Excerpts from jew Theodore Kaufmann, Germany Must Perish


Propaganda worth thinking about plus absolute crap in bold. From book in italic. My notes in plain text.

To begin..
Today’s war is not a war against Adolf Hitler.

Nor is it a war against the Nazis.

It is a war of peoples against peoples; of civilized peoples envisioning Light, against uncivilized barbarians who cherish Darkness.

Of the peoples of those nations who would surge forward hopefully into a new and better phase of life, pitted against the peoples of a nation who would travel backward enthusiastically into the dark ages. It is a struggle between the German nation and humanity.

Hitler is no more to be blamed for this German war than was the Kaiser for the last one. Nor Bismarck before the Kaiser. These men did not originate or wage Germany’s wars against the world. They were merely the mirrors reflecting centuries-old inbred lust of the German nation for conquest and mass murder.

This war is being waged by the German People. It is they who are responsible. It is they who must be made to pay for the war. otherwise, there will always be a German war against the world. And with such a sword forever hanging overhead the civilized nations of the world, no matter how great their hopes, how strenuous their efforts, will never succeed in creating that firm and solid foun- dation of permanent peace which they must first establish if ever they intend to start the building of a better world.

For not only must their be no more German wars in fact; there must not even remain the slightest possibility of one ever again occurring. A final halt to German aggression, not a temporary cessation, must be the goal of the present struggle.

This does not mean an armed mastery over Germany, or a peace with political or territorial adjustments, or a hope based on a defeated and repentant nation. Such settlements are not sufficiently conclusive guarantees of no more German aggressions.

This time Germany has forced a TOTAL WAR upon the world.

As a result, she must be prepared to pay a TOTAL PENALTY.

And there is one, and only one, such Total Penalty: Germany must perish forever!

I think that as per usual the jews have got their ‘lightness’ and ‘darkness’ around the wrong way. They are always doing this, but it serves them well. German Nation vs Humanity = Inferior Humanity. Why can’t we be German?
When I read the word ‘inbred’ I can only think of Jews and the same goes for mass murder.

What is the better world they speak of? One where they are in control and everybody completely dependant and bred for dependance. No family, no identity, no culture, no homeland, nothing to call yours, but everything for the jew, a better world.

It was jews who started this war and blamed Germany. How many times can he allude to Germany starting the war in this book? How many lies can he publish?

You can see here below that as far removed from a scientific or philosophical book as possible this jewish manipulation is nothing more than psychological wailing from a defective racially mixed psyche. His ability for use of words has been honed through the centuries of jews that are not good subverters not living.

We can remove a tiger from his natural environment, his lair in the jungle, and with patience so tame him that eventually he will respond to our caress, feed from our hand and perform at our command. The more acquiescent he becomes in response to this outward conditioning, the more deceived are we in believing that his jungle days have been forgotten. This is a fatal deception. For in- evitably there comes a time when the tiger-soul within the tiger drives him again to the use of gang and claw. In that inexorable response to that irresistible soul-force, the tiger reverts once again to jungle lore. He becomes, again, a killer.


And so it is with the people of Germany. They may respond for a while to civilizing forces; they may seemingly adopt the superficial mannerisms and exterior behaviorism of civilized peoples but all the while there remains ever present within them that war-soul which eventually drives then, as it does the tiger, to kill. And no amount of conditionism, or reasoning, or civilizing — past, present or future — will ever be able to change this basic nature. For if no impress has been made upon this war-soul over a period of some two thousand years it is to be expected that of a sudden, on the morrow, this miracle will occur?

 Two thousand years, thats about the time the jews were defiling the Greeks and the Romans, and the German tribes fought on for their survival! Funny how jews love to talk about ‘civilized’ people when all they do is destroy it. Germanic civilisation shines far above anybody elses attempts and lets look at the jew in his native environment.



This analogous linking of the people of Germany with savage breast is no vulgar comparison. I feel no more personal hatred for these people than I might feel for a herd of wild animals or a cluster of poisonous reptiles. One does not hate those whose soul can exude no spiritual warmth; one pities then. If the German people wish to live by themselves, in darkness, it would be strictly their own affair. But when they make constant attempts to enshroud the souls of other people in those fetid wrappings which cloak their own, it becomes time to remove them from the realm of civilized mankind among which they can have no place, or right to existence.

