Soros Recommends Destroy Europe With Jewish Money


George Soros, the Jewish criminal schemer, will get his voice heard again when it comes to the demographic displacement and genocide of the Nordic Race in Europe, through demands to governments concerning the concocted ‘refuge crisis’. The piece entitled Europe: A Better Plan for Refugees.


Jews bring the underworld

The word ‘crisis’ was put into use to cover up what this is: an intrusion of stagnated worthless races and abhorrent abominations from the east and south. They swarm because the gate is open. It is no crisis, but a very dangerous turn for humanity in which races that should already be dead are instead given a new continent in which to propagate.

The disfigured Jewish mastermind, writes that instead of closing all borders and adopting a restrictive policy against ‘human’ bilge, which would surely end the ‘crisis’, yet more refugees (refuse) should be financed with debt. Europe currently has a Triple A Credit Rating with the Jew banks. Therefore Europe is in a fine position to take on some debt, ‘stimulate the economy’ and let more refugees (refuse) in. One can see how this is very good for the Jews. Our destruction is their money maker.

This is the same as the Jewish World Bank and Aid Agencies, and the Jewish imperative demand on governments to provide foreign aid with loaned money in the deliberate overpopulation of the planets most worthless.

And they feign persecution.


Forever merciless in their persecution of those who not be killed by them, the Jews must perish.

This was in response to an invitation for ‘open debate’ by European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans, also a Jew.

Meanwhile the Bertelsmann Group has told the EU that they must not get rid of the Schengen Agreement, which is the open borders agreement that facilitates bastards from the east to flood Nordic countries, or else it will cost Europe billions, between €47 and €140 billion of lost GDP every year. The Schengen Agreement has been since its inception stated to be by many politicians ‘non negotiable’. Yes it is correct, Europe must accept racial mixture, decomposition and dissolution so that the Jews can make money.


A few miserable Jews profiting from the people parasitically is more important than this

Many people are rightly blaming the EU for this ‘crisis’, as they are the ones who set the quotas that allowed the mass swamping in subhuman effluent ‘refugees’ to begin with and invited them by setting up processing centers in the middle east, and even paid Turkey to transport them.

George Soros proclaims proudly

that there is a ‘silent majority’ that wants to preserve the European Union even if it is currently not a well-functioning institution. The leaders will listen if this silent majority makes its voice heard.

This ‘silent majority’ is of course, the Jews. How is this Jew free to give governments advice while the entire population of Europe who derived there are powerless . It should not be allowed. It is insane. He further states:

it would be irresponsible to allow the EU to disintegrate without utilizing all the resources it has at its disposal.

In other words, the EU does not work, but it has not yet completely fulfilled its role of destroying European Nation States, Cultures and Identities. It has not yet fully mixed up the races and leveled the goyim.

He writes something needs to be done about refugees not getting to the country that they want to go to.

the (current) policy … requires refugees to take up residence in countries where they don’t want to live

So they are not ‘refugees’, but targeted weapons of mass biological destruction. When referring to the shit coloured bastards that are still in the middle east he writes.

give refugees the assurance that many of them can eventually seek refuge in Europe

Brown subhumans need to know that they can get there eventually. They need to feel assured. The Jew believes the whole world should be able to come to Europe as ‘refugees’ if they so desire. They have been told to go to Europe and destroy it. He then states what the crisis actually is. The crisis is that the ‘influx’ results in ‘anti-immigrant sentiment’.


The Jews flood the nations with all the scum you don’t want, and the cure for anti-immigrant sentiment is more immigrants

These countries that the Jew George Soros is giving the mongrels assurances to were in our Grandfathers day the Nordic Peoples home. These Nations were founded by us and are named after us. They are now Multikult killing pens where Jews force divergent races together and accuse the highest one of oppressing the lower races until everyone is equally dumb and Jews can reign over a herd animal. This is hardly desirable.

A better option would be as one commenter on this website which featured Soros’s  detestable Jewish spiel.

1) The multitude can stay in whichever shithole they currently reside in

2) “Europe” saves 34€ billion p.a.

3) The EU falls apart

4) George Soros finally dies

Bur this will not happen. We must insist on only our own race.


tumblr_mwetc4a87t1shpxeco3_1280 - Copy

George Soros is a ratlike Jew and genetic wastage and yet he can write better and more proficiently than most ‘white people’. The regressive bastardisation or dysgenic trend of the Nordic species into a mongrelised hybrid strata of idiots with white skin is obvious with Jews like Soros and the entire Jewish media today able to fool the goyim with rubbish such as ‘crisis’ and ‘refugees’. This is why it is so important to vigorously discriminate against anyone making us uncompetitive against other races, so we stay as the Nordic Race how we evolved.

This history of Jews fooling the goyim was started when Jews started off as peddlers selling Junk. Through history they peddle not just merchandise, but ideas, like ‘rights’ and ‘equality’.

It is absurdly apparent through the Jew Soros’s babbling through use of extreme verbosity, he is using words completely out of context, reminiscent of a market stall trader. Jews are not intelligent, just a parasite honed through years of getting away with their crimes. They have nothing to give to humanity, they instead live parasitically and impose conditions on the organic People that demand nothing but their complete extinction. With ink stained fingers the Jew thinks he can outsmart the goyim. They assure everyone that they are actually the smartest. They pretend to and fancy themselves as smarter than the goyim.

Just like all Jewish writers most people are too unintelligent to read such things so they just assume the author must be smart because he wrote it. The Jewish policies of  ‘democracy’, ‘humanitarianism’, ‘equal rights’ and ‘equality’ are allowed to go on festering unabated defiling humanity. Soros ends his Jewish death warrant for the goyim with the characteristic Jewish ability of turning things around and shamelessly stating things to be exactly the opposite of how they are.

The refugee crisis poses an existential threat to Europe. When should the triple-A credit of the EU be mobilized if not at a moment when the European Union is in mortal danger?

Refugees are a threat to Europe. That is why we should mobilise credit and fund more of them. Then a crippled Europe can be destroyed forever.

– Aidhan

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A Conversation With Jerry IV

Hitler Youth

Jerry is a great friend of mine. Born in Ostpreußen, he rode on the cattlecars west as the Russians came to burn their homes and murder all Germans. After the war the Jews would take the photos of the Cattle Cars and claim it was them going to Auschwitz.

He was in the Hitler Jugend and subsequently in the Reichs Arbeits Dienst (RAD). He was training to be in the Luftwaffe when he was drafted and fought the final months of the war in Belgium and the Nederlands. Some of Jerry’s Writings are on this site.

It is most interesting and moving today in 2015, to read these words, reacting to today’s events,  as Jerry lived in a time when preservation of the race was the cornerstone of the governments reason for existence, which today seems a world a way as we live in a world absolutely saturated with Jews, in which all governments primary objective is to safeguard the Jewish people, and thus is for integration and destroying the idea of racism or any difference between peoples. Jerry has lived and breathed National Socialism since his childhood, and in 2016 he continues to go against the Jews and any and all racial mixture.

Jerry and I talk about the rising power of the Jews and their non stop ‘humanitarian’ wailing. The continual wailing to ‘help the underdog, help the underdog’, until we are all mixed and the Jew as a parasite is safe. We talk how democracy is ridiculous as it entertains and tolerates every viewpoint and every idiots opinion and how it is with all its opposing views and different parties unnecessary in a tribal society that favours one race, one way of life, one culture and one idea. A society with true unity, and true community. A blood community, with one origin, one decent and thus the same traits, the same nature and thus the same values, who understand each other, pulling together. A group of like people that can relate, and pull the same way.

It is up to other Peoples to do the same. If they can’t make it, tough. That is nature.


Ethiopian Stagnates.

