Jewish Organisations, Democracy and Discrimination

When the Jews made the American Jewish Committee (AJC) they decided that the best way to lobby for the Jews was to lobby for all ‘minority’ groups and fight all ‘discrimination’. As Schopenhauer said, they really are ‘the ferment of decomposition’. They come into our countries, drive their wedge, murder the original inhabitants and take them over.

Why is the jew so anti-discrimination? It is all to do with the Natural Law that he is most deserving of discrimination, and complete people death is what he deserves, and he knows this. It is written in the Talmud that if the goy ever knew what they were really about ‘they would surely kill us all’.

The front of their site is ‘To enhance the well-being of the Jewish people and Israel, and to advance
human rights and democratic values around the world. Combating anti-Semitism’.

So we see Jews here are the vanguard of ‘human rights’, the rights awarded to slaves. JEWS will determine what these rights are.  The right to live free from the jews is not one of them, this would actually be a human rights violation!

‘Democratic Values’. Jews are the only people in the world defending democracy. There is nothing good about it. Democracy is deadly and its weapon is revolution. It always comes as a revolt by the inferior against the superior. A democracy is characteristic of slave morality because the slave thinks that the master is evil for oppressing him, thus he needs a vote, democracy is so great because ‘we all get a voice’ the slave says. The slave knows that if ‘everybody’ didn’t get a voice, he wouldn’t get a voice, because he doesn’t deserve one. The jews will always say that if you are undemocratic you are evil. He protects his dependants. Also the inferior vote against the superior in jealousy and vindictiveness. You will get inferior leaders. It also shows contempt for people’s aptitude to rule if they only get a short term. The slaves know that they themselves would not be trusted to run a country and so they devalue leadership in that way. They dumb schools down, when they find that children do not ‘appreciate democracy’. If they were educated they would see right through it. If it is criticised, the Jewish columnists go straight into the newspapers writing that those criticising democracy are ‘ignorant’ and don’t understand what our soldiers ‘fought for’. They keep up the totalitarian dogma and you are stuck with it, while all the good genes die out. The Nordic Race cannot survive democracy. The jews know this, and they don’t care. They want to get rid of all non-democratic peoples anyway.

In a democracy, the jew is 100% in control, the policy institutes influence policy, not the voters in the electorate, they are ‘unqualified’. The politicians are actors who know little of their own policies. They take their turns and they are all the same. If one was to look at it, they would realise that very little is actually discussed by the politicians, it is all upto ‘social theory’, jewish ‘intellectuals’ that have created dogmas long ago, that we must all abide by. The things in the realm of discussion are limited, and who would want to discuss truths anyway? The jews will say that these are all very ‘ignorant’ thing to say, but this is what the situation is, they take their turns and if you don’t get it one election you will have it the next. This is what the AJC wants to defend. ‘There is no greater tyranny than when the jew enslaves its host people through its willing, bribed and obedient democratic lackeys’ – The Fuhrer


The ADL Hate Train is just one of many. Photo from

In a democracy you are surrendering all of your power away and you are saying ‘this is okay because nobody else has power either’, ‘we are all equal in not having power’. It is the slave not allowing anybody go forward!

Why should we abide by anything another race thinks or does!

The jew is movement against the world, Ofcoarse they will be ‘discriminated’ against, as long as there are people not bastardised and debased enough to have the intelligence!

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