My Awakening – How we learn about the Jew

My Kamerad Brett, BDL1983 from recently wrote a popular article on how he personally woke up to the Jewish Problem. I think that this type of article is so congratulated and so well liked, because members of our folk often wonder, why are they like they are? What makes other people the same and other people so anti?

Well, I think that there are three things that have to happen or should happen, and then it’s essentially a choice. As unfortunate as that is, people can choose to do nothing. In a community, these people are ostracised and punished for being cowards. Idealism is a choice, and you reward it.

I think it starts with intelligence, the inborn quality from our blood, that makes us more intelligent than the filthy SEMITIC jew rat, who is a middle eastern basically, and so not very intelligent. They are filth, a pestilence, like all the other non-developed races when they are urbanised. So it starts with that, you need the brains and then you need the environment. You need to be around others of your race who have not been adulterated by foreign beliefs and subhuman living habits. Multiculturalism is only acceptable to those that don’t have a culture!

If you have the brains and you have the environment in which to prosper, the ‘peoples community’ as Old Adolf called it you only need to see the debauchery and you will be turned off by it. However time and exposure does make the unnatural become natural. That can be how the Jew does so well.

There is a third essential thing that has to happen. Somebody needs to tell you about this at a young age. Short of that, there is the internet now. It should be part of the German Experience, ask your Grossmutter what she thinks about the jews? Unfortunately so much of the GOY get their worldview from the television. I had my Grandfather, an Englishman to tell me about the jews from a young age. The first question I asked was ‘why are all these people on television so ugly yet they have got so much money and they don’t do anything about it’. He said it was because they are jews. From there we talked about the Jews a lot, and Marxism and ‘woman’s suffrage’. From there I could see their nation wrecking activities, how ugly they were, the jewish names, and how they were always an expert on something, whenever a world event occurred. I thought ‘well it’s obvious these parasites are manufacturing these events’ for another international hate rage or sympathy, rallying for some kind of abnormal degeneracy; wars for democracy, September 11th 2001 world trade centre, financial crisis, London race riots, Egypt, everything there would always be a hooknose black haired little git there telling us all what to think. You realise that jews just cause harm, they can only create problems.

If you have the intelligence which comes from race, the environment around organic members of your people or some kind of upbringing and you are told about it at a young age or find out well then Adolf Hitler makes it easy! Why is he vilified so? Because he was right! ‘Hitler a madman, Hitler’s tyranny’ all this rubbish. How can one man be so so evil, and how is it okay for Jews to get sympathy for ‘being killed’? This didn’t add up. It’s definitely the Germanic in me stirring but I thought it was pathetic and they must probably deserve it. It’s only in the last year it became obvious to me that the holocaust didn’t happen, and they can’t even give us the 6,000,000 names. While I thought that it did happen and I didn’t really care, I thought about how great the world might be if he had killed them all properly. I read a lot of NSDAP literature, Hitler Jugend handbooks, Der Sturmer, German Poetry, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. Then I knew the struggle in my heart of German vs Jew. And it is not just the German people! It is the Germanic people, the entire volkdeutsche that Hitler invited into the Reich. I got angry about Multiculturalism and angry about Muslims, like so many do and then I wondered why the establishment wanted them in so badly. I worked out quite quickly about Marxism and that they are replacing us on purpose with the less intelligent. If race doesn’t matter, why displace an entire race? I always believed in race. I’m a farmer, you can’t not believe in genes. If you don’t you are a retard. That’s what all these people who believe in equality are, retards. Retards and Jews.

At first, I hated the multiculturalism mainly because the other races were dumb, we all knew that niggers were savages and should be left in Africa. We see these untermenschen have no idealism, they just walk around. We see that they drop school standards for them and then pretend they have achieved ‘equality’, we see they cause alienation. I started reading articles of MARXIST JEW WOMEN gloating about how amazing it would be if a negro got educated and became Prime Minister of Britain and I thought, ‘why on earth would you want that to happen’. I realised Marxists are not going to stop until they get their way.

Ruth Ostrow

Ruth Ostrow. Another Marxist commentator. Just another Professional BITCH. Jew ofcoarse

I gradually found out that the Jews only got away with population replacement because of their ‘holocaust’ and their creation of their UN to protect them and protect ‘all minorities’. It seemed to me jews are the wedge. They used Germany, after they had devoured her so fully they now say ‘look what bigotry and intolerance does, it can never happen again’. An excuse to murder and genocide every race. This made me very, very angry.

As the numbers of these immigrants got higher and higher I got more and more happier every time I saw a Nordid, I could really see the beauty and warmth in the faces of our frauen. This made me very very angry about feminism. I learned about Frankfurt School, and then it was complete. After Frankfurt school I knew the Marxist dialectic, the systematic way these jews get what they want, and I knew that what ever ism they created, it was innately untrue. Because in Frankfurt School, they admit this. They research how to stupefy people and put two unrelated things together. All they create is dogmas. Because I know about natural law and real instincts, psychology doesn’t get me. Something I feel compelled to write now that was huge from the Frankfurt School was how they viewed the Patriachal (aka natural) family as the fascist state in miniature, and it must be abolished so that fascism can never re occur. I realised that fascism must be natural and that liberalism only comes from not having right and wrong, no teaching as a child. These people that disagree with us really are children for life.

The simplest way to put it down to is that there is an innate Germanic spirit that struggles against the Jewish Demon. You can listen to the jew or you can think for yourself. If you think, you realise you’re thinking the same way that all the greats of your people have thought. You answer the Battle Cry against Judah as all the greats of our people have done!


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