Jewish globalist Joseph Stiglitz on ‘economic inequality’.

Tony Jones, stupid goy doesnt know about the jews yet

Tony Jones, stupid goy doesnt know about the jews yet

Q&A is a program in Australia from the ABC, watched by all the people who think they are intelligent. Politicians and assorted scum are regularly interviewed along with refuge’s and refuge ‘advocates’ who go on and on and on about democracy and equality non-stop.

Last night round-skulled stunted jew Joseph Stiglitz, jew economist appeared on the Q&A, Queers and Arseholes program, come all the way from America, today he doesn’t mind calling himself an American, an ‘expert’.

Joseph Stiglitz: at Inequality an Equal Concern for China

jew Joseph Stiglitz: at Inequality an Equal Concern for China

After decades of terrible economies the Jews obviously can’t do it or maintain anything, why do people still listen to them? He thinks it’s a good idea to do something to do with regulation or whatever who cares its obviously going to be negative.

They always have all the immature little tweets or Facebook things coming in of people complaining ‘oh there is nothing left for the young people’ etc. and all these ineffectual retarded goy there sharing the panel, talking in shallow words about stuff that doesn’t mean anything, but might make the conceited goy on their high horses at home think they are quite clever for listening to it, saying ‘oh yeh were going to do this reverse this’. The jew using all his stupid expressions and his contentious body language and irrelevant imposing hand signals, to appear magnificent. The jews mannerisms and expressions show what a comfortable parasite he is. There is no danger of being found out here.

Now they are in power they can pretend they care about everyone. But it turns out there is a lot they don’t say on this TV show for the pompous whites and the new immigrants who like to sit and watch Jews every week. He is a globalist and they have got him talking about national economics. The arguments by these Jewish globalist economics is that globalism is essential for the development of developing nations. We Ofcoarse will be guilted into accepting this out of pity and we will be replaced by these stagnated races from said developing nations as we mindlessly give them everything. There is a plot against the Nordic Race and indeed the entire ‘white’ family. We are deliberately subdued and the others deliberately propped up.

Go and tell them what you think and tell him he is a kike. ‘I’d rather hear from experts, no matter where they are from or where they live’ one tweet said, and another one ‘must be tough arguing with a Nobel Prize winner’. All those awards are given out by jews to jews, as if they had merit other than them being destructive jews.

Any retard that wants to hear from experts and blindly follow well Ofcoarse he will die out that’s nature. Just respecting someone because he might have a Nobel Prize or be an expert, will be enslaved and that’s the law of nature. The portion of the population who can recognise the jew should not die out just because there are so many unintelligent. Because of their acceptance of Jewish tyranny we are all being forced to put up with it. Go and die on your own.

Jew Stiglitz tells lie after lie, from his various books saying that the minerals in Australia are owned by the states and the people in the states, when he knows they are owned by his people in the jewish mining companies, saying that the IMF is not left wing, and so that the idea of equality driving more growth not being a left-wing idea, because the IMF is Ofcoarse a ‘neutral organisation’, and certainly wasn’t created by the jews for jews. A ‘universal idea’ instead maybe, all the experts agree. Stiglitz says people should/could have lower minimum wages and that that doesn’t equate to less money because then there is more money for welfare. Workers earn less and bludgers get given more, that must be what ‘equality’ or ‘equity’ is all about. If you believe in equality Ofcoarse you won’t agree that this might have some very negative consequences as far as selection is concerned. The commenters sitting in their homes rave on ‘equality is essential, culturally, socially and economically’.

At the Global Economic Forum. Using his hands like this might fool alot of people that what he is saying is not destructive. Tricks the jews learn.

At the Global Economic Forum. Using his hands like this might fool alot of people that what he is saying is not destructive. Tricks the jews learn.

According to jew Stiglitz’s Wikipedia “his concern for the poor and the powerless, his struggle for honest and even-handed justice, his conviction that a decent society must assure all young people a fair chance, and his faith that a free democracy can act to remedy disparities of power and opportunity.” Disparities are natural and the poor and the powerless he talks about are always genetically inferior, what about the white master, the Nordic Race. Everything is redistributed away from us, by the parasitic jew. They bring so many races into this country, many as refuge’s (social discards and genetic failures) and consequently ‘inequality’ now needs to be dealt with by ‘equalising’ everyone using economic theories while the working class works. Everyone has a fair chance anyway; some people are better, get over it. If equality is policy then that proves it a lie, and ‘equality’ is only achieved through policies, with jews at the top Ofcoarse. One would take jew Stiglitz more seriously if he were to highlight the inequality of jews vs other people.

Alas, this is what happens when you have inferior people and jews, they are anti-evolution.


Presumably in America

It is always interesting to note that these jews from the policy groups and forums are the loudest voices for democracy. I can’t count how many times the buzzword ‘democracy’ may have been mentioned in the program. The existance of these ‘policy groups’ makes democracy illegitimate completely, even if it was not already the best way to destroy everything you started with.

A jew in the audience, must have noticed that nobody had mentioned holocaust yet or brought into the dialogue the poor plight of the persecuted. In reference to the way we treat refuges he asked or more insinuated that ‘isn’t the way we turn them back to their regimes reminiscent of what many governments did in sending the jews back to the ‘Nazis’? The panel pacified the crowd ‘well we just have to wait for the high court’s decision’. According to the jew economist it’s a ‘moral issue’, the moral issue that the goyim are not allowed to be alive according to Jewish law. There are to be no differences in the goy herd animal, that’s just not Talmudic. We must accept everyone, no matter how they affect our genetic calibre.

We have to help the developing nations, international law, They are trying to say there are international laws now, so we can’t turn back ‘refuge’s’. ‘Humanitarian’. Developed developing undeveloped, who cares, It’s all about race and the jew is a parasite like a racial decomposition machine.

The jew can be watched here

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6 Responses to Jewish globalist Joseph Stiglitz on ‘economic inequality’.

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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  3. jim says:

    Jews are a sales people, not intellectuals. They sell empty economic, cultural, social ideas all the time without necessarily understanding just how empty the ideas actually are. They struggle with intelligence because they lack an integral component: character. Plus, they like to judge themselves against the weakest examples of opposition, being that they feel it makes them look better, which of course is crucial. People like Jo Stiglitz are apparatchiks, presented with awards and honours in order to glorify what is nothing more that a Jewish political strategy, being sold as ‘ progressive economics ‘, that sales man spirit kicking in again. The Jew has brainwashed the naive and feeble minded of our people and turned them against us, it’s time to change this.

    • jim says:

      Interesting also the invocation of the holocaust narrative once again, very interesting that this narrative seems conducive to Jewish political strategy in every way they would like it to be, whether supporting the concept of mass immigration, erosion of free speech, support for state of israel, jailing of political opponents, seems far too convenient to be anything other than a successfuly implemented plan.

  4. Hi nice piece of writing. These jews are out to destroy Europe, EU, and the Euro. They cant accept our stability, power and peace. These white papers written by doctors for pharma, is why there are such rich doctors. The white economic papers often written by friends for friends, with special objective outcomes for the herd, if you know what i mean. This guy Stiglitz has written a book now that they Euro is causing destruction. The Euro has doubled GPD and other things. Watch what these rats wil do next, creating propaganda that the euro should be destroyed. Hopefully 50% of us europeans will be collectivists and wont be alike islanders believing everything the jewish media tells us.

  5. VrilLight says:

    You’re a little big confused. Jews have CREATED the Euro money and the european union. They dont destroy what they create to. They prefer to get down with all hman ans planet’s nature.

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