Invaders arrive at Munich main station

Nature does not desire Syrians either.

We talk about the Jews history of trading and their amassing of money as they are able to cheat and do things that negatively affect the tribe (our folk), as they are not part of the nation/race they live with, but are hostile to it. This enables them to amass wealth and subsequently media control not through hard work for the race, which never earns as much as criminality, but through profiteering to its detriment. Criminality is however destructive to the race and the race which practices it on its own would soon go extinct. The race on its own could not afford to be criminal for members of a blood community need to help each other to survive. They must work hard or else be outdone by competing species, just as in all of nature.

Jews practice criminality among foreign peoples, amongst the world. The Jews profiteering, controlling things for their own benefit, driving down profit margins, driving everybody else out of business is called ‘economic opportunity’ and ‘free market’, and the excuses that’s just ‘free enterprise’, ‘competitiveness’ and ‘you can’t stop progress’ are given but the loss of folkishness, the destruction for profit motive, the consequences of the Jewish profiteering are worn by the host race. They become unfree and not in control of themselves, they become destitute, they become ruined. The Jews have destroyed a formerly self reliant society. The Jew however has grown rich.

 – Aidhan

The talk begins over a coffee…

Jerry: Unity. Why, and for what purpose? We are not all equal, if we were we would all be, and look exactly the same. There would be no black, white, asian. There would be no racial difference, it would be all one race. Why isn’t it like that? It is not like that. ‘We are one but we are many, we are many but we are one’, this is a stupid song they have invented here in Australia (referring to the subversive 1987 song ‘I am Australian’ which is taught in Primary Schools and drummed into children’s heads along side the National Anthem). Every nation now, is proud to host newcomers from all over the world? Why should one be proud? That is bastardisation.

Aidhan: And ‘from all the lands on earth we come, we share a dream and sing with one voice’ so the song goes. What dream is that? Racial mongrelisation. I certainly don’t have a dream for future generations to be mixed with foreign races. What identity do you have if you incorporate everyone? You don’t have one, you can’t have one. Because you have everyone all mixed and mongrelised together. That is why the Jew is innately hostile to all the Peoples identity.

Jerry: In the beginning in my time the Jew did not have so much influence, not so much opportunity for speech. Now he has freehand everywhere. He is spreading that humanitarian rubbish everywhere. It is all we hear, when I turn the radio on in the morning the first word I hear is refugee. He has got all of the money. He controls the media. He wants to exterminate our race. This is what Hitler fought against, and Hitler was right. The mingling of people, the inferior one coming to predominate. Keep your blood pure. The Jews are spreading this bilge all around the world. And why is the Jew so humanitarian? Because he can’t deal with the strong. He hates a strong race. And how has the Jew got all the money? The poms let him have all the money.

Aidhan: The Poms during the colonisation when they went out to get the mineral wealth.

Jerry: That is right the Poms started it off, they let the Jews have all the power. That is where the Smithsonian Capitalism started, in England. Give the Jews the money and let them rule the world, make the laws and everything. Free reign.

Aidhan: And now we have to all live in democratic pluralistic societies, with every race. You can’t exclude certain races, you have to have them all. Your not allowed to discriminate and say that this nation is for one particular race, they want the racial mixture, and they condone all races living together. They call you a racist and they say that its not democracy if you don’t have all races living in your country. For instance South Africa; the Jews now claim that before Apartheid ended it was not a democracy, it was not democratic because Niggers couldn’t vote. So Jews say that the whole world has to work towards democracy, and its not democracy until all races are living in all nations under equal rights. Otherwise they say there is no freedom. That is rubbish! They are forcing the mixing of the races! Why can’t you have a tribal nation existing for the self determination and preservation of only one race.

Jerry: That is what we originally went out to do. We should keep our genes in the tribe. We should be tribal.

Aidhan: You do what is good for that particular group.

Jerry: Don’t mix it up with foreigners. That is bastardisation. You mix them up with a Black and the White man loses his advantage, and the Black picks up some intelligence. He can then almost talk properly, but still you have lost your advantage, and science and whatever capacity is gone. Their genes are dominant, they are primitive. Recently evolved traits have obviously been selected for. You should hold onto them. They are within the race, they are carried in the blood. They are more beautiful.


A superior advanced cranium.

Aidhan: You have lost the selection. You have lost the selection for the highly evolved and Nordic Race. You have a mongrel.

Jerry: What the couples select for now is for the money, if you are looking for looks and racial traits in a spouse they say you are a ‘snob’, that you ‘think you are better’, people will not want to know you. It is terrible that they are so ignorant. In politics the Liberals (equivalent party of UK Conservatives, USA Republican) here are for the money, and the Labour (equivalent party of UK Labour, USA Democrat) is for the poor, the idiots, the arseholes, the bludgers.

Aidhan: And non of them care about genes, they just want a society dependent on the government.

Jerry: If we left it with nature, how we were originally, 2,000 years ago there were no Jews in Europe, and then the Romans bought them in from Jerusalem, Palestine and Egypt, through their colonisation. They took the Jews because they were rebelling, and doing exactly what they are doing today. They took 500,000 and sent them through Europe. They dispersed them. That is when Europe got the Jews. 4,000 years ago there was no Jews in Europe. The Romans brought them in and they started off collecting junk and making money. Trading and cheating. You give him money, he gives you goods that he hasn’t produced himself but stolen, he helps the idiot and makes it easy for him, he provides, he gets in, and you have had it. He is an unnecessary parasite, but he helps the stupid one. And who made the Jews shine big? It was England. 1,000 years ago when the Jews went to England, with the Normans, then they had the Rothschild’s and they went colonising the world. They needed money and they got it from the Jews. Heaps and heaps of it. America is ruled by the Jews, that is why they put a Nigger in there, and they put a woman in Germany. They cannot resist the Jews, they are weak characters. Obama is driven by his preference for the Blacks, the inferior one. He is driven by the drive to get even. Merkel as a woman by charity and wanting to please the people around her, also by ethnic hatred against the German race.

Aidhan: The Jew has always lived around foreign people in foreign countries. He started off trading. He has always lived in foreign nations amongst foreign people. He knows how to fleece them. The Jews never had a country of their own. They always studied the other people. They know how to do well trading and peddling. Not just peddling goods but peddling foreign ideas, out talking, manipulating. He had to for his survival, that is how they evolved.

Jerry: They live like rats if you leave them on their own. They suck each other dry. They are not intelligent. We should use the universal powers, not the power of money and being a crook. Getting money easily. You never get enough money through hard work, you have got to be a crook. You have got to be a cheat. And that makes the people crook. They become dishonest. If only Hitler had some other countries who stood by. You have got to have a lot of power to win a war, and this is natures law, you have got to have the strength and the power, if you want your People’s way to prevail. But most of the nations were infested with Jewish vermin, and the Jews made the people feel sorry for them, they were ‘persecuted by the nazi’s’, they (citizens of the nations) didn’t understand, they were uneducated, they were cheated, and this is the Jewish way. Cheating. You have got to be just and the Jews do not understand that. Mongrelising the people is not just. Living parasitically in host nations is not just, destroying host nations is not just. And now Europe is being submerged by black filth, and the people get what they deserve, especially the poms. They did the Jews bidding, you become a slave, slaves do not live a long time. You have got to be free, like Germany was under Hitler. It is survival of the fittest, and the Jew is not the fittest, we can rise again if we react to the Jew properly. If for what he does to us, we react to it, and we kill him, we will win.

Aidhan: The Jew can be a crook, he can cheat, he can use money to get ahead because he destroys the society around him. It does not matter to him as he lives as a foreigner within the nation. Cheating is not good for the community, but the Jew profiteers of everyone so he can do that. He lives distinct, separate, as a germ within the nations. In a Germanic community you can’t do that because it would be bad for the community and bad for the tribe, but the Jew does not mind doing things that are bad for our tribe, because he hates us.

