Anti-Racism Education is Introduced in Norwegian Schools


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Anti-Racism Education is Introduced in Norwegian Schools

Norwegian teachers will be trained on anti-racism, religious prejudice and anti-semitism.
(Why change an education system, it only gets worse and worse, Nordic to Jewish. Anti-semitism is a natural reaction to the jew! Anti-racism, do you mean exterminating all the races? Prejudice, you mean opinion?)
The course “Prevention of anti-Semitism, racism and undemocratic attitudes”, aims at teachers and school administrators.
(Undemocratic attitudes, do you mean natural ones? Ones where we don’t need the jew? Run the country ourselves. There is nothing good about democracy! It is 100% defended by Jews. Why can’t we be lead by a leader like we used to?)

Talking to Klassekampen, researcher Rolf Mikkelsen notes this project is one of the most complicated to achieve in the Norwegian education system.

– We can not prevent a new Breivik, but we can help young people to decide, says Mikkelsen.

Ministry of Education began working on the project last spring, and the terrorist attacks on 22 July made the issue more relevant. Now 6 million NOK was allocated for the project.

Project manager Peder Nustad said that this course gains more relevance after 22 July, and our project is exactly to prevent this kind of extremism.
(Extremism, you mean real people, with real idealisms?)

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