The real world is a cest pit of alienation, as soon as the jews move in!

Today I was walking down a road. It was an extremely alienating experience. The darkies are sickening. There are people of all different races everywhere and it is disgusting. All they do is cause alienation. What do these ‘people’ do? They just walk around. Other people, don’t seem to notice. The goy are too stupid because they think that these darkies just need more ‘opportunity’ and that’s why they are the way they are. Ofcoarse a race creates its own opportunity. They won’t say no to the mongrel subhuman hordes because they think that that would be mean. Many also think that they have a duty to be nice to them to try and ‘help’ them.

The result of being around these ‘people’ is that nobody talks to each other, nobody cares about each other, and there is no community. The more this happens the more the newspapers talk about community! What are they talking about! If people did not have the internet and entertainment maybe they would finally work this out.

Why has it gotten to the point where the Jews are the only organised community in the world with a guaranteed future at this point in time?

The Nordic Race cannot do anything for itself because as soon as it does the jews scream that we are oppressing other races. We cannot go forward. Us doing well has got nothing to do with niggers, people would just see the comparison and blame. The Nordic Race has never ‘oppressed’ anyone. Racism is in the mind of the inferior.

The Jewish media will split people across many different ‘differences’; generations, income groups, subcultures, persuasions, ideals, what they read, their television programs. All these differences are created and enforced artificially. They are not real. These are the only differences the jew will acknowledge. He will not acknowledge race, which is the true reason why people act different from each other. The Nordic Race behaves differently from all the other races, and being around other races makes me sick.

If the Nordic Race re asserts its value and reaffirms itself, this would not be ‘fair’ because the other races would be left to their shit. If you feel sorry for these scum, you are unfit, and that is why your race will die.

Why tolerate the darky?

Nordic Folk, we need a Volkstadt!

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5 Responses to The real world is a cest pit of alienation, as soon as the jews move in!

  1. “Racism is in the mind of the inferior”

    good point

    • akc1993 says:

      Its their slave morality, it is offended everytime by someone better than themselves. They want everyone to be inferior like them. They are jewish protectees.

      I think its a German Proverb, during or since the last war.

    • BDL1983 says:

      It is a good point indeed. If we were all equal as the jews tell us we are, then why would anyone scream “racism”? The only reason people scream “racism” is to get special treatment and priviliges! The better race in any situation doesnt want anything from the lower race do they?! Only the lesser types desire “equality”: ie taking from the better to prop up the dregs

  2. Mr.Abbey says:

    Aye! Perth is like this, there is absolutely no feeling of community there! Smaller town’s like mine still retain a bit of that good old community feel though! Haha the local paper did a street talk about Naidoc week here the other day, they couldn’t publish any of it though as the community response was too hateful and racist lol! Jolly good blog sir! I liked what you said about the gonski school reforms, a blog post about it would be mighty handy to pass about to affiliates!

    • akc1993 says:

      We have had NAIDOC week celebrations in all our newspapers. A local mayor and a ‘novelist’ said ‘respect for these original Australian’s should be automatic’. I don’t think she knows what respect is, and a woman shouldnt be mayor. She just proved both those things. They are not even the ‘original Australian’s’, im sure you will remember who named it ‘Australia’. A load of scum went on a walk to celebrate it. I don’t even care, these black bipedal apes are subhuman and people might know this if the papers didnt fill them with irreality. Thats not the worst thing though, the worst thing is they use these abo’s every time for ‘this is a good opportunity to fight racism in all its forms’ and to ‘inform the public about disrimination’.

      Just like when Jewliar wanted to change the constitution, and she cited it was because of the boongs. It was all about racism ‘against every people’.

      They only do what they can get away with don’t they, these local papers. If the people still have any conscience they will pander to them a little bit more, just a few years behind in brainwashing.

      I will do that mate on Gonski, he is a real distroyer.

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