All the Germans wanted was to be alone and the jews started all the wars.

We need not condemn the Germans. They stand self- condemned. For it suffices us to read and hear those words written and spoken only by Germans; to endure sufferings and dislocations caused solely by the German people in pursuit of their megalomaniacal ideals and demonic aspirations to realize that it is the Germans themselves who decree, almost demand, their ostracism from their follow-man. They have lost the wish to be human beings. They are but beasts; they must be dealt with as such.

How Talmudic

This is an objective viewpoint, carefully considered and factually sustained. It is the view taken of them in this book.


Naturally there are men in the world, our own country included, who think otherwise and who would deal differently with the German menace. It is the custom of such men to take, what they term, a “sensible” view of the problems and progress of humanity. These men would rely upon fate to fashion the future. They would, in effect, permit the Germans to conquer and enslave the world by explaining, in terms whose degree of vociferousness is dependent upon the extent of their own personal motive of gain, that German world-dominion cannot last forever; that at some future date Germany would ultimately lose its iron grip upon the world and then enslaved mankind would come to free itself again. Or, if neither collusion nor surrender seems palatable to their listeners, they would suggest a compromise with the Germans, the so-called “Negotiated Peace.”


These are soulless postulates. They can originate only in men whose hearts and souls are still held captive by the marine life of their origin; human species of spineless jellyfish floundering about in the waters of yesteryear. These are men of the past forever living in that past. Men who, being incapable of mastering their own intellectual and spiritual primitivism, seek to drag others down with them to the murky depths and stygian blackness which surround their own pitiful existence.

This is not scientific at all, more manipulation. Reading this should make one see what contemptible liars the jews are and make one hate them more! They just never stop but it is crap like this that is responsible for the world we live in today!


These are the men, indeed, who witnessing the actual enslavement of such civilized and humane people as the Austrians, Czechs, Poles, French, Dutch, Norwegian and Belgians(important note that the jews killed all these people shortly after – Aidhan) would all too willingly close their eyes and simulate disbelief in that which is stark and dread reality. These are men who with fatalism as their creed come intellectually to be anesthetized by it; who, proclaiming fate an ally, have become its most pathetic servants. Fortunately, such men are not yet in the majority nor will they be unless Germany can harness, employ or bribe enough of them to spread the German netherworld doctrines throughout the earth. But even as a minority the danger which these “appeasers” represent in none the less real and they must be harshly dealt with. For by such actions as they may take under the cloak of “unquestioned patriotism” it is apparent that they would not do so unless, within their own soul there existed some part complementary to the war-soul of the German. Those other appeasers whose integrity is doubtful and patriotism questionable — those who advocate the principles of Germanism — are downright traitors to their country. And when, as and if a government can not or refuses to treat them as such, may it not come in time to depend upon the people, whose lives and liberty are at stake, to do so!


I have no desire that this work be considered as a means of encouraging war for this or any other nation.


As a human being I deplore war; as a civilized member of a civilized nation I hate it.


I hate war not alone for the sufferings, misery, tragedy and senseless waste which follows in its path, but even more because I consider it to be the still-unsevered umbilical cord which binds the moral and spiritual embryo of man to the physical womb of the beast-instinct. And I know that so long as that cord remains uncut social evolution and human progress must rest forever upon an impermanent and insecure basis. And too, that so long as war persists there will never come into being that world peace out of which, some day, a world confederation of nations will be born. For it is such a confederation which is the ultimate aim and absolute inevitability of the human race.


Peace! Hardly a man, woman or child lives who has not heard the word! Throughout the ages it has been a subject of more discussion and debate than any other single problem of mankind. In the halls of government great orators have loudly extolled its virtues. The great prophets of every religion on earth have preached its gospel and catalogued its benefits to world humanity. And in all the world we find that peace is the common denominator which binds together the people of all nations, of all color and races, in common thought and prayer.

