Live-ForeverNo jews were killed in this photo, although many Germans have been since.

Why is there a fanatical dislike of Hitler’s NSDAP –‘Nazi Party’? Even seventy years after WWII, in most of the world? It is mainly due to Zionist manipulations, why are they so vehemently obsessed with keeping this alive?

The jews have a history of suffering wholly brought on by themselves. By the falsification of the truth, wherever they went, accusations followed them. Mainly to stir people into pity them and permitting to charitable acceptance and humanitarian protection, no matter what they do. History shows any people who have believed the Jew has died shortly after. Today evil dealings in money by creating the biggest financial corruptness, overpopulating the world of consumers, globalisation and dependence, social policies against evolution and to create more dependence, welfare, taxes and social engineering, the gullible drivel is hypnotised and believe everything that they say. So the jews today will exploit about 99% of the world population, which are purely racial mongrels or below education.

According to their stories, mainly falsifications, they are constantly deploring as being the living witness of sufferage, but will not admit their own evil behaviour. He is in possession of money, media and Ofcoarse manipulations. To have the world believe them until this day.

Now Hitler, seeing all that, a returned soldier of the World War, saw all the misery which the war had created at home, that it was all makings of a hating jew. Although Hitler being an Austrian, started acting to justify Germanies dilemma Hitler intended to employ scientific philosophy, creative, universal evolution. After studying he decided on Cosmic Doctrine of ‘Survival of the Fittest’, the emergence of the honest, beautiful and intelligent, to create a Nordic Race, in line with Cosmic Providence.

Racial differences are a fact of life. Racial integration will destroy this evolutionary fact. In Equality life without purposeful meaning will just remain flora and fauna, but it is not the means of the creative universal Providence. Mixing the races will retard the more advanced thus interfering with higher cosmic evolution of life on this planet.


Anyone who cannot or will not see the jew as a virus, will not survive in this world. He comes into a country or Provence, the gullible sheep believe him. The jew calls these the ‘most enlightened’ a selection selecting for the worst. The deliberate action of bastardisation by the jews media, makes them more supreme. The jew is an affront against evolution, neutralising his competitors.

What? Reduce carbon emission? Reduce population growth? Save the superior race first, not the polluting inferior bilge, or go back to jungle life? It’s about time to realise, or what is suppressing it?

The world should carry a much lower population, of more superior type, living on the land for their own culture, self-reliant, not in the cities for the jew, plugged into the mindless pacifying technology, wage slavery or ‘welfare’. Produce for yourself and isolate the jew and drop him!

Jerry & Aidhan combined

Adolph Tidemand (norewgian)

Adolf Tidemand

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  1. Trent says:

    Hey man,

    Fuck yeah! I love the eternal jew, I even made both
    My parents watch it with me! They where shocked by
    The ‘extreme’ racism but found it interesting.

    I’m gonna add ya on skype today if I get the chance,
    I hope your not too busy this weekend.

    I’ll see ya soon.
    Nordic power.

    • Its more than just interesting, every point made was critical and their religion is little more than just political training and us stupid goy now have all pretend that they deserve to live near us and tolerate all of their consequences. They are taught their role in the world and their ‘mission’ and the film just exposed them as they really are, not as they would like to be seen. It’s not really ‘extreme’ racism only the truth, and anybody who would say that any claims made are untrue is simply being dishonest.

      From the likening of the rats to the jew to the jew and their nigrification of art to what they have done to film and theatre, to the jews attempts at ‘blending in’ infiltrating western society, the film is true and extremely quotable! If only it could be restored although I do wonder if the jews have made it intentionally poor quality to make it less popular.

      The only thing that there could be any honest speculation about for some people is when it comes to the origin of Christianity and when the film states ‘we know that the ancient Hebrews could not have looked like that’ when referring to the great European paintings of biblical times. It makes many people feel good by exclaiming the jews have produced nothing, not even Christianity and Ofcoarse the Nordic Race was in the middle east at that time proven by legend, archaeology and haplogroup testing and to give the jew no quarter and nothing to claim is a pretty good idea!

      I’ll be on Skype this evening, be nice to get you

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