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UN Parasitic murdering Jews defiling the world

Genetically Modified foods legal in Australia. ‘Essential’ for ‘food security’ because they have been breeding up niggers on purpose for so long. Next UN will earmark all land and make population projections from it and then with full public support … Continue reading

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Compare the two

Nordics are strong Jews are weak Nordic Men are masculine Jewish ‘males’ are Effeminate Nordic Men will fight Jewish ‘males’ will cower Nordics are committed to the truth Jews are dependent on lies Nordics are beautiful Jews are ugly Nordics … Continue reading

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Nordic Autonomy

This is a small collection of video’s i didn’t mind on Youtube. They show that doing things for yourself can be done. None of them are my video’s, so please ignore the talk of ‘approval’, ‘planning permision’, ‘code’, and ‘electricity … Continue reading

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Every Jew is destructive

Some readers on Total Fascism seem to be getting very arguamentative in defending Jews. The usual lie is something like this as follows ‘I can’t agree with the attitude that “Jews are always evil because they are Jews. In absolutely … Continue reading

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Informative: Philosophy

Silence is worst; All truths that are kept silent, become poisonous! Where is the urge for truth coming from? It’s an obligation imposed by societies that it should exist: to be truthful in moral terms. The individual wants to preserve … Continue reading

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Annett und Michael

Bit of Michael Müller this sunday Annett und Michael – Gebet während der Schlacht Prayer During the battle Annett und Michael – Söhne Odins Annett und Michael – Stalingrad Michael Müller – Königin Infanterie Annett Müller Wenn Engel Erscheinen When … Continue reading

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Blog Changes

I have changed my blog theme to something that people are more used to seeing. It is not a news site, like the Daily Stormer, so having little click on articles is not a good aesthetic idea.

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