UN Parasitic murdering Jews defiling the world

Genetically Modified foods legal in Australia. ‘Essential’ for ‘food security’ because they have been breeding up niggers on purpose for so long. Next UN will earmark all land and make population projections from it and then with full public support to ‘end hunger’ repossess everybody’s farmland that is not corporate. That is the right of individuals, families and groups to own land for whatever purpose they wish, the UN will take it all and make these people look ‘evil’ if they do not commit themselves to ‘democracy’ and a sense of ‘responsibility’.

Many governments have already done this with ‘catchment areas’, water that flowed through peoples properties and dammed/diverted/ pumped out earmarked for growth of towns even though that water is not theirs anyway.

The correct response to ‘over population’ is to do nothing. All niggers would die and all jews would die that way. Natural Selection; Niggers can’t feed themselves and jews can’t produce anything. Without food aid the Negro race would prove itself unfit to survive. That would be one down, Nordic still evolving (without jewish subversion). We would climb higher and higher and other races stagnate as more ape species and some just die off.

The UN hypocritically preaches ‘food aid’ and ‘birth control’ at the same time. Aid to the inferiors, feminism and ‘birth control’ to the superiors. A parasitic mechanism the same as any parasite in nature. A parasite if strong enough to be there in the first place must look like it belongs there and make it as ripe as possible. Population/Racial engineering to make it riper, better conditions for the parasite, the host lives for the parasite. We need to get rid of the UN before it kills everyone

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7 Responses to UN Parasitic murdering Jews defiling the world

  1. thunor14 says:

    Eugenics is the key, GM foods are the profitable tool of the jewish financier to poison our folk.

  2. Abbey says:

    Spot on! Not directly related to this post man, but this election there will be a Federal Constitutional Referendum, in which i believe, the plan is to bolster governmental control of local councils, as to implement further genocidal policies. Australia First has said “Is a ruse to impose United Nations ‘Agenda 21’ policies on our local councils”.. Agenda 21 sounds suss, i advise as many people i know to vote ‘NO’ in the referendum, its just more further control that will stifle any hope at national revitalization.

  3. Mick says:

    Definitely vote NO. Their is no provision in our Constitution for a third tier of government, and all councils are operating illegally. The Federal government is the only body able to collect taxes, not the State, and certainly not councils through illegal rates. The States were years ago forced to drop excise/tax collections for fuel, tobacco, alcohol etc by the courts because it was illegal for them to do so. This referendum to include councils in the Constitution has been held twice before and was defeated, and once a referendum is defeated it can never be put up again, but they break the law continuously and get away with it. You can sack all standing politicians legally by taking a black marker and crossing out all names on ballot forms(or leaving just one name, then no preferences can be given) on election day. If enough do this, we can vote all the bastards out ,effectively forcing a second election, only the original candidates cant run the second time round.
    Sorry for off topic.

    • akc1993 says:

      Thats what I might do. I was going to draw my own box and write Adolf Hitler, NSDAP but now i’ll put a black mark through each of the democratic bastards.
      Why anyone lets states or federal legislation rule us i do not know. They never do anything that benefits us. We don’t need them, they exist on pretending as though we need them, but we don’t. I also bet the dumb goy will vote wrong in this referendum.

      • Mick says:

        There are 2 ways to change the situation. Hitler and the NSDAP failed the first time by force, but succeeded the second time by playing within the existing rules, by exposing the real enemies and getting the people to believe the truth. Keep exposing them mate, and hopefully enough will eventually see who is really destroying us and our country, then by legal means sack them all. Maybe by then a new leader will emerge and lead us out of this dark age, kicking out the enemy and restore the White Australia Policy.

  4. Mick says:

    I should add that the States receive funding from the Federal government for construction and upkeep of infrastructure and services, so why are we paying rates to illegal councils which are private businesses with ABN’s and registered for GST.

    Sorry again for off topic, but very important.

  5. Mick says:

    And this

    I’ll stop now, sorry.

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