I am back!


I went with my mother to a coffeeshop and there is some shit abstract art on the wall for sale for $400. I asked her why they make art like that and she said why and i replied its because they don’t have souls. I explained its all to induce alienation and part of the targeted destruction of western man and she replied its like graffiti. Putting those paintings around is like going around with spray paint grafitying on everything but people who go around doing that might get arrested. She gets to sell her shit for$400.

IMG_3113Look at the bottom, do you see the ‘leaves’? They look like daggers to me. And see how the poppies are ‘growing’ from the daggers? It could also represent the German oppression from the jews. The jews grow because of the hurt of the Germans.

If she did another one with some blue colours, she could have said it was Jellyfish and sold it for another $400.

I would go so far as to say that abstract art is an immitation at art by races that would never produce art at all!

In the local rag the front page is advertising a new jazz facility. Jazz is also for people who don’t have souls. Jews will never stop with their souless immitation of music, pushed for the people who won’t listen to the rap music or want to be seen as cultured.

I decided that when I was to arrive home I was going to have to restart this.

There will be some radio in the future with Brett http://www.expeltheparasite.com, John Hardon hardons-blog.blogspot.com and Cairo. We were on recently http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/hardon-radio-w-john-and-cairo-5-16-14/


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