Informative: Philosophy

Silence is worst; All truths that are kept silent, become poisonous!

Where is the urge for truth coming from? It’s an obligation imposed by societies that it should exist: to be truthful in moral terms. The individual wants to preserve himself against other individuals in an honest way.

The liar makes the unreal appear as real when he does this in a self-serving way damaging to others, then society will no longer trust him but exclude him.

Man hates being damaged by deception and the hostile consequences of deception.

Is language the adequate expression of all realities? Truth is life preserving! Every philosophy is the philosophy of some stage of life.
‘I grow old and always continue to learn’

Wisdom makes wary. Evil must be for the sake of the good. The parasite is the lowest species; but whoever is of highest species, will nourish the most parasites.

The biggest disaster for mankind on this planet is over population. Our minds haven’t advanced far enough as yet, to see the real facts and causes.

There is a sinister ‘elite’ of mind that believes in materialistic power of money and wealth to profit through consumerism and the abundance of consumers. This evil minded elite arrogantly defiles the masses for their love of money without care for the future of mankind. This materialism will also be a factor to the destruction of life on earth. The only salvation of mankind on this planet would be to rid itself of this diabolical stealthy scourge and introduce a more ethical and more intelligent minded human being.

To manage this overpopulation should actually be left to the forces of evolution. Life is selective. Its not only survival of the fittest, but also the fittest in conscious mind. This Ofcoarse will be very unrealistic and insulting to the minds of a great majority of the masses, – it will be racist.

What is the answer to such a problem? Is this world only meant for superior beings? Which would be able to manage existence of life on this earth? A superior being in the image of our creator?

In 1840, there were only one billion people living on this world. In 2013, there will be close to ten billion people living on one square metre. 15 billion population of humans will be at a critical point for food and water. Every year the world population rises by 80 million. 80% of world population live in the third world. Half of African population is under the age of fifteen years.


Racially related kind of megalomania existed in this world since time began: The Jewish One!
Monotheism or one god, the jews chose to put themselves above everybody else by calling themselves ‘the chosen ones’ until this day. In Zionism there is ‘classical racism’ until this day. Racism today is a bad thing, but in the minds of the inferior. It’s a psychic condition – It’s more realistic when one considers the cosmic laws of evolution which are striving towards perfection of live.

Racial Integration is human interference in the processes of evolution.

Anybody who is offended by racism, does not understand the purpose of the cosmic laws – The selection to the perfection of the human races.

The jews, stealthily hiding this fact, by joining all forces of anti-racism, to create a less dangerous herd-animal, for his exploitations.
Why would a just, all loving god, unless this god is a demon, create an abominable, parasitical, rat-eyed being? He is destructive to life on this planet, if he achieves his aim.

The money, America and England took from them, produced a false wealth in them – Exploitation, greed and corruption.

Western democracies were praising and recommending greed as being good? Now it turns out greed is not so good after all (Recent Wall St. Financial Fiasco’s). Is this the standard way this capitalistic world is going to live by? Is there a sound psychology missing in this naïve cowboy land?

The poison of liberalism – Is like an ass put in the middle of two bales of hay, which couldn’t make up his mind on which to eat first and so starved to death. Free liberalism is nothing but a chaotic discord, quarrels, misunderstandings, disagreements, fruitless party agitations, party whims – Everything that serves to destroy the personality of state activity.

Free democracy? It discloses all. The weak and the strong, the intelligent and the nincompoop, the criminal and the ethical, the perfidious and the brain shrinker, all will be saved by the pleading humanist etc.

Woman’s rights: By all means, but women still live in a manmade world. Apart from her biological and anatomical make-up, there is a vast difference which does not make her very competible against the male. Man is more creative than her – starting in all fields, Architecture, Engineering, Medicine, Music, and in Psychological and Philosophical etc. But Ofcoarse she is exceptionally inspirational for men to be creative.

Human rights and equality are bogus assumptions. These values are set by the weak and are in contrast to cosmic laws. They are mainly made to protect the weak majority by sinister elements, such as Semetic human rights conspiracy. Although the suffrage of the weak will produce more feelings, more mind, but it will be a slave mindedness, which could never match the minds of the free and strong superior beings.

It’s still survival of the fittest, in mind and body. We are still at the bottom of the ladder of evolution of our race. The 21st Century is showing us now how to direct our minds towards survival of this planet, as it begins to shrink now due to our overpopulation and pollution, which could exterminate all life on this planet. We will have to be very selective of who is going to survive? You can start by stop feeding the negro race. Humans on this planet cannot go on reproducing themselves for ever, but the Nordic race can and ought to.

Now, all knowledge derives from earlier experiences, but it is racially conditioned. In philosophy, the bulk of thoughts came from the mind of philosophers. Wisdom builds consciousness. Mind is experience plus memory, Life is creation of consciousness – throughout the universe. A super conscience created the universe and it is propagating through conscious awareness, to an even higher, as yet unimagined state of consciousness.


Edited for Nordicantisemite by Aidhan

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