Nordic Autonomy

This is a small collection of video’s i didn’t mind on Youtube. They show that doing things for yourself can be done.

None of them are my video’s, so please ignore the talk of ‘approval’, ‘planning permision’, ‘code’, and ‘electricity bills.’

The Nordic Volk needs autonomy. We need our own area and our own homes and our own farms. We need large families and no Jews. When you don’t have jews you don’t have any of their ‘isms’ either, and natural life can return.

Below is a few of my books that I can recommend.








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3 Responses to Nordic Autonomy

  1. Sophie says:

    Yes, I agree. I think many National Socialists (worldwide) are having this same thought. We need a small region for National Socialists so we can get back to our roots, live off the land and enjoy real white culture. I hope to move north to Wyoming or the Dakotas or somewhere near there. I’m worried about crime from minorities.

    • akc1993 says:

      They are not minorities. We are the only minority. Its not even an honest classification. Im not even talking about individuals. Individuals going back to the land will only last one generation. Im talking about hundreds of people buying up property next to eachother or a development company buying thousands of acres and then families populating it as farmsteads.

  2. Trent says:

    You are so fucking right! All nordics need to farm there own land with there
    beautiful blonde hair shining in the sun and there blue eyes reflecting the sky.

    I Come from an extremely nordic family that has lived in England for many thousands
    of years and we have always lived self-sufficiently with the help of advanced technology.

    Nordic power! 😉

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