Conservativism is blocking the Germanic Race in America

I recently posted breaking down the psychological manipulation on a certain CNSNEWS article I discovered via news service the Daily Stormer. CNSNEWS is a Jewish approved system (conservatism) site that exists to protect the system and to put all those American dissenters into just another Jewish political camp and stop them from getting to the truth, that the Jew is defiling the word. The jew has it well set up for them, a site that’s 9000 up Alexa traffic stats and takes in all kind of people and stops them from developing a truly racialist viewpoint. Problems like Obama are brought up and discussed and it’s decided that he should be gotten rid of. They won’t dare talk about getting rid of all the Jews.

People on that site were scared of my anti-Semitism when I spammed them with comments. There was obviously a Jew on there because he rated down all of my comments. One lady liked what I had to say. Everyone else had a whinge.




Truth 555 was on it!




At least they liked this one, and Felini certainly was on it.  But June Wilson looked like damage control. You will get another president, much worse.


What I found was they are all too immature to accept my anti-semitism. They think that everything I say is automatically wrong because I am ‘anti-Semetic’. I am anti a whole group of people, and they are too childish in their view of the world to accept that anyone but ‘individuals’ could be part of this. You see I was ‘shot down’ in ratings, these people probably think they are intelligent, but what they don’t know is the harm they cause and that there will be NOBODY TO CONGRADULATE THEM for being so conceited. The only prize awarded to believing a lie is death. If people cannot work out about the Jew, the Jew will destroy us and according to the law of selection become the dominant species. The Jew has nursed their unintelligent blaming of side effects not the cause all of their lives, as Southerners or as Republicans or as Conservatives or as anything. They will always have an outlet for them. They won’t be thinking the truth until they realise that the Jew is a deadly parasite, and if whites cannot agree on this, they will live as serfs, too unintelligent to realise what is going on around them, a slave race, they will die out, and they would deserve this, but I don’t intend to go down with them! I don’t want all of my beautiful Nordic extended family (mein volk) to go down with them. I intend to save what I can. We are more intelligent than the Jew, and this is why we realise him.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself,

your victory will not stand in doubt.


if you know Heaven and know Earth,

you may make your victory complete.

Sun Tzu (The Art of War X:31)

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2 Responses to Conservativism is blocking the Germanic Race in America

  1. Sophie says:

    What I found was they are all too immature to accept my anti-semitism. They think that everything I say is automatically wrong because I am ‘anti-Semetic’.

    You hit the nail on the head. White Westerners cannot even be in the same space, physically or virtually, with people who are criticizing Jews. They can’t be reasonable about it. The minute there is any criticism of Jews, they start flapping about like chickens with their heads cut off, like “Ringgo1” above. It’s a built-in knee-jerk reaction for them. They don’t hear or see anything else until they silence the offending “anti-Semite”. And if they can, they want to get him fired or at least humiliated and shunned, and they want him to die off. And they’ll tell him that! “People like you need to die off.”

    The Jews have taught us well over the decades. Whites are nothing more than a pack of Pavlov’s dogs.

    And when they can’t control every single person this way, they make legislation to control them. In some countries in Europe, it’s even illegal to have your own opinion about history.

    • akc1993 says:

      They get absolutely rabid don’t they! Defending their irreality. The television and every newspaper they have ever read and the hundreds of journalists! No, they cannot be wrong. These scum fabricators make them feel intelectual, and they don’t even have to do any thinking. They can’t have that taken away from them.

      There’s no reward for it, only people death. Failure to acknowledge science is non-existence. You can’t sustain yourself over the long term if you deny reality. There should be a punishment for the harm these people do, but as soon as we were the dominant worldview, they would all shut their mouths. These people are a block and a barrier. We have enough people around the world I think Sophie, to all come together and create a new autonomous racial zone, weather these people learn about the jews or not.

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