Asylum seekers’ families to sue Government over 2010 Christmas Island accident

The Immigration Minister said basically that it’s a silly claim to make. The media is calling it ‘Immigration Minister attacks families of asylum seekers’… dead asylum seekers!
Brett original writer of the article did some digging on this ‘Newhouse’ and found out he is also involved in the gay rights lark. He takes a name like Newhouse, sounds English, just an individual. Nobody knows that he is involved in faggots and all! They think oh yehh court case oh yehh.
Mixed race scum are only a consequence of the jew and have no souls.
It can be visualised this way, that that’s what jews produce, mongrels, it’s their output, it’s like rubbish, litter, the jew just throws all over the world. – Aidhan


From ABC News:

Scumbag parasitesScumbag parasites

Families of asylum seekers killed and injured when their boat was smashed onto rocks at Christmas Island are suing the Government.

Fifty Iranian and Iraqi asylum seekers died when huge seas drove their boat, known as SIEV 221, into Christmas Island’s cliffs in December 2010.

Lawyer George Newhouse (Jew – BDL1983) will today launch legal action in the New South Wales Supreme Court on behalf of eight families, arguing Australia was responsible and the Commonwealth breached its duty of care.

Mr Newhouse represented survivors at the 2012 inquest, saying at the time that government policies were putting lives at risk.

Mr Newhouse will argue the Commonwealth knew or should have known that there were vulnerable men and women on the high seas that night.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, who was informed of the law suit last night, has defended the actions of…

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