Jerry: The people have got to look out now, they have got to wake up. There is a lot of rhetoric going around that the Jew has been mistreated, slaughtered, gassed, persecuted, and the people still listen to the Jews.

Aidhan: If he suffered so he should, he deserves to die. Only Jews say any holocaust against them is terrible, why is it terrible? Jews say that Jews were targeted in Germany, Jews say they were targeted in many places. They never say why Jews were targeted or unwelcome. They always pretend Hitler was mad or crazy, but there is a good reason for dislodging a parasite.


Jerry: Hitler knew about the Jews. Darwinism, survival of the fittest. Nietzsche, 100 years before Hitler, he was a follower of survival of the fittest. Adolf listened to these thinkers, he read the greatest minds in history, he went straight to what the great scientists and philosophers have said. They compare their thinking and they know what is wrong and what is right. And Adolf, when he got out of prison, went from there, following the intelligent thinkers, not the idiot. Those that agree with this, should not be forced to live with the bastard idiots who think this is unfair. We should not have to include them. Those that can’t make it, those that need assistance, those that need help, they should die out. They should not live with us. They will, and the people who talk for them, the Jews, will destroy humanity. We had a Nordic Race that followed these principles, survival of the fittest. We wouldn’t include anybody else, and we were the best race. The intelligent people already agreed on this years and years ago, and if you want to learn something you must always choose a teacher higher than yourself. If you want to pick something up you must go from the man who is already there. That way you can get higher, and over the generations attain the knowledge, and have a great culture. Where does knowledge get you, these are the laws of the universe, life, to create and enlarge life, to build, to climb higher. There is an intelligent mind behind the creation of the universe. This is righteousness, to follow him, to understand and live by the laws of the universe. He created the laws, we have evolution, sexual selection, the sexual impulse, it’s all there. There are two sexes, competition in everything. A multitude of differences between people. He is striving to create something better, he is living through us. There are certain people who have already stated that the Jews are wrong. They (the Jews) are a sick people. ‘Equality’, and equal rights, the things they insist on, its rubbish, it only helps the beggar. It destroys us. This world is meant for intelligent beings only. The strong should not mix with the weak, we should be tribal. If you do not agree with us, piss off. Don’t let the Jews level the planet.

Aidhan: People with different ways, and different values, what this is actually is different natures, should not be forced to coexist.

Jerry: The idiot will not understand when someone is more intelligent than him. That is why the Jew has a big snout. He says a load of outdated, antiquated, humanitarian rubbish.  The idiot gets sucked in by this. Everything they can come up with has already been contradicted by somebody smarter, these smart people already decided the Jew is no good, he should be disposed of. He should live on his own and keep his big snout out of human evolution.

Superior Musculature

Superior Musculature.

Aidhan: The Jew has developed a collection of words he uses to stifle intelligent thought. He thinks he can prevail over the more intelligent thinkers if he just calls them names like ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’ or ‘evil’ or ‘insane’. He has developed more words lately like denier, for if you deny one of his bullshit concepts. The Jew will just say something is sick or harrowing, or extreme, extreme is one of their favourite ones. He will say you are anti- something. He named his own concepts ‘progressive’ without stating why they are good. And the idiot goes along with this. The intelligent people already thought for example anti-Semitic, well what is Semitism? Semitism is  preference for Semites, a Semitic world view. If I don’t want that, or I am not one, if I don’t want Semitic intrusions of course I am! Why must I like Jews? To have an ethnic nation is anti-Semitic, as Jews demand to live everywhere. To not have Jews in your country is anti-Semitic, and the nation exists for the preservation of the race. Why should Jews be able to force a whole other race to like them and tolerate them. But I guess a lot of people can’t think like this.

Jerry: The Jews they keep the people dumb, while proclaiming to be intellectuals. They need the people to be dumb so that they believe their bullshit. He produces entertainment for the people, the television and radio stations are filled up with sport. First thing in the morning they start up with cricket, they go all day. It’s boring how can you listen to that. The people should be interested in the laws of the universe. They don’t realise there is something to life. We are here for a purpose. When I was young I wanted to fly, I built a glider. Nature has produced laws that allow us to fly. We were learning to fly in Germany. We did that, we studied it, we designed them. We enjoyed it, not sitting around watching sports. What Jew has ever done that? They just stupify us with sport and then tell us what is right and what is wrong, if you rise up, you are anti-Semitic. They stop our progress. Otto Lilienthal was the first man to fly, he built some wings, and eventually killed himself, and to this day what has a Nigger done in Africa? Nothing. I was flying because I was interested in it. I built some models, bigger ones and bigger ones. In the Hitler Jugend on the big gliders we were catapulted, three boys on either side, and a big rubber band. We had to fly 15 metres, then the second test we had to do an S curve, left then right, then land, then for the C test we were taken up by a motor flight and had to stay in the air for half an hour. That is what we did as Germans. When the Russians came they destroyed everything. Now today the youth don’t do anything. We had a good time without the Jews (laughs). The trouble is the Jew. We had an example of who the next ruler should be. He should not be afraid of the Jew, he must have big knowledge, he must ridicule the Jews. They are ridiculous, the way they circumcise. The way they want to manage this planet it is ridiculous, they kill all the animals, the races die out. The way they kosher slaughter, and let the animal bleed out, while it is living. They make it die slowly in a lot of pain. Everything about the Jews, it is insidious. We should not have to put up with them.


Aidhan: The Jews in Israel staged a conference, with representatives in attendance from various EU ‘member states’. The conference was on what Israel wants for Europe, and what Israel wants the European future to be. Integration, get rid of all the nations, merge it all together.. The Jew is saying this is the way we want Europe to be, this is the way we expect Europe to be. ‘Transforming it into vibrant democracies’. Democracies – this is tyranny, because they have got all the power.

Jerry: Democracy is an outdated outlived fashion. It is rubbish, to live together with each other.

Aidhan: They said that if member states ever vote in ‘anti-Semitic’ or nationalist government, when they have the European Parliament, there is an article in the European Constitution stating that they can suspend voting rights. Any anti Jew in the European Parliament they can just suspend their voting rights, saying it goes against democratic principles that us Jews uphold, so you cant vote anymore. Just like how Hitler the man elected by the highest democratic margin ever, is called by the Jews a dictator. So it is democratic tyranny, ruled over by the Jews.

Jerry: What is Democracy?

Aidhan: Rule by the Jews.

Jerry: Democracy is acceptance of the shit you have amongst yourselves, more or less, it is acceptance.

Aidhan: Acceptance of sickening opinions.

Jerry: The opinion and the character of your enemy, the one who opposes you, the one who doesn’t know what he is talking about. Equal rights for everyone, for every idiot and every bastard. If you are tribal you don’t need a democracy. You love your ways.

Aidhan: You live by your innate nature, everyone agrees. Democracy is bringing divergent idiots together, to destroy a natural society.

Jerry: You love your ways, you love your kind, you love your traditions. You don’t need to subside before and accepts somebody elses ways. You don’t have to. It is wrong if you accept other people’s ways of living. You have progress only when you continue on from the great minds, in one historical tradition. We take on board what the great minds of one generation said, and the culture, the level of understanding climbs higher. If we merge or have our thinking tampered with or deconstructed or we have to live with, accept or tolerate somebody else, we never get anywhere. In a democracy we have got to accept the views and the policies of people who are not our race. In a democracy there is no difference, between a good idea and a bad idea, it is of no consequence because they have lost the idea of a tribe.  If policies are bad and go against natural law, it doesn’t matter they can just bring in some new immigrants or some refugees and replace the people affected. The old tribe that has been forced to live under this democracy dies out. In tribalism you have one people pulling together. You don’t have this multi party rubbish.