Jewish obsession with peace, although they start all the wars. This idea that war is ‘holding us back’ is such absolute crap when the only thing ‘holding us all back’ is the jews and their deranged antagonisms. ‘For it is such a confederation which is the ultimate aim and absolute inevitability of the human race.’ Can be translated as the ultimate aim of the JEWISH race and inevitability if he is allowed to insinuate himself over us. If this were to happen, we would all be completely enslaved and our mental faculties gone as all our instincts for thousands of years have fought against this jewish backwardness. It is the most unnatural result possible as races are aspiring to evolve independently in their own ways according to their own standards. Lumping all religions together, a ‘jewish god’ maybe. There is nothing at all that binds us together. We do not think the same and we do not pray the same. The jewish god is not the real god and he does not even believe in it! ‘World Humanity’ what a joke!

Chapter 4. Germanism Abroad

I. United States

The task of spreading the heathenish cult of Germanism in foreign lands was delegated to the General School Association, an organization maintained by the Pan-German League. Beginning its operations in 1881 that association, existing today as the notorious German Ausland Organization (AO), was the first to prepare the ground and develop and test the tactics which are being used today by all German fifth-columnists.

Of all the countries in which he spread his evil doctrine, it was only in the United States that the German had any doubts about the successful retention and development of Germanism. So much so, in fact, that Professor Hasse, in one of his speeches before the German Reichstag declared that the “grave of Germanism lies in America” and the spade which will dig that grave is the Monroe Doctrine. But not all exponents of Germanism, however, felt so forlornly about their chances of successfully propagating Germanism in this country, and they made many early attempts to reorganize and strengthen their movements here.

In effect, the Germans did not achieve any notable success in their work. The Americans of German origin or descent either had no interest in preserving his German identity in contradistinction to his pride in being labeled an “American” or else, because he had fled his native land precisely on account of such malignant beliefs and persecutions, he retained no desire or inclination to see those evils flourish in a land of freedom which he had come to adopt as his own.

German fury, stirred to fever-pitch heights by the apoplectic rantings of German leaders expressed itself against the United States many times. The first of these crises occurred at the time of the Spanish-American war when Germany tried to raise a coalition of nations to oppose our stand. Next it was Germany’s plan to effect a European Customs Union against the United States, a step which was immediately followed by attempts first to annex Samoa and then to break the force of the Monroe Doctrine by testing it in Venezuela. All these attempts failed principally because of England’s refusal to act in collusion with Germany against an independent United States, as well as England’s firm acceptance and advocacy of the Monroe Doctrine as a major and permanent policy of our country.

Chagrined at her failures to impress her will upon the United States Germany decided to try new tactics. She adopted a policy of “taking it easy”; a policy which she hated because it was one antagonistic to her natural ideals of arrogance, brute force and aggression, and contrary to the spirit of her war-soul. Such inherent hatred of Germany to adhere to a sane course of international procedure which takes into account human rights and decencies, was well summarized by one of her most able and popular political writers, Dr. Paul Rohrbach who exclaimed:

Does any one think that Germany likes saying nice things to the United States, or that they are the outpourings of a loving heart? She only says them because Germany must eradicate the suspicions with which Americans regard her policy. (note 18)

Because of their common language and their humanistic philosophies the Germans regarded both England and the United States as dire enemies of his Super-state and, therefore, his main function as a trouble-maker in the latter country expressed itself in attempts to drive a wedge between it and England. Part of his hatred for England was directed toward it for its “not feeling ashamed” to openly recognize the Monroe Doctrine. Again and again reference to the Doctrine creeps up in connection with the origin and development of Germanism in the United States.

In 1903 Johannes Volert declared that “the Monroe Doctrine is indefensible. It is direct impertinence, and all the more so as America is lacking the means to enforce its application.” (note 19)

This perpetual opposition of Germany to the Monroe Doctrine as well as its continual defiance of it was best delineated in an article printed at the beginning of this century by the Journal of Commerce in answer to the German claim that the Monroe Doctrine was “an empty pretension.” The purport of that message is so fraught with vigor and truth, its every word so fresh and alive and currently apropos, that it deserves quotation here in full.

