The Curse in the Blood. Young Jews Continue Their Decomposition of Man.



She finds borders superficial because Talmudic law is in her blood and she is an international jew. She says we don’t have the right to refuse asylum to anyone but that is assuming we have rights and we all know would love to distribute them, the jews. Vermin. Multi-culturalism destroys all culture and ‘refuge’s’ destroy all communities. If the world ‘belongs to everyone’ why do we all have to live together?

Every smiling person on that picture is going to die out, does she not see that! Ofcoarse SHE does, and that’s her plan, genocidal jew. People reading this article who wouldn’t ordinarily agree with the genocide of a people will be GUILTED into accepting this jews agenda, which is much more virulent and certainly not full of smiling ‘diverse’ races as her poster dishonestly showcases.

How anyone could make such a deliberate and destructive dissociative statement so brazenly just shows that the jewish blood is little more than a virus.


The Curse in the Blood. “Every little Jewish baby grows up to be a Jew.”

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