The enemies of Germany and Jewish eradication of the soul


The jews have attempted to completely brainwash (socialise, educate, change) everyone since WWII. Social Engineering their right, the jews attempt to sculpt the beliefs and attitudes of the masses, however only if you know nothing, can’t critically think or are a shit race.

“So determined were the Talmudic powers [THE JEWS] in the American Government, to carry out their mass murder against the Germans, until April 1, 1946 it was even relatives and church agencies denied, to relieve the intentionally caused famine…” ~ Prof. Austin J. App in “Frightening Peace of History”, Salzburg, 1947, S. 166f Note: Austin J. App was Professor of English at the University of Scranton and the La Salle College

‘Very man who had led them to the brink of ruin’ It was the bombs actually and Germans didn’t fight for Churchill. This was a goal of the re-education. Make Germans think that it was all them and that they were prolonging it. The more the allies who fought for the jews did the more Goebbels was just lying to them.


Jews try to separate us from our biology and Germany from its history. Make the world Jewish.

Translated from Deutsch from is a very good site covering the jewish problem, marxism, feminism etc etc. Ran through the translate it is better than the English language variant.

The Allied re-education program of the post-war period was, and is often disguised as “democratic education” or as an “education for democracy “. [1] On the other hand there was the real goal of re-education by the victorious powers in it, the Germans of their millennia-grown culture to rob and their national body to destroy. This re-education has always been a stated goal of Germany’s enemies. Common Allen made ​​Umerziehungen was the prearranged basic conception in the respective zone of influence of the four victorious powers , which by the decades of so-called ” Cold War had unbroken “inventory. An important role was played by the Jewish-Marxist Frankfurt School , which provided the most ardent advocate of the historical picture of the winner.

Political stupidity can be learned, one needs only to visit German schools. The future of Germany is probably decided for the rest of the century by outsiders. The only people that do not know this, the Germans are.

– The London Spectator, 16, 11, 1959, quoted in: The lie of the century[2]

“Democratic” education policy

In order to enforce “Education for Democracy”, directed the occupation forces pay particular attention to the teaching staff in schools and colleges. The initial rigorous elimination of German teaching staff was an important prerequisite for the “democratic control” of youth. In some areas up to 90 percent of teachers were dismissed. [3] The consequences were teacher shortages and great classes. With so-called school helpers and during the takeover dismissed or retired teachers was trying to close the gaps. In the VS -American occupied zone 1945 Intensive courses and Dauerpropgramme were initiated with a commitment to weekly visit before the opening of schools in the fall.

Re-education media

Today almost all over the media policy areas affected media, especially film, television and literature, media, interspersed with anti-German re-education products. The unsuspecting consumer is often not get to decide in a position whether it is truth, lie or a mixture of both is used in medium contributions concerned.

Furthermore, certain minorities should be promoted, whose task is to decompose the ethnic healthy family and to crush in order to obtain a dying (junior weak) and government-submissive people.

Effect of re-education

  • extensive decomposition of the unity of the German people’s community
  • extensive promotion of immigration of foreign peoples and their RELATED mixing with the German people
  • Fomenting of class differences in order to achieve social discord
  • elaborate measures to preserve and promote the replication of individuals with severe inherited diseases such as congenital idiocy
  • Orientation of the economy to the detriment of the German people
  • Targeted mass distribution of degenerate literature, music, painting, architecture and clothing
  • Youth largely without virtues
  • Degeneration of the German language
  • Promoting Ethnomasochismus

“Unlike the Americans, liberal democratic ‘form of government in Germany was imposed by the victorious powers and the Allies were going to bury the German political and cultural past purposeful. At the German terms with the past and the superscript of anti-national intellectuals constitutional patriotism were interlocked. Both endeavour to make the Germans less German. “ [7]“Since 1943, the reeducation was among the Western Allies as a done deal. The general objective was outlined in a memo with the sentence: “We are the whole tradition out, on which the German nation was built. “That’s why they put the entire German history a persistent willingness to military aggression, which in our century finally its peak have achieved in the fact that Germany, the two world wars would have broken off the fence.[8]

“The endless accusing the German people since 1945 is like the incessant beating of a blind and bound body disabled! The Germans have been taken by constant false representations of history all the arguments for the defense and justification. So they were mentally tied up, made ​​crippled and blind. “- Josef A. Kofler : The wrong role with Germany . 2004, p.4

Arnold Gehlen in his book ‘ Morality and Moral Hyper’ …to cut off a people of its history, which means genocide. The process is now gone. Not only from history, from the intellectual and cultural context of being the Germans are equally pushed aside as from the biological. The introduced during and after the end of hostilities in World War II was genocide after a brief interruption when the Germans for ancillary services in the cold war , resumed were necessary and continued with great momentum. First destruction of the spiritual and cultural substance, biological and physical followed the inevitable. This must be noted. The Germans have not waged a war of annihilation against other during the Second World War, they fought for their survival to their being. You have not started this war. ideologies they have fought that were dangerous to them.

Jew Edward Bernays , Jew Sigmund Freud’s nephew

No remorse, no guilt, only German!

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