleanor Roosevelt, a black haired jewess married to destroyer of Germany Roosevelt, United States president who attempted to starve Germany out by blocking their trade, starved to death over 1.5 million Germans in outdoor barbed wire camps and starved them again in Berlin, ‘all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights’ is simply not true and certainly obvious to any free thinking non-jew just by looking at any two people on the planet! Human Dignity does not mean a thing, it is an abstract concept and as we live in a real world and not an abstract one it is therefore destructive.

In the United States Declaration of Independence ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’ is certainly not self-evident and they were given no rights by the creator.

What did the great American Anthropologist Madison Grant write about the ‘Declaration of Independence’

Democratic theories of government in their modern form are based on dogmas of equality formulated some hundred and fifty years ago and rest upon the assumption that environment and not heredity is the controlling factor in human development. Philanthropy and noble purpose dictated the doctrine expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the document which to-day constitutes the actual basis of American institutions. The men who wrote the words, “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” were themselves the owners of slaves and despised Indians as something less than human. Equality in their minds meant merely that they were just as good Englishmen as their brothers across the sea. The words “that all men are created equal” have since been subtly falsified by adding the word “free,” although no such expression is found in the original document and the teachings based on these altered words in the American public schools of to-day would startle and amaze the men who formulated the Declaration.’
The Passing of the Great Race or The Racial Basis of European History, fourth revised edition, Madison Grant, New York, Charles Scribner’s Sons 1936


Pastor Bill says that we can be ‘seen as unequal’; and that’s definitely true because we are unequal. We may be seen as unequal, but we are actually equal, because god says so, says Pastor Bill, even though god curses every people that have ever believed this.

If we are different than how can we be equal?

Forcing everyone to be equal is not fairness

If equality is a code of law than it should be obvious that equality does not exist and will only serve as a feature of decline

Different Races must be given equal rank, must they? Why must they? This is surely only destructive to all races. They had their ranking before some were subdued and others aided by the alien amongst us, the eternal jew.

Every religion that does not teach this absurd jewish doctrine of equality ‘fails’ because the jew does not endorse it, and all three major monotheistic religions are now worshipping a non-existent Jewish god, that the jews themselves do not even believe in.

As we see again, as usual the Jews are brought into it as a poor innocent group even though we see here again their agenda for mongrelisation and their hand in the ancient and calculated destruction of humanity.

For Shylock to need to tell us this, it is obvious then and there of the differences between Europeans and jews. That his organs have dimensions means nothing, as these are different dimensions, senses, afflictions and passions.

2 the global problem 9.7.2014

‘Equitable international trade regulations’ – Forcing our organic and independent race into regulation and dependence just to save some mud bastards and their over inflated and sick populations. Sending aid to make sure that those that cannot think about how to improve their lives are made a bigger and bigger problem. The Nordic Race never needed aid and we never needed help to compete. An absolutely insane lie here is that they are now saying that Christ himself was a refuge.

If this man seriously believes in god why then does he not believe in gods creations? You can see every nation and every culture produced and then say we all belong equally, equally where? Together in a melting pot? That is not a religion, this is subhuman madness.

3 cambodian refugee sob story give them more money 9.7.2014

Why is it these people always need someone else to ‘empower’ them. It does not matter how much compassion you give them. The Lutheran Church has gone down and down in Australia after not doing anything to preserve the German population and propagating New Guinean missions instead.


4 celebrate coons 9.7.2014

Here we are again more celebrating for the abo’s, a race that desperately wants more recognition but cries and shouts ‘racist’ when they get it. Adam Goodes was ‘recognised’ on the football field and cried until ‘Indigenous Round’ when he could be ‘recognised’ again. Ofcoarse a housing developer is supporting this as urbanisation is also part of the jews agenda, and accept for the more numerous Asians I can’t think of another group of people they would prefer to put under roofs so they continue to propagate in what could have been a home for the Nordic Race in the southern hemisphere.


5 love the coons more than you love yourself 9.7.2014

Here we are again ‘recognising the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to our country and society’. Can anybody really think of any? Maybe they could try and list them? It really is condescending as this ‘Australian Country’ is the reason they are not living traditionally anymore and this I can assume is what they mean here by ‘injustices of the past’. Natalie Koufos, what a hypocritical wog.

Abo’s will whinge and whinge forever about racism as long as jews are picking their ‘community leaders’ for them and to end racism maybe they should all go into the outback with some fences around them and they can live on their own and not be burdened by our ‘racism’ which they hate, and we can see how many abo’s would really like to do this.

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3 Responses to How Local Newspaper Wants to Replace all the Locals

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  2. Tina says:

    See It exposes the scam here in the States that the Lutherans, Catholics, Mormons and others are doing to the American people.

    They are sending tens of thousands of violent Somalis and Congolese to many states, and charging the American people for it! This is one of their many ways to mongrelize us. They say that the people can ‘choose’ how many of these beasts they want in their states. But that’s not so; the Feds choose for you. They are violent, they tear up the towns. But the mass media don’t show you this.

    That website will make you weep.

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