The last German professor (Mommsen) to fall foul of the Monroe Doctrine seems to show the usual Teutonic incapacity to understand what it means. He assumes that this “empty pretension” on the part of the United States is to control the destiny of the South American nations, and to keep Europeans out of them. He cannot see that the United States seeks no predominance, but only objects to European predominance. The German mind fails to see that our policy is to leave South American countries independent, to develop on their own lines; and all we ask of Europe is that it shall leave them independent, and not undertake to appropriate their territory or suppress their sovereignty. The United States wishes South America to do its own controlling.

Failing constantly in their attempts to drive a wedge between the two English-speaking countries Germans were instructed by their headquarters to try to create a force of their own with which to combat Americans. In reviewing this angle of attack, Professor Hasse stated that the only way in which he could envision a future for Germanism in the United States was for the Germans to “so organize and educate the German element in that country that political power will finally fall into its lap.” And in order to do so, the professor advises that “Germans must abandon all attempts to take sides on Democratic and Republican matters, and form themselves into a national political party.” Another professor, Muensterberg, agreed with Hasse by adding that the Germans should build a State within a State, in the United States. Still another German writer added that the best way for the Germans to form a political party of their own was to infect the American, especially those of Irish extraction, with the German virus of Anglophobia. The recommendation was also made that the Germans appoint a confidential agent in Washington who might keep in touch with the (American) government and influence it!(note 20)

My notes:

Heathenisic cult as in not the same as the jews, an independent streak. The will to not obey a foreigner but follow our own laws. Jews are quick to label us ‘heathens’ and ‘barbarians’ even though they are not Christians themselves, although use it all the time to appeal to peoples weakness. When you don’t subscribe to any of their crap, they are obviously going to label you a threat to everyone.

According to a jew everything we have is notoriously evil, another case of Jewish projection as that is what they are. It takes strength to beat the jew, and this is what the jew is naturally opposed to. If we eat this shit we die out, simple as. The Jews fashioned the western democracies in their own image making every nation different from each other as he went about internationally as a jew with his internationalism, his war mongering and his wretched wails for peace to his own consequences. England and America both populated by Germanic peoples were made the enemy of Germany and were not told the jews plans for mongrelisation. The Germans coming to America were not escaping the evil as the jew would like to pretend but simply exporting their population as they should to a land with plentiful country and living space. Jews have crushed Germanism in America even though it was the Germanic peoples 50% from Germany and 50% by way of England approximate who built the original America. Assimilation is a terrible thing when what you have to assimilate to is a jewish creation.

When speaking of South America it is important to know that the south American populations were quickly mongrelising out any remnants of white blood and the jews in America and Britain knew that the Germans better stay out of this because we want a brown populace and destroy any achievements or legacy by pioneering white man. They do not seriously want ‘independence’ but only bastardisation and ‘democracy’, rule by those that don’t deserve it, racial bastards and inferiors.

In the last paragraph we can see the jew accusing the German of exactly what the jew himself has done in America.

Theodore Kaufman. There is something wrong with this race.

Theodore Kaufman. There is something wrong with this race.

At the end of the book we have this genocidal bloodlust and the plan unfolded, some of which carried out, followed by some emotional manipulation with no scientific basis. Remember that this book written in America was published before Pearl Harbour and before America had entered the war. Don’t let it shock you, this is the jewish mind.

A detailed program of the manner in which the outraged victims of Germanic onslaught might make certain that Germany leave no gap might be put hypothetically:


Germany has lost its war. She sues for peace. The imperative demands of the victor people that Germany must perish forever makes it obligatory for the leaders to select mass sterilization of the Germans as the best means of wiping them out permanently. They proceed to:


   Immediately and completely disarm the German army and have all armaments removed from German territory.

   Place all German utility and heavy industrial plants under heavy guard, and replace German workers by those of Allied nationality.

   Segregate the German army into groups, concentrate them in severely restricted areas, and summarily sterilize them.

   Organize the civilian population, both male and female, within territorial sectors, and effect their sterilization.

   Divide the German army (after its sterilization has been completed) into labor battalions, and allocate their services toward the rebuilding of those cities which they ruined.

