Radio propagates the disgusting families of subhumanity

They have this silly bitch on the radio talking about how her whole family had depression and were schitzo or bipolar and they all got medicated and they were fine. Inferior fucks kill them. She was talking about seeing this doctor, that doctor, psychologists well no wonder!!! If your kids know about this shit and see it as an option Ofcoarse they will do it. Voices inside heads at 13 telling him to kill his mum what a load of shit. He was just a little cunt whose father should have belted him with no voices, just some cheek and she is a stupid hag who had postnatal depression and thought that was ok she just ‘got medicated’ for 6 months and ‘was fine’. It’s sickening and this is on the radio not for no reason but for the agenda… Just like every other segment so far on The Beetles because 50 yrs ago the scum came to Adelaide and they still won’t stop going on about it and they want to talk about how they changed the world. Degenerate scum. Popular appeal but the music’s not that great.. Average music put to number 1 by the jews to fit political policies. The beetles were all left wing communists and hated all order and were Marxists and made children go against their parents and were part of the post war organised destruction of western society. This coverage on ‘mental illness’ is to bring discord into the lives of the goyim and make trouble and hopelessness for vast amounts of people all struggling with problems while the jews educate themselves. It’s not okay to have mental problems; it’s the jews degrading us.

No healthy people, healthy role models, just sickness and problematic people.Image

Im sure the lady on the left did not need ‘medicating’ and ‘diagnosing’ and would not have tollerated ‘mental illness’.


‘All these lies will be forgotten then we will know for real the things that matter, strait from our hearts, we will find the strength to make it better, and like that will come undone’ – Saga, Stay Alive

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