Norman Schueler reminds us that ‘Nazism’ is unfinished work

Jews outraged at the sale of ‘Nazi Memorabilia’.

Miserable Jews, living their lives in paranoia of their own deliberate fabrications. What the Jews are doing is to blame somebody else for profiting from their misery of seventy years ago. A jew, ‘Norman Schueler’ says ‘we must continue in schools and universities to make people aware of the worst crimes perpetuated on jews’. Ignoring their own crimes committed against humanity – eleven million black African slaves, sent to America – financed by jewish banks, brutally killing Palestinian women and children in camps and possessing their land, building settlements and camps ousting Palestinians. Zionist-Americans are very protective of them.

I thought it relevant to note that Jew Norman Schueler during his whining reminds us again that ‘Nazism’ is unfinished work! ‘They cling to it and see (Nazism) as unfinished work’ he said to the Daily Mail. It has been 70 years since World War II, but Mr Schueler said ‘it did not lessen the effects the Nazi regime had on survivors.’ It was 70 years ago, what are they going to say when its 100? If it was anybody else who was not a Jew it would be obvious what he is doing. Profiting from victimhood and condemning the white race to extinction! Schueler is attempting to give legitimisation to the holohoax and make us all feel guilty for something, which would not even affect him anyway. He seizes his opportunity to insinuate himself on the goyim. We all know that this ‘regime’ was a glorious time for us, and not the most ‘evil’ period of the world’s history as filthy jews who don’t belong in Europe like to say.

It is not like for example, a train crash that may have happened 3 years ago where families are still grieving. The chutzpa of it all! This jew is going on about ‘all the distress’ this is causing (how?) meanwhile… he knows that it didn’t happen! The only distress to the Jew is that his victim is not fully dead yet, and this offends him because as is part of their religion, the Jew must kill! If he wasn’t a victim, nobody would listen to the jew, and follow the path to their own demise. Out of all the peoples of the world nobody has suffered less than the jew. Throughout history, the jew has murdered whole races, and celebrated this with perceived ‘holocausts’ where he celebrates another victory for himself, while the races next to die cry tears.

Any people that feels sympathy for this parasite will die out! Where empires crumble and ruins lie, only the jew remains.

Aidhan & Jerry

Below is the article from the Daily Stormer

Oz: Jews Whine About Auction of NSDAP Relics, Claim Six Million Died in Gas Chambers

Daily Stormer
June 8, 2014

Man, I'd pay $300 for that.

In response to a recent Australian auction of awesome relics from the NSDAP, the weird Jews have begun saying that six million invisible Jews were killed with bug spray in gas chambers and their bodies magically vanished into thin air.

They also claimed that every Jew who was not gassed – which appears to be all Jews, given that the alleged gas chambers did not actually exist, save in the minds of Jews – is a “survivor” of this bizarre hoax they invented to stop an auction.

Daily Mail:

On Thursday, about 20 items from World War I and II went under the hammer and were sold to military enthusiasts willing to fork out between $300 and $700 for a slice of Third Reich history.

Amongst the 560-item auction were Nazi flags, SS runes and a gas mask case.

The auction came just days before Sunday’s commemoration of the 70th anniversary of D-Day that contributed to Allied forces winning World War II.

But Jewish Community Council of South Australia president Norman Schueler said auction house Mason Gray Strange should have known better than to remind survivors of the Holocaust and their families of the horrific time.

‘There are various ways of looking at this. The obvious thing – but not in this case – is that people are hoarding and keeping manifestations of an evil part of world’s history,’ he said.

‘They cling to it and see (Nazism) as unfinished work.

‘In this particular case it was literally an estate and it’s sad that someone did hoard it and everyone should realise the distress it causes.

‘It’s particularly irresponsible of the auctioneer to profit by it, especially when the world’s biggest auction house, eBay, does not permit this stuff to be auctioned. That’s the crux of it.’

It has been 70 years since World War II, but Mr Schueler said it did not lessen the effects the Nazi regime had on survivors.

Clearly, the Jews don’t want us to ever be able to imagine that the German people were a real and breathing entity, and instead only be capable of looking at them through the bizarre lens they have created with their Hollywood gibberish.

Here are some pictures of the awesome stuff the lucky ones got to bid on.



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