Aidhan: You should never accept foreign viewpoints ever. Simply because they are foreign. They are the nature of somebody else. That is why we have distinct ethnicities and nations. Ethnicities that the Jew will never respect the existence of. If we are German, and we think German, the Jew will not admit that there is a racial difference there. National Socialism is most suitable for us. Why should it be anybody elses business.

Jerry: You should not be tolerant, you should insist on your ways and on your race. That is nature. There is no progress if everything is ‘inclusive’ as they say. If we have only one globalist way, if everyone insists on doing things the same way, breeding the same race, the same idiots, doing the same things again and again. That is Jewish profiteering off of the people. Each ethnicity has its own identity and its own mission. It is its own humanity, it is speciation, to create higher forms, not black stupid Niggers.


True Nordic.

Aidhan: Jews always say that democracy is ‘progressive’, but they have bombed to oblivion everyone with any better ways. Adolf Hitler freed the German people from the death grip, regained sovereignty, made Germany a national home for the Nordic Race. The Jews say he excluded the Jews, the Jews got the world to bomb them. Everything always goes back to idiots all the time. Jews say that you have got to have pluralism and equal rights for everyone. Jews say otherwise there is ‘discrimination’ and minorities are oppressed, excluded etc. They use themselves as the example. Now they tell us democracy is the best form of government. We still have  a Jewish problem, we are not free, we have to tolerate everything. You should do what is good for a particular group. You should have a preference for that group. That is the function of the nation. Not unite and force different people who think different things together, and keep them together for ‘cohesion’ and ‘harmony’. National Socialism was right for the German people, it was voted in by 98%. The Jews are very cunning, if we have self-government, they say we are not including other people, they say they are suffering. This is genocide.



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The Trouble With Jews

The Jew has always been a subhuman force of decay and death. Their desire is that us, and any people on the planet with noble and good characteristics be destroyed and completely eradicated from the face of the earth. The entirety of their history has been a rebellion against mans true form.

Hated by man, he is the anti man. And yet he still exists.

gregor gysi

Richard Wagner said ‘The Jew is the demon behind the corruption of mankind’

The Jews want to live with special status inside every nation on this planet. Nobody is left at peace. The Jews want other races to live together but they would like to keep themselves separate as a group within every nation. From the beginning the Jews have made the affairs of others their own business. The Jews decompose the nation but keep their own uniqueness.

The Jew … Judaizes … he provokes religious indifference, but he also imposes on those whose faith he destroys, his own concept of the world, of morality, and of human life … The Jews detests the spirit of the nation in the midst of which they live.

– Bernard Lazare

As monstrous as it may seem, we are engaged in close combat between Israel and the Nations – and it can only be genocidal and total because it is about our and their identities.

Yitzhak Attia, Israel Magazine, April 2003

Today, bar North Korea, probably no nation on earth has a preference for its own people. No race has a sovereign home. Instead the Jew has made himself the sovereign race inside every Peoples country. He has made the Peoples homeless.

Kaiser Wilhelm II 2

A nation is created by families, a religion, a tradition: it is made up out of the hearts of mothers, the wisdom of fathers, the joy and the exuberance of children.

– Kaiser Wilhelm II

We have lost control of our borders, we have lost control over our sovereignty, we have lost control over our own continued existence.

The Chinese have lost control of China, the Japanese have lost control of Japan; all are slaves to the Jewish economic beast.

The Nordic Races policies however have nothing to do with other races but however demand the strictest separation of race and race and an end to the parasitism.

We are sure that when the parasitism ends the Nordic Race will show itself to be the superior and fittest race on this planet. Just as in the past when England for the English and Germany for the Germans made them the worlds best nations.

If equality is real, why is it necessary to mix the races? If equality is real, let us prove it. Separate along racial lines and observe who does the best.

There’s plenty of living space in the world, but the notion that the Jewish people were chosen by God, to live off the productivity of other peoples will finally have to go.

– Adolf Hitler

We have no obligation to host or live with any other race. We want the Nordic Race, and just the Nordic Race. We don’t want to mix with, see or live with other races. We see nothing in the other Peoples preferable and nothing in them that is a substitute for our own people. So we want our own country for our own people.

wolfgang willrich 1942

While you, Nordic reader, have a preference for your own race, Jews have preferences for races other than our own. This would be fine for the Jews if they would live on their own in their own country but they do not want that and have never wanted to do so. They are in fact the only race that has never had a nation or a territory for themselves. They are the only race that from the beginning wanted to live with other Peoples. They like to be everywhere, at the expense of all other Peoples. The Jew wants to exert his own preference for other Peoples, inside your own country. He has no preference for your people, he sees nothing wrong with letting in and encouraging divergent people from all over the world into lands that previously fed and were home to only Nordic people. Through his own limited parasitic mentality, he cannot understand why already the races do not live together.


We can’t have this with Jews

For this reason you just can’t get on with them. The situation quickly becomes unworkable. This Jewish plague becomes absolutely impossible when you want to live as a self-sufficient race without other Peoples. Jews just won’t allow it. The Jew demands to live in the same country. It is in their Talmud. It is not just the Jews that then flood a nation, but the subhuman hordes that always follow the Jew.

The American Jewish Committee for instance states that the best way to lobby for the Jews since they came (and protect their interests) is to lobby on behalf of all minorities and victims everywhere. They are in effect anti natural, anti-evolution, decomposing force.

The Jews admit themselves that what is bad for the Nations is good for them. They seek to destroy the nations and murder the whole world.

… historically, Jews had always thrived in nations and empires with multicultural, pluralistic and tolerant environments, while they fared badly in strong ethnic or nationalistic societies. European Jews have always been the emblematic stranger or ‘other’. Therefore, by definition, a society where the stranger is welcome is good for the Jews, although they have not always appreciated this link. … The future of European Jewry is dependant on our ability to shape a multicultural, pluralistic and diverse society.

– Göran Rosenberg, Jewish author and journalist

American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their belief—one firmly rooted in history—that Jews are safe only in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups. It is this belief, for example, not approval of homosexuality, that leads an overwhelming majority of U.S. Jews to endorse ‘gay rights’ and to take a liberal stance on most other so-called ‘social’ issues.

– Charles Silberman, Jewish writer and journalist

Jews forever fight ‘racism’, or any distinction of uniqueness. The Jews always look to the other race in a heterogeneous society and point to the discrimination inflicted by ‘racism’. But if the races did not live together, ‘racism’ would not matter.

get your own country niggers

Go and be a Nigger in your own Sovereign State.

This is why the Nordic Race has to be anti-Semitic for its survival. When it ceases to become anti-Semitic, it ceases to exist. Nordic homogeneity was enforced in days when Jews were vigorously excluded. The Nordic Race developed and thrived, in days when there was no contact with this Jewish race that now lives everywhere that we live. We did not move ourselves in large numbers into Jewish countries, rather Jews have consciously and purposefully followed us to the four corners of the globe. One can see today how the tolerance for the Jews has led to the people’s death.


We do not wish to see children who do not look like this.

The Jews love to concoct societies with everyone living together under forced equality. Jews bring in the underworld to formerly Nordic countries and areas. Non Nordics are always grossly inferior, and always correspond with problems, poverty, welfare dependency and crime. Once there is a population of non Nordic people, enabled by the Jew, these non Nordic people always, want other non Nordic people.

der untermensch nordland verlag 1942 -003-e1388521031182

An alliance of the underworld – Most modern ‘people’.

