Feminists must die!

I don’t know how our volk is going to survive this time of ‘freedom’ in which everything is okay except for what’s natural. What’s natural is ‘oppressive’ says the jew. For a woman to be in a marriage is ‘oppression’ but for her to be a whore is ‘empowering’.

The jews decide what freedom is and according to them there is no such thing as freedom until the jews enforce it. It is an abstract concept for Jewish control. It guarantees Jewish control because the goy, when they don’t know any better, when they hear that word, will want it, and will abandon authorative power structures in place for their survival, that were created by them and go to the jew and his freedom, giving authority to the jew, because there is no such thing as a power vacuum. The jew will run things by control and altering of various ‘individualistic’ depraved unnatural abominable created lifestyles.

Freedom could be defined as – Useless and degenerate lifestyles that makes the peoples dependant on the jews. It kills everything natural and is hostile to everything natural.

This article http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/shortcuts/2013/jun/12/germany-now-europes-biggest-brothel makes it look as though prostitution is fine because it is ‘liberal’, a buzzword.


In reality encouraging extramarital sex is anti-family and directing the sex instinct for procreation down degenerate paths, defined paths, it is monopolisation of sex.

Organised careerist posters write that whores need to be as ‘empowered’ as possible.’So, empower those who are selling their bodies as much as possible, and lower the status and rights of customers – also, cut out the exploitative middle-men/women.’ Its not okay to begin with. All these depraved, uncertain or jewish posters make it all seem like what’s bad is good. This is a form of brainwashing.

They write that women struggle under ‘patriarchal oppression’ aka NORMAL FAMILIES. The jews have slanderous words for everything natural, they hate everything natural because they can’t control everything natural, they demand to control everything so they destroy nature. Their very existence is a rebellion against nature, they have fashioned themselves against the way that people live. Always opposite, always revolutionary

Being a ‘sex worker’ liberates them. The jews will tell you exactly what and when someone is being ‘liberated’. There are male ‘feminists’ who tell female’s that are un-tainted that they are wrong and or ‘insulting’ to women. They all chime in when a woman tries to defend herself against it. How can that be?

One female poster wrote ‘Maybe our women’s rights fighters want to mention that Germany doesn’t only have the highest population size of all EU countries, but also has open borders – and that is, well, a EU brainchild.’ To which she was replied by a possible jew superspam poster ‘Freedom has side effects. If you rathe(r) be walled in than I suggest North Korea.’ Oh so I get it, if you want to discern on something and have a standard you are just like ‘North Korea’. It is how the jews drive a wedge. They drove it with the German Reich. All our values are categorised as ‘Nazi’ and so the goy rebel, for the jews, and fall into a Jewish trap where we are denied our own identity, and told to be exactly what they want us to be.

This is a Guardian news article, and so therefore must be the opinions they are trying to give to people who read real popular newspapers. Some of these people just need to be shot, because under the Nietzschian characterisation of Good and Evil, good being all that is good and useful, bad being what harms us, these ‘people’ are evil. This disgusting degenerate thinks ‘@EdWelthorpe – “Here’s a radical idea. What about turning heterosexuality into an actual sexuality, with positive and supportive messages about it somewhere in society?

[So an end to labeling men as ‘sex pests’ if they approach a woman, straight saunas to match gay saunas, millions of men and women on Grindr meeting up for free and consensual pleasure]”

There’s already an app for that. Try it out. For best results set up a female profile, then be inundated with many delightful approaches.

Is it really that hard to meet up with people for sex? I here pubs and parties have worked for many years. Summer is here, so outdoor drinking for the young and weddings for the older.

Generally being labelled a sex pest is more about attitude and paying attention than the action itself. Leching on a person whom you nothing about is being a pest at the very least. Imagine guys coming up to you all day, demanding to “be your mate” and insisting that you should go for a drink. Don’t care about you, your feelings, just want an open mouth and some company.

Your sex pest vision of heterosexuality IS reinforced by a lot of society. Women as either sex objects or saintly mothers, naked ladies being used to sell anything, rom-com stalker enabling movies, and guys sleazing on girls in the street, at work and on the tube.

If you want mad gay sexcapades then go out and do it. I’d go for Grindr or a club over a sauna, but if you want your dick sucked at short notice then you really should have a queer moment now and again. Straight acting guys cocks are nectar to some queers, so you’d have plenty of takers 😉

The UK doesn’t do shame, it does guilt. We are proud and guilty about the empire, but we are not ashamed. Guilty as everyone is on the fiddle some place, but no shame even when tax avoidance and corruption hit insane levels. Brass necks, not bent heads’

Wouldn’t the instinct be to kill somebody in real life if he sayd that to you? This is what we tolerate, tolerance is death. A tolerant people will die.

This degenerate liberal, who thinks himself a ‘social surgeon’ (should that be allowed) writes ‘We should have legalised sex workers in the UK, with safe, hygienic environments for women to operate in and that men can go to without feeling ashamed.

The sex trade in this country has been pushed underground to everyone’s detriment apart from sex traffickers, drug dealers and pimps. The denial of men’s sexual drives is an unnecessarily immature, dangerous and a hypocritical repression causing psychological and emotional damage, probably leading to some of the sex crimes prevalent today.

Why make something completely natural, so furtive and sordid?

The women that I have visited on the continent over the years are not downtrodden victims, but empowered individuals who are more like healers than the image society likes to portray of some old scrubber in a council flat.

Unfortunately because the sex trade in the UK has been so suppressed, what we do have is the latter with no protection for either provider or patron. Time we grew up in this country.’

Oh so we have to grow up? More brainwashing, very infantile this time. We don’t need ‘social surgeons’

How can our folk survive when marriage is an option and sexual instincts are not demanding it?

The worst is this know it all cretin ‘What matters is whether or not the sex workers are happy.’ And ‘Again, you seem to be assuming that women cannot desire casual sex with strangers. They can, they do, and some will make a profit from it.

Also, you are living in a fantasy world if you think there’s always mutual desire in marriages and relationships. Often, sex is seen as a compromise, or a duty. Catherine Hakim did some interesting research into the reports of marriage counsellors, which seems to indicate that even in relationships and marriages, sex is used as a bargaining tool, in other words a “commodity”.


Who knew?’ and this scum just tops it off ‘Nonsense. The sex workers opinions are invalid, because they are victims of violent patriarchal oppression. What matters is what the feminists think. Haven’t you been following the debate in Edinburgh.’


This one is perpetuating the dogma that feminists are for woman, when actually it is just the jew Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto and jewish Frankfurt School destruction of the family and erasure of the Gender. Who cares what feminists think! It seeks to turn women into just a degenerate group, not wives and mothers and the highest affirmation of life! Feminism is an organised jewish attack of femininity and for it to be justified, men must be an enemy. How can one sex be the enemy of another? That is immature. Take it away, take the argumentative vermin away, and the natural instincts will do the rest to repair, marriages between the beautiful and the brave.

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