Remembering Paula Hitler

Remember Paula Hitler

Here is something nice from her, something moving and truthful

In this following video link below we encounter the typical Jewish lies so common that put the English people against their German Brothers.

Here we see what Filthy, Lying, Weasely, Rat faced, Name Changing, Eternal Jew Peter Morley (Real name Peter Meyer) born to nation wrecking exploiters Alice and Willy Meyer, wholesalers and exporters parasiting in Germany has to say. It describes Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler as ‘The most evil man imaginable’ and ‘the criminal of the century’. He lies as he pitches his project to the goy he assists in murdering. A banner flashes Tyranny!

For this British Documentary, New World Order narrator calls him ‘British’. This video is barely watchable as hideous Jew Meyer tries to disguise his Semetic Guile with a most posh Pronounced English accent, A Parasitic method of concealment innate to Jews that go to Britain, and make it out of the street level crime swindling, or come to the British Isles rich from their destructive time in Europe.

This face you see before you is a warning. A warning of ugliness in Body and Spirit. A complete opposite to the warmth displayed Paula Hitler’s face.

Doesn’t Paula look so much like her Brother Adolf! This has been remarked on.

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