The Jewish Curse 1

Jerry is a friend of mine and a former deutscher soldat at the end of the war and prior to that a Hitler Jugend member. Sometimes when we meet he has produced an informative. I will edit and write up some of the informatives on this site, for the good of the folk everywhere.


The Jewish Curse

Is Germany and the E.U. being destroyed by Anglo-American Zionism? A strong Germany is hell to the paranoid Jews. All financial troubles in southern part of the E.U. are fabrications of Jewish banks in the USA.

A frightened Merkel and her males in the coalition are homosexuals, subjugated and frightened by jews in Germany. One can be ashamed of their gutless demented mentality.

Although there is competence in Germans, they are constantly watched by ‘MOSSAD’ for any upcoming of National Socialism, NPD and NSU. The constant playing of ‘Holocaust’ and ‘Nazi hate propaganda’, produces a very depressing mind onto the Germans. To do this 70 years after the war, is vapid vengefulness of the Semites. There is still desperate paranoia amongst them. With their invidious behaviour they are creating a dangerous future for themselves, maybe the biggest ‘holocaust’ ever – with total extermination of this abominable race!

If one observes underground politics in most countries in the world, one can see the upcoming of destructive forces for eradication of Zionism on this planet. It might even be in the USA itself.

Overpopulation in the world in the stagnated African, Asian and Indian countries is actually condoned by the Jews. Through their humanitarian laws, as ‘asylum seekers’, there are privileged to invade any well-off country. Through their senseless propagation, they surely create over population, A plus for Jewish retail and a disaster for governments.

Whatever the Jew does, it is a disaster to the rest of people.

Only superior mentality can save people. Even todays democracy, invented by the Ancient Greeks, is out dated. It’s built too much on ‘equality’ which acts against natural, evolutionary forces of survival. For evolution, today needs more substantial, principal action. People should be more educated, or made aware of it, before the race stagnates again.

Even better to follow a genius, a lover of truth, or even better – a philosopher, than stagnated dishonest ‘messiah’ of the Zionist manor!

Life’s action is to preserve the highest ideals and values in life – to evolve as a superior being, to form a still higher consciousness!

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