The subhuman’s are uniting to conquer the world. The Jews have inflated these wretched and disfigured savages and inferiors with foreign aid, tax money, welfare and charity. They will turn into the world, an overpopulated cesspit of insanity and poverty, and then starvation and apocalyptic wasteland. Woe to us all, if we do not unite to protect ourselves!

future mongelised planet

Welcome to the future – race mixed planet.

If people could do their work, raise their families and discriminate, the Nordic Race would outdo and become the worlds most predominant race. This is what our instincts, nature, and the life creating mechanism of evolution strive for, the perfection of the species through selection.


Crafted by nature and sexual selection.

Governments today exist to enforce equality, and integrate races together under the Jews, who get to stay separate. Jews are a racially destructive force, and it is natural that tribal societies, and independent societies hate them. If these tribal societies do not kill or exclude the Jew, that tribal society ceases to exist.

Racial integration is Jewish interference in the evolutionary progress of mankind. Independently, on our own and above the destructive laws of ‘equality’, which is so unnatural and anti-evolutionary, through the Aryan-Nordic race evolution of the human intelligence will evolve to a higher stage than the present one.

Due to the Jews primitive action against the more intelligent humans, time will come to get rid of the parasite. One can imagine that somewhere in the future there is a tremendous ‘holocaust’ waiting for them.

So Jews must be ruthlessly rejected, excluded and targeted for forceful extermination. Peoples who do not do this will not stand the test of time. This is because Jews demand to live everywhere in the world, in every country, thus every Jew is a Jewish supremacist. The Jews demand to live alongside other Peoples in every nation with special status born out of the Talmud. The Jews accuse ‘whites’ of being White Supremacists while Jews exert control over the entire planet. White supremacy wouldn’t matter in an all white living sphere. The Jewish germ accuses our race of racism in every single country in the world. There should be a nation where the preference is for the Nordic Race.

Our homogeneity is not being respected.

– Aidhan

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The Psychology Of Being An Inferior Race

This is a simple, introductory scientific article for those people who are of high enough quality to notice that humanity is unequal, and that the world would be better, if the majority of the world’s populace today was non-existent.

This article shows Politics, Morality and Values, to be merely the eternal battle between Human and Subhuman; human with ideas of uniqueness and subhuman with the complaining of equality. All ideas from sub humans and people who are different from you can be disregarded; their complaints against you can be put down to admissions of inferiority.

This article presents exactly why different people disagree with each other and why you can never ever coexist with people who are not like you. The earliest racial origins and their polar opposites, the primal Nordic Race and the subhuman Jew and their interactions throughout history are shown to be responsible for politics and values today, to produce a case for racial separation, for the sake of the superior race.

kirsten dunst 2


In the last few hundred years, two completely opposing views have come to a head. Master and Slave Morality. These two opposing moral valuations and subsequent political systems arising out of them have forever sprung from two starkly opposing races. These polar moral valuations are responsible for all variety in the political spectrum.

These two races at their absolute origin are the Nordic Race propounding Master Morality, and the Jews who have forever propounded Slave Morality. The Jewish Slave Morality re-evaluates everything Nordic Master Morality Values. While Master Morality has discerned what is good for a particular group, Slave Morality re-evaluates this into how it affects others.

The Jewish Slave Morality has recently in the last two centuries given birth to the Political Ideology of Marxism, which is merely an expression of the inferior’s contempt for the superior, embodied in Slave Morality.

The entire spectrum of politics, the entire spectrum of ideology, is nothing more but the conflict between these two contrary primal moral valuations.

These polar moral valuations can and must be seen from a biological point of view, the battle between superior and inferior, the battle between race and race, species and species. Today, since the great Biological & Eugenical movements of the 19th and early 20th centuries, and National Socialist government in Germany biological knowledge for us supersedes politics. Genetic drives of inferior people doing things to increase their competitiveness, in the war for speciation (who will be the humanity of the future), is the explanation for everything in politics that is left of the ‘far right wing’. Politics is an illusion, that covers up the war between races.

This is why people’s that think differently, must be separate. It is only in the superior’s will to do so, against a levelling force (democratic politics).

A realisation of the absolute origin of all variety of thought, whether it be in the Nordic Race or the Jewish Race, will end all argument between competing belief systems.

Nordicism, and the belief in inherent Nordic racial superiority of the Nordic group, and the consequent will for racial separation is innate to surviving members of the Nordic Race, who the Jews have decimated. All other Peoples find this offensive.

The Nordic Master Morality has been present in the Nordic Race right through its history, from Paleo hunter gatherers, in the spread of the pre Germanic Nordic tribes, the settling down of the Nordic Race into farmsteaders and the spread of the Germanic Tribes. Master morality is particularly famously embodied strongly in popular conceptions of the Viking ages, it is embodied in particular in the German Nation and then pushed by the opposing forces of the Jews to give rise to National Socialism, the natural self-aware exclusive Germanic self-government, and the most hated political system by Jews and inferiors. For example instead of the euthanisation of the heredity ill, something we have done since the beginning being inherently a good thing under Master Morality because of the final consequence, it becomes bad under Slave Morality because we all have to look at it from the ill persons perspective. Instead of the physical removal of the Jews being a good thing for the Germanic Race, it becomes a bad thing because people are being treated ‘unequally’. Master Morality is also the fundament of Aristocratic Principals, which exist to this day in wanting to be separate from ones lessers, to preserve uniqueness that only the Aristocrat is able to see.

Master Morality can be thought of in terms of strength and Slave Morality in terms of weakness. Strong People hate Weak People and Weak People hate Strong People. Each sees each other as irreconcilably immoral and worthy of death. Although it is only in the strongs interests to admit this, to which the weak can reply, accusations of evil.

It can also be thought of in terms of useful vs useless and superior vs inferior and in its biological essence highly evolved/highly specialised vs lowly evolved/base.  Both would like to see the death of the other, although it is only in the strongs interest to admit this. At extreme ends of the spectrum the Nordic Race represents strength and the Jews represent weakness.

This is the eternal conflict of human vs sub-human.

Altdorf bei Nürnberg 3

Discriminatory Germanic Society


The future with degenerated Mongrels

As long as there have been men on the earth, the struggle between man and the subhuman will be the historic rule; the Jewish-led struggle against the mankind, as far back as we can look, is part of  the natural course of life on our planet. One can be convinced with full certainty that this struggle for life and death is just as much a law of nature as is the struggle of an infection to corrupt a healthy body.”

Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler 1935

The Psychology Of Being An Inferior Race – The most profound chasm in so-called ‘humanity’.

Unbeknownst to the often unaware and naive superior race, the multitude of inferior subhuman hordes are working day and night to submerge your superior genes forever and predominate over the planet. The inferior and undeveloped wish to submerge the evolutionary life force.

Not all of those, who appear human are in fact so. Woe to him who forgets it! Every great creation, idea, and artistic expression on this planet were brought forth by real man. It was this true man that thought to invent and create.
– Der Untermensch, Nordland Verlag, 1942

The Mechanism works as follows:

The inferior, lowly developed races genes are dominant over the highly developed superior races genes. It is evident then that these inferior people have a psychology which enables them to breed out their genetic competition. They can absorb anything, so proclamations of superiority aren’t necessary as they are with the recessive superior race with the genes to preserve.

Instead he can just cry about ‘racism’, say he ‘doesn’t care about race’, and that ‘we are all equal’ or ‘all human’. This way he does not lose anything. This is innate and it is inbuilt. The psyche of the mongrel. He does not even have to say he hates his enemy. He can just complain he is not being treated with ‘equality’.

This can be seen in this week’s recent Adam Goodes scandal in Australia. It can be seen in anything the homosexualist movement ever says, and anything anyone propounding any form of ‘equality’ ever says.

