Short Pub Philosophy 6/7/2014

Jews lying about the whole of history, claiming women have been oppressed. The only people who oppress women is the feminists themselves. Undervaluing the work of wife and mother, Making the whole world hate white men, because the jew wants the bastards to breed with our women. Using the lusts and resentment of inferior people who in the past had to see what they could do with their own capabilities, stay the same and not advance, although they were very happy. There is now such an overpopulated primitive bilge, all we have to do is keep them out.

Our people and our space vs the jew and integration.

They were extreme in the last war, and they lost that war and they shouldn’t have. Things now are worse, surely we should be even more extreme. If we feel sorry for the jew now, and are willing to give up everything, when we haven’t even touched him! Then that shows a lack of character and a weakness, that i dont know how we are going to survive if we have this problem. Weakness and pitty, thats not nature.

For people to believe in the ‘holocaust’ to not question for a minute and just believe it, that shows a problem there, and if we feel sorry for something and are willing to die for a foreign people whom we didn’t even harm, and if we did, so what, then we must surely all die.

Schopenhauer said that your own emotions can never fully be fulfilled anyway, so why bother. Im way beyond thinking of myself, and being selfish, i dont care. I dont care about fun, i dont care about enjoyment, i dont care if i die. Im only interested in if my race survives or not, and how to make it happen.

Coon footballers. The AFL has already admitted that there is a higher percentage of coon players than exists coons in Australia, so its obvious that the afl is selecting for coons. You can look at their statistics, and find that they are only average players and wonder just how many good white players these coons are replacing, just because they are coons. Adam Goodes wanted recognition in Indigenous Round, but when he got recognition, he didn’t like it and he cried. When he was called a coon ape. ‘He felt safe on the field’, what a faggot.

There is something amiss for non nordic people to be doing so well in sports. Nordic people should be predominating in everything. If we are not, there is an obvious conspiracy of mongrelisation. Sports is a great way to show off the Nordic Race, the jews have opposed it as usual and turned it with their jewish money and their jewish media and their jewish teams and their jewish management into a showcase of mongrelisation, and sportsmen selected because of their race.


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4 Responses to Short Pub Philosophy 6/7/2014

  1. Trent says:

    I dunno about you but I’m fucking sick and tired of being a white male victim,
    I feel like I am a criminal just because I have a penis and happen to have white
    Skin, I deserve better than that, so do you and all other white males, we deserve
    Better as a whole, our forefathers who happened to be white and male, died for this
    Country, gave the niggers and coons free healthcare and education, in return for raping
    Our women and murdering our men, our own kind, what fools we are, puppets of the Jews.

  2. Trent says:

    Yeah sorry man im creating a skype account right now, my bad.

  3. Trent says:

    Done done done done, i’ll keep it up and running all the time too so we never miss out. 😀

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