Jewish Parrot boxes

The jews are a people built on lies. The Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and gallant members if the NSDAP could write enough to incriminate them as our enemy and misfortune in the 1920s 30s and 40s. What this people of criminals has done since however, is their most extreme attempts at world defilement ever. The jews are the biggest liars. They are a people of lies and paradoxes.

Their first paradox is that they will say the races are the same, when he knows the huge differences of all more than anyone.

He will always pretend he believes in equality, when he of all peoples knows more than anyone the inequality of all.

Being the weakest, they are the least suited to leadership, but they demand lordship over all the humanoid types, and seek to destroy their cultures and molest them, more than anyone else.

He preaches multiculturalism, even though it destroys every culture and destroys every race on contact, and slanders anyone who doesn’t abide by it as a ‘racist’, a made up word, by the real racial enemies of the world.

Yet more paradoxes include the ‘feminism’ paradox. The ism that seeks to destroy the sexes, ignore and outlaw biology and turn women into nothing more than a victim, mean while the jewess whores speak of ‘rights’ with vehement bitterness.

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1 Response to Jewish Parrot boxes

  1. BDL1983 says:

    The preach nothing but communism which is Judaism in it’s political manifestation…. It is a direct expression of the genetic nature of Jews. National Socialist philosophy is EXACTLY the oppostite of Communist Jewish philosphy, and it works a treat as the antidote when applied politically against der ewige Jude! That’s why Jew hate it so much… It kills their parasitic existence and frees their unfortunate hosts!!!

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