They are not really tolerant; they just want to appear better than you because they are biologically inferior.

What the inferior really wants is to be able to live in a society with the superior in order to breed him out. He hates the most the idea of the superior race being on his own. This is why the inferior will almost always support ‘multiculturalism’, ‘pluralism’, ‘equal rights’, ‘free speech’. He can say ‘discrimination is wrong on all counts’, and that it is wrong to be prejudiced (meaning have an opinion) because he does not have to be. If he succeeds in living in a society with superior people for long enough he wins, he makes it, and he predominates.

This is where all this ‘compassion’ and all this ‘acceptance’ come from. The untermensch, the subhuman.

This is why the Jews want all Peoples to live under ‘one government’, with ‘equal rights’.

charles schumer jew

The Jew, the Destroyer

We do not tolerate the weak, the stupid, the unfit or the defective. We do not accept those not like us. We judge. This is seen as ‘evil’ for those who would be judged badly. These inferior people however still have a Will to Power, and still want to survive at all costs. This is why they refuse to leave or get out of the way. They will do absolutely all that they are allowed to do, and go where they are allowed. They will exterminate the superior through outbreeding as soon as they are able. They do not have to discriminate, or say one thing is better than another for their survival. It wouldn’t be in their interests. It is rather in their interests to do the opposite. To talk about ‘acceptance’ ‘humanity’ and ‘compassion’ and such things. Their true victory comes in their number of births, through being accepted.

But why would the superior be tolerant?

There is nothing really good about ‘tolerance’, ‘sensitivity’ or ‘diversity’, or ‘inclusion’. There are no benefits to tolerating things around you, having sensitivity to other people’s feelings, or including people for their sake. These values are just essentials for the inferior.

As an Aristocratic Principal, the others are for them to worry about. This goes against modern political principles that find their origin in the Jewish race such as ‘inclusion’ and ‘tolerance’ and ‘pluralism’, which is inherent in a democracy.

Who would suggest tolerance? Only an inferior bastard.

The superior instead would preach hatred, exclusion and segregation. These are the mark of the higher race. He knows the definition of ‘human’ does not go far enough.

If this simple outline makes sense to you, then continue to read this site. Read the other articles on and read the great Eugenicists of the 19th and 20th Century. Men like Madison Grant & Hans F.K. Günther. Read the books of the real objective scientists that the Jews could not contradict because they are wrong, but because they are not nice. Read and learn from the great minds of the Nordic Race.

Commit yourself to the Nordic Cause that is as old as the Nordic Race itself. This is a war between  mankind’s true image and the forces of decay that will end mankind as a failed species.


– Aidhan

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Lobethal Bakery – The Jewish Net Casts Over German Town In South Australia

Last week the front page of the local newspaper here, The Courier, featured the faggot flag. The woman columnist announced that faggot flags are going up at various locations in two local Council Areas. The Council’s are proud to celebrate ‘gay and lesbian culture’.

latvia faggot protest tumblr_inline_nq97q2POEd1tuvmur_540

As if they have one, they are an invented group. (Generic Photo)

The area already had a culture which the paper now ignores.




This week in the editorial there was a letter from the owner of a Bakery. She is no longer going to have the newspaper in her bakery anymore, as she is disgusted by the pro faggot stance of the newspaper.


How many people have noticed, the drive for ‘gay marriage’ acceptance, has been entirely led by the media? Shouldnt this make the people not support it at all! It is a system manipulation, not something organic that came from the people. Ruth Trinkle noticed.

Her bakery is now being boycotted and is apparently in danger of closure.


The Lobethal Bakery

The support page for goyim that does not affect anything in the real world.

The boycott page that the Adelaide Advertiser encourages people to join in to. This page is crawling with Jews that won’t admit their Jewishness.


What the inferior hate the most is ‘discrimination’.

However I visited the bakery today and the assertion that the Lobethal Bakery is in danger of closing is absolutely laughable. The bakery was as busy as ever, and possibly even busier. Faggot activists were surprisingly absent. This turns out to be just another example of Jews manipulating the public. While Jews over represent their sick ideas online, ideas about the faggots possibly being able to starve the business of trade turn out to be hot air.

Bottom Feeders.

Bottom Feeders.

Its the 21st Century, there is no room for tradition, culture, identity or different Peoples. Everything must be mashed together and the scum must prevail.

It’s the 21st Century; there is no room for tradition, culture, identity or different Peoples. Everything must be mashed together and the scum must prevail.

The Courier

Only a few short years ago this newspaper was a farmers paper. The paper was genuinely a local paper, with its knowledge of local history and local culture. It was not hostile towards the British identity and feel of the area, and was able to bring input from real locals both of British and German descent. The area was homogenous, and the paper brought stories of the people who lived here. The picture pages were full of Nordic families and individuals with blonde and red hair.

But now the paper is a Jewish paper. It has got nothing to do with the local area, but portrays the area to be just one part of a ‘global community’ that needs undermining. The paper within a few years has turned into just another arm of Jewry, with its mission socially engineering the people. Its perspective is no longer a local one but an international Jewish one with a focus on ‘diversity’. It’s as if these detached people view the area from afar and are busy bullying its inhabitants. No longer do they talk about farmers, the projects of village people or represent the identity of the area. Now the paper is occupied ‘driving’ the area. They are busy changing the area into something different. They have already declared the area not ‘diverse’ enough and agitated for the replacement of all the locals with brown stagnants and refugee’s. The readership have turned into the papers enemy and this readership must be condemned and destroyed at any cost. But for this to occur it is vital that they continue reading the paper.

With all the talk on ‘refugee’s’, ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’, ‘social change’ and even the ‘holocaust’, the self-proclaimed local paper has taken its side. Against the people and for the Jews. I have been following the decay of the newspaper, and I can proclaim as expected that it proceeds at a rate proportional to the disfigurement of the faces of the journalists.

They were in full support of the Refugee’s and their rights when they were housed by the government in former Defence Housing. The ‘refugee’ children were bussed to a local school where they terrorised local children. This local paper ignored what the real people thought and was in full support of children in this ‘Anglo enclave’ being able to ‘have exposure’ to ‘other cultures’. As soon as the area received its first Nigger in the form of a husband for a fat welfare bludger living in social housing, the paper was there to photograph him as if he were anyone else. For a few years the paper has not ceased in portraying Jews and their ‘art’ in exhibits nobody but Jews travel up to from the city. The paper was in full support of an ‘international sculpture symposium’, where Jewish and ‘Eastern European’ sculptors were allowed to vandalise parks and streetscapes with horrible alienating ‘art’. The newspaper is in full support of the urbanisation of the area, and often contains articles detailing how ‘urbanisation’ and ‘growth’ can be achieved ‘sustainably’. The paper is of the opinion we need more local ‘jobs’ and more local ‘infrastructure’, meaning, we need more people, more houses, more business, and higher population density for everyone. This paper has not represented the local area for a few years now.

Despite having an overt, extreme Semitic agenda for decomposition of the Nordic People, and promotion of everything that will result in the genocide of the Nordic Race. Editor Ian Osterman disputed the fact that the paper is running a homosexuality campaign, despite the paper being all for homosexualism and calling opponents ‘bigots’.

The Newspaper has already come out against racism and thus come out against the existence of races, and is thus murderous towards anyone of any pedigree.

Unfortunately, those supporting the bakery are unaware that this is all the Jews. They are blaming ‘do-gooders’, ‘liberals’ and ‘bleeding hearts’. They are unaware most of these ‘people’ are Jews.

Jews - The germ behind the decomposition of man.

Jews – The germ behind the decomposition of man.

It is the Jews that invent opinions contrary to your instincts. It is the Jews that destroy the world. Not ‘do-gooders’ and ‘bleeding hearts’.