   Partition Germany and apportion its lands. The accompanying map gives some idea of possible land adjustments which might be made in connection with Germany’s extinction.

   Restrict all German civilian travel beyond established borders until all sterilization has been completed.

   Compel the German population of the apportioned territories to learn the language of its area, and within one year to cease the publication of all books, newspapers and notices in the German language, as well as to restrict German-language broadcasts and discontinue the maintenance of German-language schools.

   Make one exception to an otherwise severely strict enforcement of total sterilization, by exempting from such treatment only those Germans whose relatives, being citizens of various victor nations, assume financial responsibility for their actions.


Thus, into an oblivion which she would have visited upon the world, exists Germany.

8. ‘Lest We Forget …’


Perhaps in the Future …


United States has entered the war. The struggle is long and bitter but at last the Allies forge ahead. Their armies surround Germany.


Germany realizes that she has lost again. She dose not want invasions. She fears the vengeance long overdue her. So she sues for peace. Comes the Armistice!


And immediately thereafter, as once before, Germany finds that the words “Humanity” — which she has debased; “Justice” — which she has distorted; and “God” whom she has profaned, have an irresistible sales appeal to Allied Statesmen.


Germany puts her propaganda machine to work.


Soon men in the victor nations are urging:


“Peace with Honor!” — “Justice without Rancor!” — “God and Mercy!”, and all those other weak, sticky phrases which befuddle the weary minds and exhausted emotions of the long-suffering people of the war-decimated democracies.


Forgotten in the sudden lush of a peace that is no peace, are all the brave sons who were sacrificed to the monster Germany: forgotten is the plight of the countries whose resources were drained, and whose energies were sapped in stemming the Teutonic onslaught. Forgotten, too, is the duty owed to generations yet to be born. Forgotten, as in 1918, is the day of the coming of the next German leader.


Yes: all forgotten because the Allies cannot resist such an appeal. And so, even though a hundred years and a hundred instances have shown the hypocrisy of a German promise, the Allies fall once again its victim.


They forget that the struggle they waged was not a sport’s contest: that their adversary was a beast, not a human being! And so, filled to overflowing with the infectious germ of sentiment, they stretch out their hand to their fallen opponent and help him arise.


They pat him on the back with a hearty “No hard feelings, old man!” and, happy that the war is now over and done with, return to their homes.


Believing, sincerely, that German war will not come again.


Believing that somehow, in some inexplicable manner, Germany has accepted Christ.


A decade passes. A decade of hard work and many sacrifices.


A decade of much sweat and little pleasure.


But the democratic peoples do not mind. They are building a better world for their children.


So they think.


Meanwhile Germany grows strong and robust.


Her army is larger and more powerful than ever before; she has developed new weapons whose frightfulness surpass all imagination. She had found a new leader. And her war-souled people are bent once again upon conquering the world.


Once more the earth trembles beneath the march of the German boot.


Like a cobra Germany is poised:


She strikes!


The people of the civilized nations are stunned.


They exclaim, “But it cannot be again!”


But it is.


And this time it is Too Late!


For Germany wins. She is mistress of the world.


and so a thousand years of peace was sold to the Devil for a moment’s respite! And only because men tried to placate the body, instead of expunging forever the bestial war-soul, of the German!


The sun now shivers as it rises upon a Dark world.


For slaves to the German are children once free.


Civilization is no more. Perversity is raged rampant.


Even the moon shudders as it wanes in a frightening chill.


This is, finally, “Deutschland Ueber Alles.”


Shall it be so?


Our choice lies still before us:


False sentiment or courageous decision —


Which shall it be?

A ‘Germanic onslaught’, just remember who started the war, and ‘a beast, not a human being’; how Talmudic! ‘Germany has accepted Christ’, jews pretending to be Christians again, we always have to be charitable and love everyone and accept those jews, or we are heathens remember? Peace sold to the devil? That was the jews father!! For slaves to the German are children once free. Civilization is no more. Perversity is raged rampant. That sounds like now, just replace the word German with jew!

The book can be found in its entirety in e format on http://www.ihr.org/books/kaufman/perish.html

– Aidhan

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