‘The media gene…

‘The media generated fantasy reality that the majority of White people live in is beyond insane – it is evil. We are being systematically destroyed, and the majority of our people don’t even know it’s happening. The frightening fact is that as long as the Jews have exclusive control of the media narrative, they are able to do whatever they want to the perceptions of the masses. They are able to literally tell them what to think, what to believe.

It is my hope that the Daily Stormer will play a major role in helping to get the word out about what is actually going on in our nation and in the whole White Western world.’ – Andrew Anglin

Andrew Anglin – Total Fascism http://www.totalfascism.com/ohio-man-pat-mahaney-dies-after-being-beaten-by-six-black-teens/comment-page-1/#comment-95409



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