The Newspaper does not just have a ‘homosexual agenda’, but a Jewish Talmudic agenda. The Nordic Race is at stake and the people must be polarised. They must know what emanates from the rank Jewish Serpent and what comes from the Nordic Race. Only then can the faggots and all other groups invented by Jews be made innocuous to the survival of our people.

If you support homosexualism you support the forced mingling of different groups, the persecution of those with different ideals and the extinction of true groups.

We fight against all ideas of ‘equality’ and all inferior people that desire it.


No homosexuals in this group.

For more information on ‘what is homosexuality‘ click the link, and read the true facts that it is just an invented victims group for Marxism with no actual historical basis for existing, in which they are virtuous and others are ‘evil’. Homosexuals are driven at the real group until that group is destroyed. This destruction is justified because that group ‘oppressed’ homosexuals. Even though homosexuals do not even exist, only different categories of people who pretend to be, think they are or speak for them.

I have been going to the Lobethal Bakery for years. Their Pretzel Bread is second to none. Support this Bakery, Support the Nordic Race and death to the Jews!

– Aidhan

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Völkisch Settlers – Germanic Resettlement

Watch the following video about Germans who want to live independently from the Jewish Marxist system. Some Germans have made it out into the countryside to buy up lands and form autonomous communities. This is how it is done.

They produce for themselves, they rely on the system for nothing. This is the only way a race survives. They want nothing to do with the Jews, nothing to do with the inferior races, nothing to do with people who do not agree with them.

See how the Jews declare them evil for daring to be independent. See how the Jews declare them evil for daring to remain German as they always have been. See how the Jews declare them evil for daring to have German Children.

The video is from MDR, a television station in Germany, owned by Jews, used to manipulate the non Jewish viewing public. The video is critical and holds Jews up to be something everyone has to love and live with or else die.

The Jews did not do a very good job and as usual show themselves to be against the independence of everyone and truly worthy of a holocaust in that the only way our Nordic Race taking to the country and establishing independent farming communities could possibly offend anybody is through the individual being a German hater, and thus probably Jewish himself.

Some Screenshots:




This is the only way to live. We win.

The facts: How Jews incense the world against the Nordic Race, ‘bringing the world together’ under Zion.

It has got nothing to do with Jews but already the prospects of Nordic Humanity surviving on its own is something the Jews want monitored and stamped out now. They propound into the consciousness of every inferior being the notion that they should feel threatened by using the term ‘racist’. The ‘racists’ must be stopped, how terrible it would be if a race better than all of the mongrels survived into the future to show a better example than worldwide dependency on illegitimate foreign Jewish rulers. How terrible it would be if one race survived against globalism on its own with its own leadership and community intact.


The Völkisch Settlers are not ‘undermining the community’ like the Jews say they are. They are creating their own community. After all, what community presently exists? Jews have already destroyed the German Peoples Community with their ‘multiculturalism’ and foreign beliefs. There is only atomised individuals who consume Jewish media and cannot relate.


They only want to continue Germany and the Nordic Race.


The Jews even employed this actor to demonise the rural farming Germans. ‘Reinhardt B’ couldnt stand it anymore, he allegedly left because he was ‘shocked’ by what kind of people his family had to do with. The Jews just invented this ‘traitor’ to make it look to our race that being independent is a ‘bad thing to do’. There is no reason to believe this Reinhardt B even exists.

True antagonists to the existence of the Nordic Race usually look more like the physical abomination below. The disfigured and spiteful weakling Anna Schmidt that complained that the German race exists throughout the whole video. Anna is a defect and thus unsettled by the idea of supremacy. The malformed androgynous cow needs ‘equality’ to survive. In more healthy times Anna Schmidt would have found herself euthanised or in the bog.


Yes we are racists. The superior race continually stands apart. We demand to be separate as we value our traits. Only ‘racists’, care for the quality of man. We have nothing to gain by mixing with lower races. All good traits are already in the Germanic Race. We have a good race we are descended from, and we do not want to join it with any lesser beings, thus becoming something less than we are now.

What is not of good race in the world is chaff. – Adolf Hitler

Can you imagine how ‘offensive’ the above statement could be to the worlds approximately 7 billion impure, inferior, and worthless? Can you see how this feeling of inferiority can be driven against a numerically tiny Nordic Race that currently lives under government run by subhumans. That is why we must be separate.

Separate from the mongrels and their accusations of ‘racism’. Separate with our own people who love our race and will do anything to see it flourish.

‘Racism’ is in the minds of the inferior. Accusations of ‘racism’ are merely admissions of inferiority. Racial ‘integration’ is human interference in the evolutionary process of mankind. Equal Rights and Equal Pretensions are to perfect a herd animal. There is no equality in nature.

The very existence of life proves this fact; two sexes and the differences between every single individual prove that the universe is using evolution to strive for perfection. If individuals were equal, the life span would be for ever, there would be only one sex, there would be no reproduction, and there would be no need for any more than 1 individual, and if there were, every individual would look and behave exactly the same. There would be nothing on this planet to sustain us, no animals, no grass and no plants, because nothing could have developed, thus there would be no life at all.

Even two brothers are different. Every two people are different. This variation is in competition and is striving to create something as yet unimagined.

I myself hate the subhumans, and their accusations of racism against a highly developed desirable race that has followed sexual selection since the beginning is only another display of their inferiority.


The Jews also use the term ‘anti-Semitic’. The Jews would like the Germanic Race stamped out for being anti-Semitic. It is the Jews who moved to Germany and enslaved her people.

The video itself featured the research from the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. This group itself is another Jewish group, who’s spokeswoman makes statements such as “In Eastern Germany are not enough people, who are visible minorities, for example blacks”. The group is fully devoted to the extermination of the Nordic and German People, and their replacement with inferior species. Their aim is complete mongrelisation of the world by for instance ‘building networks between initiatives at local level, promoting alternative youth cultures and communities to weaken the support for intolerance and racism’ and ‘finanially supporting so far more than 770 initiatives and projects which engage with racism, anti-Semitism, and right-wing extremism, and which advocate for a democratic culture and the rights of minorities’ and even going to agitate, lecture and consult civil society where NPD has electoral victories. So much for advocating for ‘democratic culture’.

If a Nordic person opposes the policies of social and racial engineering that are designed to bring these Jewish dreams to fruition, the intrusion of undeveloped & ugly refugee’s, the policies of ‘diversity’, bringing in everyone from everywhere in the world to all come and live everywhere together, he is called ‘racist’ by the Jews. It is no wonder then that anti-Semitism exists, when Jews if they could would make your area 100% black, and Jews have groups that fight against ‘racism’ ie the existence of races.

The Germanic People does not wish to live around Niggers, or Jews, or anyone else not part of our blood community, that has remained homogenous since prehistory, but it is evident the Jews; and the entirety of the underworld would like for us to.

So the bastards can keep their ‘democratic’ politics, their pluralism, their forced equality and their alienation. The Germanic Race returns to its roots.


What got to me was the neglect of those half timbered buildings. Just how beautiful they were and how they were all neglected. This is one other very sad effect the Jews have on a once proud nation. German buildings today in Germany are neglected, everything goes to ruin as Jews build their skyscrapers in the cities in their typical ‘internationalist’ ‘modernist’ fashion. Nobody but these National Socialists will restore and live in real German Towns. Nobody else loves Germany! Everybody else wants cosmopolitan decadent & lazy city lifestyle. It truly was a sad thing to behold.

