Happy Election Day! Australia successfully voted in another four years of tyranny and jewish rule

To everyone in Australia I hope we have all had a wonderful Election Day and we weren’t all too pompous or conceited when we walked into the polling booth, exercising our democratic right.

A friend of mine was obviously excited to vote and text me in the morning all about it. He also sent me some degenerate screenshots from facebook.


bigot is jewspeak for someone with an opinion


They are disgusting and not even correct. It really shows how full of hate those scum are. It’s had over a million shares on facebook. It’s childish and for low iq people.

I think we need to find a new country to live in. If 1 million people have ‘shared’ that that’s almost all the country that haven’t a clue about anything.

With all the fucks in it it reminds me of when a jew writes into a truthful site. I reckon a jew wrote that.

It’s not the Aryan way all that disgusting shit even the two party system it all needs to be smashed it’s just jewish mind control.

Noachideous, commentating at http://www.expeltheparasite.com had this to say about the jews, and the ‘London Declaration against Anti-semitism’ that Tony Abbott has signed in treason to the Australian people.
‘The London Declaration for Noachide Law.

Where inability, failure or refusal to recognise the congenital divinity of the jew as god incarnate, is a transgression of the ‘law’. deserving of punitive action by legislatorial lackeys.

At every level the jews’ religiously derived activism to impose their religion on every one else contravenes the very “hate’ and ‘discrimination’ laws that they invented to silence dissenters.

Perjury laws are being replaced by ‘hate’ laws, where offence trumps truth. Of course, the first refuge of the liar and perjurer in court is to default to feigned offence and indignation. It makes sense. Judaism grants ‘jews’ licence to lie cheat and steal at every societal level in their dealings with the ‘goyim’….. Their legal testimony renders as filth and a comical irrelevance the notion that courts administer ‘justice’ on the basis of universal and immutable truth revealed.

If the courts represent a metaphysical analog of the universal Natural Laws that apply equally to all of us, including the physical and notional ‘jew’, then judasim represents the negation of Natural Law. Perhaps this is why the jew manufactures endless jewish ‘superheroes’ able to transcend and defeat the universal physical, and also seek the subjugation and disenfranchisement of everyone else. It legitimises their relative view of themselves in comparison to the base and congenitally evil “goyim’.

It is a truly narcissistic and repugnant ‘religion’.’

Society is full of low iq subhumans. You can’t compete with that. They can’t comprehend anything they can’t understand anything. Especially now I’m told 1million likes on that infantile tripe…

In that third picture, something about ‘underdogs’… They are really creating a proletariate, this is communism, marxism. It’s here.

I do not want to live in a nation of ‘underdogs’ but this is what the jews create. They see themselves as an underdog, prevailing against the world, and ruining all the goyim as they go, the goyim who ‘stand against them’ and by that they mean just being alive.


And these marxist scum which is what those illustrations are, have the cheek to write ‘informed by evidence not ideology’ when they depend on ideology and developed every part and all thought of the degenerate left wing.

Look in the genes you are from a superior family to them. We need to separate. We’re not the same racial stock we are higher and don’t need any of this shit.

They have posited the existence of gaycunts and used it to make nature the enemy. Peoples natural hatred of the gaycunt is the only thing that they can use to legitimise it, they all feel ‘sympathy’ and ‘compassion’ for this made up thing. Everything natural dies off and we have a jewish constructed society.

We have got to get the truth out there, fight the jew. The only reason we are alive is because our ancestors were racist… Let’s continue it… Anti semitism is the religion of today!

We are different stock, superior evolution to those that read and share this shit on facebook. They are degenerated, slaves, unintelligent families, going backwards.

It’s all genes, we need to save our race from these vermin.

It’s a matter of life and death. We have to get real dynamic and not political but above it all and just be as fanatical and educated as the NSDAP was.

They had will and vigour and they did not sit around. We can’t do it like that again the jews have made sure to make that impossible but we still can plan autonomous communities and that’s really what we have to spend our lives doing or be a slave and die like all the other goyim and i know that’s the Australian way but it’s not the Aryan or Nordic way. Australia is a failure, we let the jews in and they let the wogs in. They interned German Australians in the war, they hate Europe and have this obsession with ‘freedom’ it’s a shit heap we were made for so much more.

Were a stagnated nation where its normal to be gullible and normal to be a fuckwit. Let’s take control again and build something again!

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