Turn the television on, there is a jew there. Why not turn it off.


‘He sounds English, he is homegrown, he is English’ Australian TV Secret Jew ‘Kochie’ on Nigger Savage Ape Attack in London

How long has it been now since we have had non stop Jews all over the television. ‘Experts’, ‘Analysts’, ‘Contributors’, ‘Political Commentators’. When will people see that these rat faced vermin are controlling us and killing us, and demand that they be excluded and expeled, and go back to where they came from.

They are always there spouting the ‘popular oppinion’. The News, Panel Shows, Morning Shows. How can anybody watch it? Its very purpose is to render the watcher void, relative and cultureless. They defend faggotry and feminism and all things that are without merit, as if they are good. They are the only ones with a voice. These Jews know what they are doing.

If the Nordic Race, and the white peoples of the world still watch ‘Morning Shows’ and ‘News Updates’, they surely will all die. They say nothing about demographic replacement. They get women, the should be mothers of the folk to go on there and talk about how ‘wonderful’ multiculturalism is in our capital cities. They always put the woman for the degenerate, thereby putting her against the man. The jews split the sexes up, and we can’t breed anymore, the woman turns into the enemy of man, trying to blame him for everything and rally for the faggot and the darky, whoever we don’t need. It is a false reality perpetuated by the television. Turn it off, and it goes away. If the Nordic Race, and the white peoples can wrest themselves from this and discover their own conciousness again, we might be able to get some people into make this movement synonymous again with our people.

The television is jewish, designed to make the unnatural natural. A cultured person, is immune to it anyway. I hate all American soaps and everything from America (via jewish occupation). With the general entertainment styled programs that are on there, they invent lifestyles and living habits that would not even organically exist, and popularise them. If a lifeform cannot live according to its nature it must perish, and you will not find your nature on the television.

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2 Responses to Turn the television on, there is a jew there. Why not turn it off.

  1. BDL1983 says:

    Because we love Kochie! I can’t live without “Sunrise” and its loving marxist jew propaganda!

  2. akc1993 says:

    Oh I just love how they secretly hate the people its marketed towards.

    Oh and I love Kochie’s financial tips the best! I don’t know what I would do without his toptips on not using credit cards for everything and keeping a budget! Were all struggling but its okay because Kochie was there to guide us through the recession.

    I just love how Mel the female compare behaves like such a whore and if Kochie had the power he would kill her and all her race in a heartbeat. Yet they are both ‘friends’ debasing the country together.

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