In the not to distant future every Nordic child will be born to Völkisch parents in Nordic communities. Nobody else will be left. The Jews and their policies will have cleansed all those still in the system. This is how the Germanic Race has lived for the overwhelming majority of its history and this is what the Jews hate. Look how frightened the Jews are by a load of farmers! This is all you have to do. Break the model of functioning as a ‘class’ in a ‘diverse’ Jewish society and break free. Its what they depend on you not doing! Finally then the Nordic Race will be an independent race.

– Aidhan

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The Nordic Race in Britain 1948 – 2015 – An Extermination

david cameron 1

Recent comments by David Cameron, the brunette, Jewish Prime Minister of Britain, make it a pertinent time to discuss the downfall and decay of Great Britain, and the dispossession of its National Peoples, and their newfound irrelevance to the modern discourse.

A group of women give the Nazi salute on the deck of the Wilhelm Gustloff at Tilbury, 10th April 1938. The ship is a floating polling station enabling the 2,500 German citizens resident in Britain to vote in Nazi Germany's 1938 plebiscite.  (Photo by Becker/Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

English Girls on holiday in Germany

Great Britain – 1948: The first shipload of Niggers arrives from the West Indies. The British People are told it is to address a ‘labour shortage’ due to the lack of man power after the war. The Niggers, just like all Niggers; go on the dole. The Niggers breed up and are complemented especially from the 1960’s onwards by further boat loads & plane loads. Whole cities are destroyed by black population. Bradford, Birmingham and parts of London are the first to go. Council flat high rises go up all across the country to further accommodate the ever-growing mass of filth.

Money is taken from working Brits tax and given straight to the coloured stagnates as they over breed. The once Great Britain gets herself further and further into debt to pay for the worlds largest ‘welfare state’. Governments sell national assets to pay back the Jewish bankers. The 1970’s and 1980’s are times of extreme poverty for all but the top 10%. Youth who once sought apprenticeships in national industries now join the coloured hordes in the welfare line ups. Even though there is no work for the British Youth, the brown tidal wave of subhumanity continues to grow larger and larger. The excuse ‘labour and skills shortages’ are still being used.

Britain – 2015: British People make up a minority. The English people especially are well below 50% of the total population. Britain is rebranded as a ‘successful multi-racial, multi-faith democracy’. The British People is not even acknowledged and new arrival brown subhumans are classed by the government institutions as ‘British’. It seems the British People will soon cease to exist. The archaic excuse of Job & Skills shortages is now not the only reason for the flood of Mongrel Rubbish. Foreigners are now brought in for no other reason than just to combat ‘racism’. Anyone who wants to come to Britain is allowed in, it would be against his ‘human right’ to not allow entry, and against UN laws stating ‘every individual has a right to abide anywhere he wishes’. Any person from any EU Member state is allowed in and any subhuman dog from outside of the EU is allowed in as a ‘refugee’, meaning ‘I want to live in another country otherwise im oppressed’. Newly arrived subhumans are given a ‘job seekers allowance’, even when they are disabled, won’t speak English and incapable of working.


The English People are no longer given a racial designation, and the very obvious notion of the visually distinct Anglo Saxon is seen as a dangerous link to Germanism, that could inflame into mass round ups and gassings of Jews at any time, and instead; instead of the racial characteristics and cultural history of Britain being celebrated, all Peoples who populate the isles are spoken about only as further evidence to prove that Britain has always been a ‘land of immigrants’, and thus justification for further immigrants, although all but the Ancient Britons of immense antiquity have been of one original Nordic origin.


Every urban area is a rape zone for beautiful Anglo-Saxon women. This standard of beauty, once considered and taken for granted as a norm for White People in White Communities is now a highly prized commodity, lusted over by Negro and Paki alike. Multiple Towns and Districts are achieving 60-70% rape statistics for English girls aged 14-22.

Jew Sue Berelowitz says 'Asian gangs targetting White girls is just one of a number of models' and that 'if investigators followed those patterns, victims could fall through the cracks'.

Grotesque mite in ‘human’ form: Jew Sue Berelowitz says ‘Asian gangs targeting White girls is just one of a number of models’ and that ‘if investigators followed those patterns, victims could fall through the cracks’.


Jewish cockroaches unanimously agree this is fine.

The government is dealing with hundreds of thousands of ‘people’, born and raised in Britain that don’t identify with Britain – and feel little or no attachment to the other people. The alienation is felt by foreigner, Briton & Anglo Saxon alike, mean while it is acknowledged by the government that the Jewish community in Britain makes an incredibly important contribution to the country. On the other hand the Britons and the Anglo Saxons are no longer acknowledged, never spoken about except for when it relates to their ‘racism’ towards other groups. The Britons are classed as no more than a ‘racist group’, while the Jews are classed as the Nations contributors, and the Paki’s, Niggers and other subhuman rubbish are classed as ‘protected groups’.

The British & Regional Cultures have been obliterated as ‘racist’ and something everyone can all agree on has come in its place; idiocy and consumerism.

David Cameron and the Jews struggle to keep their subjugated ‘nation’ ‘cohesive’, by promoting ‘integration’, awarding school standards based on how many non-British students they can achieve, fast tracking the generic undeveloped brown ‘diversity’ into all institutions, and setting ever more repressive quotas against the indigenous British. If they can propel every low IQ subhuman into every position of visibility, and induce a large enough feeling of alienation amongst the powerless British people, ‘democracy’ and the ‘multi-racial’ state can be deemed a success. When the last British child of Anglo Saxon ancestry has been born, true social cohesion will have been achieved, even though non of the original population remains.


Anglo Saxon

Instead of showcasing a tall, blonde and magnificent race, Britain must be portrayed to be exactly like the rest of the world, racially mixed and cretinous.


Britain is no longer a nation, but a dumping ground for the worlds bilge, all worthless Peoples, all worthless families, all hoarded onto one crowded island to mongrelise together into a waste product.

The notion of different Peoples, living separate is considered a ‘fascist’ and a ‘hate filled’ proposition, by the parasitic Jews forcibly holding everyone together to undergo extermination.

Looking forward

The admission of inferior foreigners in 1948 was made possible by Britain’s involvement on the wrong side of the Second World War. Had Germany won that war, or had that war never occurred, due to a rejection of the alien Jews in Britain and in America, the Nordic People today would be a united species, well on its path to realisation of an even more complex and highly evolved organism, through sexual selection and the knowledge of the heredity of (a) favourable and degenerate traits, and (b) the knowledge of what traits are coming from a superior Nordic ‘master race’ origin, and what traits are coming from inferior primitive races.


Non of the above unbearable events would have occurred at all, had the Jews been exterminated sometime sooner. Nations would be sovereign, and Peoples would be independent and free. The level of racial mixing (mongrelisation, bastardisation, becoming a lower life form) would be non-existent, as people follow the laws of nature, and only breed with members of their own race, forever expanding and purifying through sexual selection, striping away all of the defects and all of the ill-health that came from all of the rubbish and all of the foreign theories brought to us by the Jews from before the time of their extermination.


Whole Races that couldn’t make it would drop off, the stagnated and failed offshoots of ‘man’ would disappear.

Despite all of the above mentioned negative facts of the last 70 years, the destruction of culture, the taking on of inferior races, the alienation, the welfare state and the gloom of a future of a pathetic, poverty-stricken, mongrelised, enslaved human species; true British People know who they are. They are Germanic. The Germanic People embody a conscious species, the Nordic Race. This species is international. It is a superior species to failed stagnated offshoots of bipedal apes. The only way this superior species is going to survive is by behaving according to its social nature, the nature of National Socialism. The only way the Germanic People can survive is through resettlement to an autonomous National Socialist community.

Coupled with the loss of sovereignty; the more alienation, and the more the present global Jewish system only represents mongrelised hordes, the more complete autonomy, racial separation, and new solutions to that effect finally becomes popular and indeed the only solution and future for our people.


– Aidhan

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