We owe a higher existence, not to ideas of a few crazy ideologists, but to the knowledge and ruthless application of nature’s stern and rigid laws.
Everything we admire on this earth today – science, art, technology and inventions – are only the creative products of a few people and of one race – on them depends the existence of our whole culture. If they perish, the beauty of this earth will sink with them.
All great cultures of the past died out because the creative race died out from blood poisoning, through mixing with the inferior races.
All human culture, all the results of art, science and technology, are almost exclusively, the creative product of the Aryan.
In a few years, the entire east of Asia, will possess a culture, whose ultimate foundation will be Hellenic spirit and Germanic technology, as much as in Europe. In the 21st Century it’s becoming true. The Asians are culture bearing but never culture creating.

Jews are the Mistletoe Parasites of the human races, sucking at the roots of the tree of humanity until it drops. But… humanity is not a brainless tree. In time to come it will defend itself and rid itself of the parasite. It’s the jews primitive action against the more intelligent humans. Of course human intelligence of the majority is presently very low. Gradually through the Aryan-Nordic race evolution of the human intelligence will evolve to a higher stage than the present one, which actually is the aim of human existence. ‘Life is a creation of consciousness through a living experience, a study of good and evil to create a godly soul or a creative entity out of an imperfect world.’ Also, life’s aim is to produce a multitude of individual characters. Therein lays the spark of competence.

The Gays!
Being gay… is mainly practiced by mentally introverts, who are unable to get a natural partner of the opposite sex. Under no circumstances should they be given legal marriage rights. There again we see the evil interferences of the Semitic hatred towards the white non-jewish races, given the goyim those destructive laws of ‘equality’, which is so unnatural and anti-evolutionary. One can imagine that somewhere in the future there is a tremendous ‘holocaust’ waiting for them.
Freudian psychiatric teachings over sexual life are of unhealthy mind. It is a Semetic attack against Christianity. Freud being jewish, destroyed it by removing any personal responsibility for misuse of sexuality. The gays are also a consequence of his teachings.

Why does man have problems? There are no problems without consciousness. The meaning and design of a problem seem not to lie in its solution, but in our working at it incessantly. This alone preserves us from stultification and petrifaction. This lifts consciousness to ever higher experiences.

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  1. Very interesting… and you know perfectly what I am meaning about.

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