Philosophical 10th of June 2014

The Universe: is not a cosmic joke, but a meaningful entity. Made in such a way as to generate life and mind, bound to give birth to thinking beings able to discern truth, apprehend beauty, feel love, yearn after goodness, define evil, experience mystery. Where and how did the jews originate, his evil is opposing everything that the cosmic laws have created on this globe. Up to this day the truth is foreign to him.

His evil means and actions to attain riches and to defile an honest truth loving human being are appalling. The human beings are desperately trying to find a solution to his existence. He really is an anti-evolutionary devil, who is trying to stop us from evolving. Maybe we have not yet reached the intellect mentality. There is danger of humanity disappearing from this planet, but that will be also his ending on this planet.

The jews intellect is very limited. He attains his wisdom and intelligence in every country he goes and mainly imitates it. Culturally he contaminates art, literature, the theatre, makes a mockery of natural feelings, overthrows all concepts of beauty and sublimity and instead drags man down into his own base nature. In revolution, he will gain power, the jew casts off his cloaks. The democratic jew then the blood-jew becomes the peoples tyrant.

Terrible things happened in Russia before the last war, when he exterminated the nations intelligentsia – robbing the peoples natural intellectual leadership, making them ripe for permanent subjugation and slave lot. The most frightful example of this kind is offered in Russia, where he killed or starved thirty million people with fanatical savagery. The end is not only the end of freedom of peoples oppressed by the jews, but also the end of this parasite upon the nation, after the death of his victim, the vampire, sooner or later dies too.

Presently in line is the USA to be bastardised and defiled by the Zionist agenda. In the pursuit of bastardisation of the whole world there is only one country left who defies his evil persuasions. North Korea remaining communist. America is now worth watching, how much longer they remain true Americans. Those humanitarian rights and laws will soon bastardise them, as we have seen communism in Russia. Equality and humanitarianism are bilge. There is no equality in nature. Life evolves by opposing forces of inequality – Survival of the Fittest, for the best race assures human survival.


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